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Whatever one may say, the dining area is the most visited place in the house, as here begins the day of each member of the family Like it or not, and the dining area - the most visited place in the house, because here comes the day of each family member Kitchen - a place where a person gives a lot of time, especially women. When it is comfortable and convenient, then cooking, breakfast or lunch also bring pleasure. After the design of the kitchen is finished, the question of choosing furniture accessories becomes. One of the main roles is performed by chairs and a table. These interior elements should be as durable and practical as possible. When choosing, it is necessary to consider what material they are made of, because there is always moisture in this room, the temperature of the air changes, which can cause many materials to deform.

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    cuisine from a wide variety of kitchen dining furniture should beChoose the one that will provide comfort, coziness and convenience. First of all, the question arises about the allocation of space in the kitchen. Ergonomics - the science of numbers, provided that the standard 1 person occupies not less than 80 cm square dining table, while the furniture accessory should have a height of 70 cm and 1 m 15 cm for smaller, kitchens, ideal -. A sliding table or barrack.

    The dining group is a harmonious set of furniture that is perfectly matched to the style and unity of materials Dining Group - is a harmonious set of furniture, which perfectly matched the style and unity of materials

    For a small kitchen for a family of 4 people the best option -. Rectangular table 75 x 120 cm Round tables should bea diameter of at least 95 cm.

    Dining headsets must be identical shade of basic furniture, a different 2-3 pitch. For small rooms it is better to choose dining sets in light colors, because dark colors visually narrow the space.

    Separation of the dining and working area will make the room as comfortable as possible. The simplest and most practical way of visual division of space is the use of decorative wall decoration in the area of ​​the dining set. This zone looks very beautiful if the walls are decorated with decorative plaster and tiles. The natural stone is very popular.

    Another common method to separate dining set - a combination of floor covering. Specialists in design recommend the use of practical and unpretentious in the care of materials on the floor.

    Modern manufacturers offer a lot of options, forms and materials for dining groups. However, it is best to choose furniture, the appropriate style of your kitchen Modern manufacturers offer a lot of options, shapes and materials of lunch groups. However, it is best to choose furniture that is suitable style of your kitchen

    In some cases, a ceiling surface, on which is mounted overhead chandeliers. Separate the dining area in the kitchen with a bar. It will play the role not only of the surface for eating, but will also serve as an additional storage place for kitchen utensils. For larger rooms, you can choose cumbersome bar stools of bright colors. In a small kitchen there are 2-3 chairs.

    Corner furniture in any size room maximizes the usable area. At the same time, the corner sofas, which are a component of the dining set, contain additional space in the form of boxes.

    Highlight dining area in the kitchen by using the decorative elements such as pictures, panels, lamps.

    В понятие "обеденная зона" входит стол и посадочные места — стулья, табуреты, скамьи, диван или уголок. Выбор мебели должен исходить из свободного пространства на кухне The concept of "dining area" is a table and seating - chairs, stools, benches, a sofa or a corner. The choice of furniture should proceed from the free space in the kitchen

    Many prefer kitchen in the style of street cafes. In this case, the working area is trimmed with decorative tiles, and the dining area is finished with natural stone. In the dining area, you can hang not a picture, but a sign, for example with the name of the cafeteria. Instead of a lamp, a sconce, which simulates a lantern, is more appropriate.

    When decorating a room, it is very important to create an atmosphere that matches the style. Designers recommend hanging on the walls posters with gastronomic images. They perfectly match with any style.

    The dining area is often separated from the working area, decorated with flowers. It looks like a garden arbor. If the kitchen is small in size, it is advisable to hang mirror objects in the dining area. The glare of the light, which will be reflected, visually expand the space.

    It is possible to separate the rest zone even by the most ordinary vase with flowers. It should be placed in the middle of the table and the kitchen immediately acquires a special soft atmosphere.

    dining group for the kitchen( video)

    dining group for the kitchen:

    selection rules When choosing a dining group for the kitchen should follow three rules.

    Rules :

    • Convenience;
    • Purchase of furniture only after the creation of a design project;
    • Conformity of dimensions.

    Choosing a dining area plays an important role in the warmth, comfort and comfort of your kitchen, because you spend most of your time there Choosing dining area plays an important role in the warmth, comfort and comfort of your kitchen, because you spend there most of the time

    Kitchen table and chairs should be as convenient as possible. Not always the most beautiful and stylish furniture accessories meet this characteristic. Excellent options for the kitchen space - chairs with ergonomic seats, which completely repeat the structure of the body. Convenient spacious tables with drawers, chairs with armrests.

