Kitchen cabinet table: a photo of an outdoor and narrow pedestal, shelves, with drawers for a small kitchen, video

The table-pedestal is an ergonomic and multifunctional piece of furniture that will be suitable for both a spacious and a small kitchen The table-pedestal is an ergonomic and multifunctional piece of furniture that will be suitable for both a spacious and a small kitchen. A large and spacious kitchen for any housewife is a dream, for many not feasible. But more importantly, it's its functionality and convenience, when all the necessary kitchen utensils are at hand. In addition, it can be noted that in today's world, not everyone can boast of the necessary area of ​​kitchens. Therefore, today most families try to buy multifunctional furniture that can not only save working space and time, but also make cooking work at home much easier. One of such items is the table-curbstone.

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  • What is the cabinet for the kitchen

    The table-pedestal was invented in the Middle Ages. For example, in the 16th century such tables were an integral par

    t of the interior of the intelligentsia and served not only in the kitchen, but also in study rooms, libraries, living rooms and bedrooms. Of course, the most common was a regular table, but it did not have any built-in shelves, and therefore was intended only for cooking and eating. The table, which has shelves, is a kind of "transformer", which, if necessary, can change its geometric dimensions and shape.

    Thanks to its versatility and roominess, such furniture has become very popular all over the world.

    The table-pedestal is a kind of transformer, which can be an auxiliary place for storing utensils and a dining table at the same time The table-cabinet is a kind of transformer, which can be an auxiliary place for storing utensils and a dining table at the same time.

    By changing the working surface dimensions, these tables can perfectly perform the following functions:

    • Writing desks- to work with documents;Canteen and dining - for eating;
    • Cutting tables - for processing semi-finished products.

    In addition, they act as drawers with drawers where various small cutlery can be stored( knives, spoons, cups, seasonings or any other ingredients and much more), which greatly reduces the number of wall cabinets in the room.

    Feature, when everything you need is always at hand, makes the desk-cabinet the most attractive in relation to a regular table with a table top.

    Another not unimportant factor in their favor can be noted rather small dimensions in assembled form and light weight, which allows you to rearrange such furniture at your discretion, up to carrying it to another room.

    Cabinets floor for kitchen

    Now in the market of kitchen furniture there is a huge variety of similar products. Different models, made of completely different materials and differing in their appearance, transformation technique and production technology, make each other a great competition, which directly affects both quality and cost.

    The floor stand can be an integral part of the kitchen set or an independent element The floor pedestal can be an integral part of the kitchen unit or an independent element

    Therefore, when choosing this or that pedestal table, several things should be considered:

    • Useful area of ​​the kitchen;
    • Kitchen interior;
    • Purpose of the table-curbstone;
    • Financial opportunities.

    The area of ​​the kitchen is the basis for choosing a dining room furniture, as the size of the table, cabinet or cabinet to be purchased should provide a cost-effective space and convenience during cooking and eating. Also it is necessary to pay attention to the surrounding interior, so that the new furniture harmonizes as much as possible with the wallpaper, floor covering, pendant lockers and kitchen shelves. This will give an effect of coziness and comfort.

    It is very important to assign a floor-table. From this will depend on the choice of a particular model for its functional characteristics It is very important to assign a floor-table. This will depend on the choice of a particular model of its functional features

    So, if you need a table for cooking, the large size of the working surface of the table top is not needed, but will not prevent the existence of tiny table cabinet with shelves and pull-out cabinet. If you need a large dining table, and the size of the room does not match, then the transformer table is an excellent solution to the problem. But no matter how great the desire or necessity for the availability of such furniture, without financial savings, it will remain a dream.

    Before buying a table-stone for the kitchen it is necessary to hold a small financial analysis of the family budget, and based on the results, select the item with the highest compliance rates and quality.

    Along with the tables, pedestals are especially popular floor pedestals for the kitchen. Their mass use at home is due to the compact combination of the cabinet and the cooking table. As a rule, they take up little space and win against hanging cabinets.

    Hinged furniture can withstand only a very limited weight, and in the floor cabinet can easily accommodate more bulky and heavy things The hinged furniture can withstand only very limited weight, and in the floor cabinet it is easy to place more bulky and heavy things

    Its distinctive features are:

    • Relatively small size( convenient in small apartments);
    • Large volume of internal cabinet;
    • Presence of shelves and drawers;
    • Adjustable legs( facilitates the cleaning process);
    • Removable worktop.

    Floor stands constitute an almost unlimited range of furniture for the kitchen. They can differ in color, design, material, functionality and size. The last moment allows to create a suitable interior for almost all kitchen areas, from small apartments to commercial premises. Especially valuable is a removable countertop, which can be purchased together with a cabinet or separately. This configuration allows you to use the cabinet most rationally. So if there is no need for a table top, the cabinet can be built into the sink with water and sewer communications that will turn the work area into an integral part of the kitchen units.

