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Even with the help of the most common stools you can transform the interior of the kitchen, if you know certain nuances Even with the help of the most common stools it is possible to transform the kitchen interior if you know the specific nuances Kitchen stools with a soft seat are perceived by us as something familiar and everyday. Having decided to change the situation and selecting new stools, remember that they must match not only the interior, but also the preferences of the household. Often the acquisition of this piece of furniture depends on them.

How to choose kitchen stools
  • Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen stools
  • Folding stools for the kitchen
  • How to make a folding stool( video)
  • High stools for the kitchen: a role in interior design
  • Hand-made soft stools for kitchens with their own hands
  • Examples of kitchen stools with a soft seat( photo)
  • When designing a dining area, consider the practical and decorative functions of this objectThat furniture. The market offers a large selection of chairs and stools, in a variety of which you can get lost.

    Consider the features of ch

    oosing some models of stools.

    How to choose stools for the kitchen

    There is an opinion that the stool is very easy to choose. But this is only at first glance. Just an enumeration of the simplest characteristics: round, folding, bar, soft, stool - stepladder already make you think about the importance of the upcoming choice. And this is only the beginning of the journey!

    The need to consider all the components of the interior slows down the buying process. Gradually comes the understanding that the acquisition of such an elementary piece of furniture requires a practically scientific approach.

    As a rule, kitchen stools are sold immediately with a table of the same material: they will be ideally suited to each other As a rule, kitchen stools are sold immediately with a table of the same material: they will fit perfectly together

    When choosing a stool, please carefully consider the following factors:

    • DiameterCountertops;
    • Design of the table;
    • Kitchen interior;
    • The size and shape of the stool;
    • Frame material;
    • Stability of stools;
    • The color and quality of the upholstery;
    • Price.

    When choosing a stool, first pay attention to the frame. Often it is the indicator of quality.

    Three basic materials are used in the manufacture of stools: chipboard, wood and metal.

    Stools made of wood are most suitable for classical style and style of Provence Wooden stools are most suitable for the classic style and style of the provence

    Each of them has its own advantages:

    1. Particleboard features an attractive appearance, moisture resistance and the ability to withstand high loads. Also these models are not deformed and are easily cleaned.
    2. The tree is chosen by those who appreciate classics in furniture, reliability, environmental friendliness and aesthetics. The most solid wood is in oak, walnut and beech. Products made of pine are softer.
    3. The metal frame advantageously distinguishes strength, economy and durability, simplicity in care and creation of kitchen interior.

    Also pay attention to the upholstery. The most durable materials are leatherette and flock.

    The color plays an important role in the choice - it gives the whole interior of the kitchen brightness and cheerfulness.

    The low cost of a stool is not always a sign of quality. In this case, the producer's reputation plays a decisive role.

    Knowledge of the above characteristics will help you choose the ideal model from the variety of kitchen stools on the market with a soft seat and avoid disappointment from unsuccessful purchases. Advantages and disadvantages of kitchen stools

    Stools with a soft seat are very popular. But when choosing the necessary furniture in the kitchen, consider all the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed acquisition.

    Key advantages of soft stools in front of hard surface models:

    • Undeniable convenience and no discomfort;
    • Use of durable and practical materials;
    • Harmonious combination with any interior.

    Many modern types of stools are covered with special fireproof material that will protect your kitchen during emergencies

    The disadvantages are:

    • The primary role of the upholstery when choosing a model;
    • Complexity with the definition of material and colors;
    • Possible allergic to seat filler.

    So before you buy a stool, take the time to explore the possible pitfalls that you should consider when buying.

    Folding stools for the kitchen

    Small kitchen requires ergonomic interior design. Standard chairs reduce the useful area of ​​the kitchen. But furniture production does not stand still and furniture-transformer has long become familiar. Moreover, it helps to solve the problem of free space for life.

    In addition to the kitchen, folding stools can be used during travels or picnics addition to the kitchen, folding stools can be used while traveling or picnic

    Folding models of chairs and stools are considered to be the most compact. They are versatile and comfortable. The owners get them exclusively if necessary from any enclosed space or pier, and then cleaned again. Some models of folding chairs have armrests and a footrest.

    Folding stools also attract fans of minimalism in the interior of the house.

    Indispensable folding stools in the country, picnics and fishing. When folded, they fit easily in the trunk. As a rule, manufacturers produce wooden models for street use.

    To give the interior a style and a sense of spaciousness - folding tables and chairs serve this purpose.

    Because we create the surrounding space ourselves, so we choose the furniture that will not only be compact, but also spectacular.

    How to make folding stool( video)

    high stools for the kitchen: a role in interior design

    Unbeknownst to us in the interior of the modern kitchen have become indispensable high bar stools. A high stool is necessary not only in the presence of an impromptu stand. It is needed if the kitchen is equipped with a kitchen with an island or in a family a small child.

    High stools suitable for lovers of minimalism in the interior of the home Stool suitable for lovers of minimalism in interior home

    quite different from the classic stools, being a part of the interior of the kitchen space, its design has undergone several changes.

    now produces high stools:

    1. On three or four feet;
    2. Rectangular or square-shaped seats, in addition to the standard;
    3. Made of wood instead of the usual metal.

    High stools for the kitchen look stylish and original, modern and bright. This is a spectacular and ergonomic option, even for a spacious kitchen.

    Mainly used in interiors that are in the style of high-tech. But increasingly there are exceptions to the rules of design of living quarters.

    Handstitched soft stools for the kitchen with his hands

    Recently, the fashion dictated by the independent production of not only clothing, but also elements of the interior. Furniture is no exception. Thanks to this trend of fashion, houses are gradually filled with originality and a sense of home comfort. Today, chairs and stools often represent a man-made miracle.

    If you want to change the interior of your kitchen, you do not need to buy new stools: you can just as well change the old If you want to change the interior of your kitchen, it is not necessary to buy new stools: with the same success it is possible to alter the old

    Unfortunately, not all nature has endowed talent carpenter-cabinetmaker. But to breathe a second life into a strong old furniture under everyone's power. To do this, a little imagination, patience and improvised materials. They can be: paint, trimming cloth, varnish and thread. This is a standard set for creativity. It is possible that you will get something unusual on hand and easily find a worthy application.

    If in your kitchen is equipped with a stool with a hard surface, soft round cushions , sewn by yourself, will help you. They can be changed, , giving the interior a novelty and a special piquancy.

    For a bar stool, you can also make a soft seat, which greatly increases its comfort and attractiveness.

    What will be the improved interior of the kitchen, entirely depends on your taste and mood. The hand-made masterpiece will always find its place in a stylish and cozy kitchen.

    How fast to sew the old stool( video)

    The stools are an important piece of the interior, the variety of which allows us today to choose a model suitable for any design. Competently selected soft stools for the kitchen will allow you to create an ideal dining area and will last a long time. In addition, the ergonomic design of most models will free space for life and decorate the kitchen interior.

    In any case, the choice is yours!

    Examples stools for kitchens with padded seat( photo)