Kitchen table and chairs for a small kitchen: small dining tables, photo, highchair, corner with your own hands, video

One compact size of a table and chairs for a small kitchen is small Some are compact desktop size, and for a small kitchen chairs little buy a dining table for a small kitchen in a hurry almost in the first place, often agreeing to the most modest options. Meanwhile, it is desirable that the table was not only compact, but also consonant with the interior of the room.

    • What table to choose for a small kitchen
    • Small tables for a kitchen if in a family child
    • Corner kitchen tables for a small kitchen
    • Small tables in the kitchen
    • Design of kitchen table and chairs for a small kitchen(photo)
  • which table to select for a small kitchen

    to select the appropriate table, answer a few questions.

    Suffice it to three :

    • What shape should be a table( round, oval, rectangular or square);
    • What shade should it be( dark or light);
    • Will it be a transforming table, or not a folding structure.

    Based on these answers, choosing a kitchen table will be easier. Of course, first choose a table, and then chairs to it.

    When choosing dining furnitu<div><center>
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</center></div>re for a small kitchen space, priority is given to the table When choosing dining furniture for a small kitchen space, priority is given to the table When choosing dining furniture for a small kitchen space, priority is given to the table When choosing dining furniture for a small kitchen space, priority is given to the table

    Table selection criteria:

    • The table can be placed in the center of the kitchen( but with a small footage not particularly clear), near the wall or inCorner;
    • Behind a person sitting at a table should have at least 40 cm of free space;
    • The fewer corners the table has, the more a person can be seated for it;
    • Square tables for a small kitchen are the best option, and they look more organic there;
    • Dark tones are rarely good in a small space, so a preference for beige or light colors;
    • Glass table top is a good find, it will add light to the room, but caring for it is not the easiest.

    You can make a compact table with your own hands. Today small wooden tables with hand-painted are popular. You can paint a simple square wooden table with acrylic paints, varnish - this is the highlight of any kitchen. Chairs can be in the same ensemble, also painted with their own hands, and perhaps the chairs are more modest.

    weatherstrip tables for a small kitchen( video ideas)

    small table for the kitchen if the family child

    often stands in the kitchen highchair. To feed the baby, of course. One side of the table is just on them. If there is a possibility to move the chair to another place, it is better to do so. But what if there is nowhere to set the chair for feeding, and it will "eat" one side of the table?

    Then it is necessary, first, to choose such model of a highchair for feeding, which will be miniature and in a small kitchen. Secondly, reconsider the location of the table. Two sides of it should remain free, and at least one of them is wide( if the table is not square).

    Models-transformers and sliding table-tops save space as well as possible Models transformers and sliding table top is the best space saving

    If highchair folds easily, do not keep it in the unfolded state. Releases in this situation and the table-transformer. If it is also easy to disassemble with your own hands, during the feeding of the child the table can be folded. Some models, folded, turn in size into a bar counter. And then, if necessary, with your own hands, you transform this rack into a normal table.

    If the feeding chair can be disassembled so that its table top is removed, it will simply be a high stationary chair at the kitchen table. When, for feeding a child, you can use a small table with chairs, you can feed it in another room, gradually accustoming it to another feeding regimen.

    Some craftsmen on this principle can build their own hands for the feeding chair, which clings to the kitchen table Some craftsmen of this principle can own hands to build a highchair, which clings to the kitchen table

    Corner kitchen tables for a small kitchen

    Corner tables in the kitchen - it's very modern. For a small kitchenette is the best option, picking up such a table, you yourself free the valuable space in the room.

    Corner tables can be:

    • Replacing the window sill .Many firms provide such a service - they produce corner tables that replace the windowsill, significantly saving space.
    • The length of one side of the kitchen is .This is not such a frequent option, but still occurs. Usually such a table is zoned, one part is dined, and the other is used as a storage place.
    • Additional table .In the center of the kitchen is a small table and a couple of chairs. And on two adjacent sides of the kitchen is a narrow corner table, which is decorative, and is used as a storage space or even as a working-class area.

    Corner table can be decorated with your own hands, popular nowadays mosaic or painting.

    Semi-circular tables for small kitchens( video)

    Small tables in the kitchen

    Another good option is mini tables. They are sold in the most unusual form.

    Variants of mini tables:

    • Shelf. It looks like this - a compact bar counter, attached to the wall. You can have breakfast after such a shelf, especially alone. Family meals can be held in the living room at a large table.
    • Hinged worktop .The mechanism is incredibly simple. In the folded state, you see a table top on the wall, it is literally pressed against it. And as soon as they were going to have dinner, they throws up their countertop with their own hands, and, again, a small bar counter.
    • Drawer .You can meet and this option. From the cabinet or cabinet of the headset, a box is put forward, which in fact turns out to be a table, behind which you can have lunch.

    A retractable table concealed behind the drawer Retractable table hidden behind the front of the box - good for global cooking

    And a bar counter. Do not forget about this good old version. Moreover, their design is being improved, and with their own hands it is possible to transform such a table. Use interior stickers or, for example, self-adhesive paper.

    Folding table for a small kitchen( video)

    Nutritionists are also advised to buy small tables-transformers for a small kitchen. It is explained simply - sometimes a person is lazy to push the table and thus can skip an extra meal, limiting himself to an apple. So in everything you can find pros! Choosing a table in a small kitchen, remember that in crowded areas - not the best principle for the kitchen. Leave room for a free place, and it will literally be easier for you to breathe in such a room.

    Design kitchen table and a small kitchen chairs( photo)