    Table-cabinet in the kitchen of the array( video)

    Stand for kitchen narrow: opportunities and functional

    classical resolution pedestals is in height 85 cm, depth of 60 cm and a width of 30 to 80 cm all dimensional parameters if desiredcan be ordered. But in most cases in a very cramped kitchen preference narrow the pedestals in width from 30 cm to 40 cm

    Since such furniture is made for small rooms, the opening configuration of the doors plays a very important role Since such furniture is made for small spaces, opening doors configuration plays an important role

    The following types of doors.:

    1. Swing. Quite a common option. Easy to operate, repair and manufacture. However, it has a disadvantage: when opening it takes up a lot of space and creates inconvenience. Recommended for a kitchen with a large area.
    2. Sliding. More complex design, but indispensable in a small kitchen. In addition, the sliding doors exclude the possibility of injury.
    3. Folding. Models are very easy to use. In cases where only one hand is free, which is typical for working in the kitchen, such doors will not let you down. Nevertheless, unlike the swingers, they are quite difficult to repair.
    4. Folding. A fairly rare specimen used in rooms with a rounded facade.

    Depending on the location of the cabinet, there can be straight and angled with a solid table top, which strengthens the entire structure. There is also additional equipment available for sale closers doors, baseboards, countertops designed for sealing joints with walls, various accessories, insulation lining( when cabinet is close to the plate) and plugs. Especially popular are the sliding shelves that are attached to the doors, and when they open, they leave, providing unhindered access to hard-to-reach areas.

    should be noted that the floor pedestals, cabinets with drawers and shelves, when filling a heavy utensils( seemed pots, pans, etc.) significantly affect the flooring, so it is appropriate to buy furniture legs.

    Kitchen cabinets with their own hands( video)

    Cabinets and shelves for kitchen

    entire kitchen( closet, desk, dresser, washing, hanging and interior shelves, refrigerator and so forth.), As a rule, should perform hands-on rolein cooking and eating, washing dishes, cleaning, etc. .

    from this position distinguish:

    • Closed cabinets with shelves;
    • Open shelves.

    difference between closed and open furniture lies in the fact that cabinets and hanging shelves with doors designed to store all kitchen utensils, while the open shelves in the main role played by the decor. They are placed beautiful souvenir plates, wine glasses, glasses and much more, which is not for convenience, but more to create a cozy atmosphere.

    In the market of kitchen sets there is a large assortment of carved wooden, glass, porcelain and even forged shelves, which can give the interior solidity and individuality.

    Since the installation of decorative furniture is the final stage, the choice of design, size, color and material of the open shelves directly depends on the already formed interior. Nevertheless, today, cabinets and cabinets are made of various materials, which can also add an extra touch to the decor.

    Open shelves are not designed for storing kitchen utensils. More relevant is their use as an additional space for the decor Open shelves are not designed to store kitchen utensils. More important to use them as an additional space for decoration

    materials manufacturing:

    • Stone. In this case, either natural or artificial stone is used. The latter is used much more often, because its physical characteristics are much better, and the price is an order of magnitude smaller. Design solutions make it possible to create the appearance of furniture inimitable. In addition, the stone table top has a fairly long life. And since such a product has a significant weight, no floor coverings are recommended for it, which can save the family budget. The drawbacks include the complexity of manufacturing and installation.
    • Array - is a very expensive option. But these drawers with excellent quality also look stylish and give the whole room a feeling of warmth and comfort. Also, wood is an environmentally friendly product.
    • Hot glass - is an excellent design for beauty and harmony. There is no need to worry about the fragility of the product, as the material structure provides for certain strength parameters.
    • Stainless steel. One of the most durable models of kitchen furniture, which has recently increased significantly the interest of household consumers. Negative characteristics are also high price and incommensurable weight.
    • Plastic - the most common type of table-pedestals in the modern market. The huge demand is due to the optimal combination of the price and quality of the products, and the use of the laminated surface of the table top can give the appearance of any stone or wood, which is highly appreciated by users. To positive characteristics can be added quite tolerable service life.
    • Particleboard ( particle board).One of the cheapest options, but the lowest quality, because this material under the influence of mechanical influences or moisture is destroyed in a matter of weeks. In this case, it is not necessary to talk about longevity.

    Kitchen cabinets( video)

    To buy table-curbstones, floor cupboards and curtains or shelves, you need to be taken seriously. You need to calculate your financial possibilities, take into account the formed interior of the kitchen, its dimensions( up to the height of the ceiling), think over what functions the furniture should be and what material it should be made of.

    Design pedestal table for the kitchen( photo)