Folding kitchen table for a small kitchen: dining table in the kitchen, oval, table book, round 60x80 in the kitchen, photo, video

The worktop can cover the cooking area by pulling out if necessary countertop can cover the cooking zone, if necessary, advancing small apartments Khrushchev's type is still popular in many cities of the country, occupy a substantial part of the secondary housing market. Typically, the kitchens in such apartments are small, about 6 - 8 square meters. M. The best option would be to arrange a meal in the room, or break the wall between the kitchen and the room. But if you decide to install a dining table in the kitchen, it will most likely be folded.

    • How to choose a folding table in the kitchen
    • Where does the small table sit small for a small kitchen
    • Oval folding table for the kitchen: convenience and ergonomics
    • Design of folding kitchen tables for a small kitchen( photo)
  • How to choose a folding table in the kitchen

    small kitchen layout has several variants. Usually, a deaf wall is equipped with standard furniture, including a hob and sink with exhaust ventilation. Therefore, if the table is planned, even the smallest one, then it is placed at the w

    indow so that between it and the rest of the furniture of the kitchen there is a gap of at least 1 meter, depending on the dimensions of the owners of the apartment. In such crowded tables, of course, should be folding or transforming. Most often, the dining table is small, round or semicircular in plan.

    Modern models of transforming tables do not cease to amaze with the ergonomics and variety Modern models of transforming tables do not cease to amaze with their ergonomics and variety

    The folding table can be of several modifications:

    • Similarity of the bar stand on a horizontal hinge with a collapsible prop;
    • Small folding dining table of the type of car or airplane;
    • Kitchen table-pedestal with a retaining leg, usually a continuation of the kitchen section of the lockers;
    • Retractable table top on a vertical hinge, moving out from under the section like a blade of a folding knife;
    • Transformer table with a table top that rises above the stand and is fixed in this position.

    Sliding or folding table tops on props - a stationary furniture, attached to the wall or countertop workspace.

    If the table is supposed to have 1-2 seats, it is reasonable to choose folding chairs or stools, since chairs with backs will take up a lot of space If the table relies 1-2 seats, it is reasonable to choose folding chairs or stools as chairs with backs occupy much space

    There is another option - a dining table-book with large and wide hinged surfacesWith retractable supports. This, though a small but heavy object, is often equipped with castors, since it is not dragged, but rolled. This table dimensions 60x80 cm no longer can be folded in the corner of the kitchen and for meals can be brought into a horizontal position one or both shelves, depending on the number of consumers.

    If the table has a fixed position in the kitchen, it should not interfere with the movement of people and free access to the hob. In this case, the refrigerator place somewhere in the room.

    Kitchen tables of very small size can be attached to the end of the kitchen furniture and in this case are like a continuation of the countertop of the kitchen area.

    Folding table in the kitchen( video)

    Where to put a small table book for a small kitchen

    table-book popular among the population because not only can be placed in the kitchen, where there may be 1-2 people behind him, and rolled outIn a room where he will occupy a substantial area and will be able to take already 10-12 people.

    Simplicity of construction, transformation and operation allows several design solutions:

    • Plain frame with two folding planes prop up sliding legs, retractable on hinges attached to the uprights
    • The same option, but planes have rounded form, and turns round the table in the unfolded state;
    • Narrow frame, folding plane which are attached not across and along the table, folded practically does not take place, but use can not be
    • Extendable dining table, called the "book" only because the folded half of the countertop, Cloth removed into the table, folded twice in the transverse direction;
    • A construction resembling a student's desk, in which the table top consists of narrow halves laid one on top of the other, so that the hinge extends in the longitudinal direction.

    A dining table can take up space in a small kitchen in the form of a mirror that expands the space dining table can take place in a small kitchen in the form of a mirror, a spreading space

    Tables of these constructions can be decorated artistic ornaments and patterns on the upper surfaces and legs. In this case, the tablecloth is not relied upon, and one must be especially careful not to scratch and damage the lacquer layer.

    Such a small dining table in the folded state fits perfectly into the kitchen and can even carry on itself something like a kettle, vases with bread or fruit - that is, some easily movable things. However, tables like "book" are not very convenient for use in the folded state, since the legs of the seated person abut the hanging part of the table top.

    The kitchen table-book is usually made of MDF or solid wood, since it requires structural strength and reliability. In a loaded state, such tables must withstand at least 20 kg of different food, and permanent transformations require the strength of the hinge structures, so the chipboard and plywood are not used here.

    sliding table for a small kitchen( video)

    Oval folding table for the kitchen: user-friendliness and ergonomics

    Rectangular verge of a conventional table suggests that there is sufficient space. In the cramped conditions of a narrow kitchen, furniture with beveled and rounded edges is typical. Round table, as a rule, is too small, so a good option is an elongated oval table.

    Usually a dining oval table is a book with two flaps, or a sliding round table, the middle section of which is placed on a special shelf inside the table. When it is deployed into a "combat position", the hem-semicircles are moved apart, and an insert is placed between them.

    Its advantage over the table "book" type in that all three sections are fastened in such a way that it is not necessary to pull-props, and guests can comfortably place the feet under the table, not the engagement of sliding slopes, stick section laptop table.

    Tables with rounded contours are preferable to angular in terms of feng shui, give the whole kitchen a softness and smoothness, soothe the person at a subconscious level.

    The additional planes of the oval table can be pulled out from under the main countertop. In this case, they are symmetrically attached from opposite ends. In addition, these parts can be weighed and stored separately.

    A folding dining table in the form of a wall cupboard can save space to a large extent Folding dining table in the form of wall cabinet will help to save space in the largely

    Today oval dining tables presented many options detachable or sliding structures. Unfortunately, the constant need to push and turn the countertop elements does not allow using such a beautiful and practical material like glass. Glass tables are beautiful, convenient, due to transparency visually increase the space, or at least do not steal it, but they can only be whole.

    Folding and extendable tables, model-transformers( video)

    Dining table in a small kitchen can only be foldable( detachable), folding or sliding. Particularly popular is the "book" type table, which, when folded up, takes up little space( about 60x80 cm) and can even be used for 1-2 people for lunch. Such tables can be quickly rolled out into the dining room and decomposed within a few minutes. The small dining table-book has a lot of options and modifications, it is made of strong materials on a wood basis or plastic. With all its merits, it is quite heavy, and it is better to move it together. Another popular and winning option is an oval sliding table, more ergonomic and pleasant looking. The oval table can fit even in the space of a small kitchen and in some respects is more convenient than a desk-book of the same linear dimensions. Unfortunately, glass tables are not sliding.

    Folding table for the kitchen and not only( video)

    The convertible, retractable, folding and sliding table models are the ideal solution not only for a small kitchen space where there is nowhere to equip the dining area, but also auxiliary surfaces that will not be superfluous forAny kitchen.

    Design folding kitchen tables for a small kitchen( photo)