    Acquire dining furniture needs only at the last stage of repair, or if you have already made a design project, and one sees the visual, which is the kitchen, such as a 3 D image.

    Classic wooden furniture accessories are popular today. In addition, they are quite practical and kind. However, plastic models are also in great demand, especially if the high-tech style is provided.

    Even if you really liked the kit, and the price is completely suitable for the budget, remember that the main thing is convenience and security Even if you set very much, and the price is fully fit the budget, remember that the main thing is the convenience and safety

    In the small kitchen well with red and orange color cabinets, bamboo wallpaper. The dining area is separated in this case by a bar counter, two red bar stools. For decor you can use a clock, 2 pictures, for example with a picture of cats. Gives a grace to this interior cat statuette. The working area is separated by decorative tiles.

    When choosing a dining group in the kitchen, special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the furniture. Accessories should be comfortable for all family members. A large dining table creates a sense of infinity in space.

    Dining Sets how to arrange the furniture

    An important question in the design of the kitchen - how to put the furniture, including dining.

    The organization of the dining area begins with the definition of requirements and general concepts of comfort, they all have different Organization of the dining area begins with the requirements definition and the general representations about comfort, they are all different

    Types sets :

    1. Single row( linear) dining kits .Dining furniture is on one side of the kitchen, all other furniture accessories on the other. If the kitchen is too narrow, it is advisable to install a bar counter near the wall instead of the table. Separate in this case, the dining area can be using decorative plaster.
    2. Two-row dining groups for the kitchen .This organization of space is very convenient and simple. More suitable for rectangular rooms. On one of the longitudinal sides is a plate and a sink, on the other - cupboards and a refrigerator. The table and chairs are set in the middle section.
    3. U-shaped dining sets .This composition allows you to distribute furniture accessories along three walls. At the same time near one of them there will be a dining area. Thanks to the combination, there is much more room for groceries and kitchen utensils. For small kitchens it is better to use sliding tables.
    4. L-shaped variant of furniture arrangement .So you can put furniture in a rectangular or square kitchen. In this case, many housewives choose a window as a dining area. In small rooms, you can make a window sill - a table top, which is suitable for high chairs with armrests. Many like this arrangement, because you can have breakfast or lunch with a view of the street, especially if the window is a beautiful landscape.

    It is important to take into account the possibilities of free space that is allocated for the dining area, as well as make adjustments based on individual preferences is important to consider the possibility of free space that is allocated under the dining area, as well as to amend, on the basis of individual preferences

    Dining headset perfectly written off in kitchen design studio or room with a seating area."Furniture islands" give a special atmosphere in the room.

    dining kitchen area: a few practical tips

    Do not think that if the kitchen is small, the place dining set will not work. There are many original ideas with which you can fit a lot of furniture, but at the same time visually increase the space. For a small kitchen you should choose furniture accessories of light color. The more transparent objects in the kitchen( glass tables, chairs), the roomier the room will look.

    A spacious dining area gives you the opportunity to choose a table of any shape that you will like spacious dining area gives you the opportunity to choose the table of any shape that you'll be pleased

    No space for a dining table or a couch? The alternative is a folding lunch bar, which can only be laid out for breakfast, lunch, dinner.

    In the kitchen there should be nothing superfluous, and everything should be at hand. It should be as close as possible in the work area of ​​all household appliances. For a dining space it is necessary to create a convenient arrangement of furniture, depending on the TV.

    When choosing the shape of the table, it is important to take as a basis the logical principle of composition construction, then the dining area will look more succinctly When choosing the form of the table it is important to base the logical principle of composition, then the dining area will look more succinctly

    visually increase the ceiling in the dining area( if it is located near a window), you can use a long curtains, Cornice installed under the ceiling.

    To understand what kind of dining set is suitable for the kitchen, it is enough to study the models offered by different manufacturers. Today, exhibition samples are available to every Internet user. Moreover, you can choose as inexpensive options for furniture, and chic, for example, Italian furniture. But, such interior items are not suitable for a small kitchen. It is better to buy them for larger spaces.

    Several layout options dining area in the kitchen( video)

    Enlarge dining area, you can use additional adjacent spaces - balcony, storage room, corridor. Thanks to this, the space will become multifunctional.

    Lunch groups Kitchen( photo)