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The dining table is not only a piece of furniture, which carries dishes with snacks and drinks Dining table - it's not just a piece of furniture, carrying dishes with victuals and drink dining area - a place the whole family gather, communicate and even board games. Wooden, plastic, glass tables for the kitchen exist in many modifications and sizes, receive the most favorable reviews. A glass round table, especially with a patterned design, is beautiful and ergonomic, it can not be fouled or scratched, it does not hide a small space in the kitchen. However, it is necessary to remember the main property of the glass and not to allow strikes or deformations of the table.

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Round glass table in the kitchen

Round table with a perfectly flat glass top, Attached to the metal frame through the holes, is appropriate in any kitchen where there is enough space. Any kitch

en furniture is combined with glass objects. Such a table may not be detachable or folding due to the brittleness and low flexibility of the glass, so it can not be found on miniature kitchens, dining groups where not provided. Any glass product is brittle and unreliable, but it does not apply to glass tables.

Glass furniture is made of a group of durable tempered glass 1-1.5 cm thick glass furniture is made of durable group with a hot glass thickness of 1-1.5 cm

glass table Advantages are obvious:

  • View, table always looks like new;
  • Unusual sensations in people at the table, seeing their own feet and sex;
  • Easy maintenance, invulnerability of the table surface to moisture and chemicals;
  • An etched or bobbed pattern gives the table a beautiful appearance, such a table with a pattern does not need a tablecloth;
  • Glass is chemically inert, does not emit fetid and harmful gases, like furniture made of wood based plastics;
  • The round table does not cast shadows, in the kitchen with glass furniture is much lighter than with any other;
  • Hard glass surface can not be scratched or deformed hot dishes, as a plastic or lacquered wooden;
  • Almost any group of furniture is combined with glass tables;
  • glass may be of different color and transparency, with any pattern in some cases can cause association with precious stones.

A table from a stele with a transparent table top can be decorated, selecting a thematic design for any celebration or event table of stele transparent tabletop can decorate, picking themed to any celebration or

event On the other hand, glass furniture has some disadvantages:

  1. Glass furniture require frequent and careful maintenance, even fingerprints and palm prints are clearly visible and immediately give the product sloppyview;
  2. The glass is fragile, and the damaged table can not be repaired, as it breaks up into small pieces;
  3. When placing dishes on a glass table, it makes a loud sound, it's not pleasant for everyone;
  4. Such tables are very technological and can not always be made to order.

Thus, glass items of the kitchen furniture group require special treatment. In any case, a person in such a kitchen will move gracefully and cautiously. To wipe the table, of course, does not fit a greasy stained kitchen rag, glass furniture requires separate napkins and special tools based on alcohol.

Do not lean against glass furniture, leaning against it.

Tables Kitchen small glass( video)

Decorative glass tables with a pattern for

kitchen does not always make the glass dining table with transparent top.

Depending on the taste of the host, the countertop can be:

  • Translucent;
  • Milk Glass;
  • With a matte surface;
  • Color;
  • With ornament or pattern.

As a decoration on the glass can be applied ornament or spraying

can be applied as a decoration on the glass. Groups of different metals added to the glass melting stage give bright shades to the glass. Especially expensive models imitate Venetian stained-glass windows with a pattern, light passing through a colored glass, whimsically color the space of the kitchen.

Table fittings can be made of various materials:

  • Cast iron fittings usually forged, with curls and patterns;
  • Titanium gray parts, give the table lightness and great strength
  • Nickel-plated legs and fastenings are typical for tables on wheels;
  • Wooden furniture gives the table a monumental character.

A round or oval glass dining table is usually framed by an outer frame 10 to 15 centimeters thick.

Dining table in the kitchen glass with

chairs Dining and coffee tables from a variety of glass can be supplemented with glass chairs. Particularly appropriate groups of glass chairs to the round table. Typically, the chairs choose, focusing on the style in which the substitute is performed. Glass chairs are often made not of glass proper, but of transparent plastic, since the chair, in contrast to the table, must have some flexibility.

In a dining room with a glass table, chairs can be made from any material In a dining room with a glass table, chairs can be made from any

material. Of course, when choosing glass chairs, you need to inquire about the maximum load on this object, since the excess weight of your guest can play a cruel joke with him.

Glass chairs and half-chairs are appropriate only in the kitchen. Living rooms they do not furnish.

Dining tables for glass kitchen( video)

Thus, dining glass tables, transparent or patterned, have gained great popularity among kitchen furniture due to their beautiful and unusual appearance, compactness, the ability to always keep a smart and "new" appearance, invariably getThe most flattering customer feedback. Modern types of furniture glass are strong enough, and the table is safe both in the ecological plan and in the traumatic. To glass tables you can buy glass or plastic chairs. It should be remembered that serving items when installed on such a table produce loud noises, and fingerprints and palms become visible almost immediately. Therefore, the round dining table should be kept clean.

Design of glass tables for kitchen( photo)