Chairs and tables for the kitchen: furniture set, leather chairs from Malaysia, eco-leather, table height 60x80 and 60x60, beautiful sets, sizes, manufacturers, photos, videos

Convenience - the main criterion for choosing kitchen furnitu<div><center>
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</center></div>re Convenience - the main criterion for the choice of kitchen furniture need to repel the initial parameters in the choice of tables and chairs - a large kitchen there, where carousing, and choose the furniture will be easier. And in a small kitchenette the same table is often replaced by a miniature bar counter or a sliding model. Well, if not a bar counter, then a very compact kit. It is worth trying to consider the choice of furniture for the kitchen from several sides.

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Furniture for kitchen: tables and tablesChairs

First of all you needTo determine the criteria for choosing kitchen furniture.

When choosing furniture, it is important to consider the basic requirements for it When choosing furniture it is important to consider the basic requirements for it

How to choose the tables and chairs for a typical kitchen:

  • Convenience .The aesthetic side is very important, but the tables and the more so the chairs in the kitchen should, of course, be comfortable. At what, convenient for all household members. Today, the chairs with ergonomic seats that repeat the outline of the human body are relevant. Wide chairs with armrests back in fashion, and kitchen tables with drawers more often seen in trendy furniture catalogs.
  • Dimensions. believed that to an adult it was convenient, he will need a space with a width of not less than 60-70 cm. Large tables for kitchens, length 120 cm. Height of 75 cm and a width of 85 cm are the most preferred. And the length, and height, and width of such a table create the effect of volume in space, even of some infinity.

Tables and chairs for the kitchen to get better at the end repair. At this moment it is clear what image your kitchen acquired, and according to this design concept you buy a table and chairs. At the same time it becomes clear you buy classic table plan - of genuine good-quality timber, or replace it with a familiar one today plastic or glass products. Mirror tables can also find their place in the kitchen, but taking care of them takes a lot of time.

Kitchen tables, to date, the most important element of the interior kitchen table, today, the most important element of the interior

gradually comes to the fore simplicity, ease of construction outside. The set can be devoid of any decoration, with his laconic and self-sufficiency, and will be the main feature of the furniture.

Tables and chairs for the kitchen: the best of kitchen furniture( video)

Beautiful tables and chairs in the kitchen in different styles

can consider the example of several popular interior design styles, which will be different from one set from another, what their features.

Styles sets:

  • Scandinavian style. Mandatory condition - natural materials. The table and chairs are made of solid wood, and not necessarily tinted. But the design in which the furniture is made, can be very different. From simple geometric shapes to exquisite decor on the same table. Sometimes a very simple set of furniture, for example, white is decorated with finely matched textiles - a tablecloth, napkins, pillows.
  • Provencal style. The color scheme is light, faded. Excellent if the furniture is light with artificial aging( patinated kitchen tables and chairs).Rough moments in the texture of furniture can be.
  • High-tech style .Here the main materials are glass, metal and plastic. And a set of table and chairs can be beautiful in this modern aesthetics. The style is characterized by non-standard forms of chairs, even extravagant ones. Leather chairs and leatherette chairs are not from this "opera".The original set is what is valued in this style.
  • Japanese style .Despite the fact that the color and texture in this style are important, the Japanese cuisine is rather restrained, as if sweeping aside all unnecessary. The shape of the table and chairs is very simple, color is preferable to dark. The set is decorated with a modest but exquisite decor.
  • Oriental style .It is also necessary to use natural materials, a set of table and chairs are distinguished by calm forms, intricate ornamentation, sophisticated techniques of decoration, and the presence of a small number of authentic items. The main condition for furniture in Scandinavian style is the natural materials

    As for the shape of the tables, there is no definite fashion - and round, square, and rectangular tables are equally relevant.

    Chairs for kitchen leather

    Leather chairs for the kitchen are not only practical, but also highly aesthetic. They give some chic at first glance simple kitchen furniture. In addition, a set of such chairs will serve long enough.

    If the kitchen is narrow, choose small leather stools( covered with leather).If the dimensions of the kitchen allow, take more furniture - then the leather decor looks more chic. Of great interest are chairs made of eco-leather. Many people think that eco-leather is the same as leatherette. But this is only partly correct. Eco-skin is difficult to distinguish from natural leather, outwardly these materials are very similar. Eco-leather includes cotton, synthetic polymers, artificial components based on cellulose and, of course, the very natural skin. Therefore, to say that eco-leather - this leatherette, of course, is wrong.

    Provence style does not tolerate bright colors Style Provence does not tolerate bright colors

    Leather chairs are also not the worst option. And if you properly take care of this furniture, then leatherette will not let you down, will serve for a long time.

    How to properly care for leatherette chairs:

    • Dry cleaning and leatherette - things are incompatible;
    • Cleaning with vodka, alcohol, acetone and perchlorethylene is also prohibited( leathese from them deteriorates);
    • It is also impossible to clean leatherette with chlorka, as with all types of polishes;
    • Sharp objects and leatherette are also incompatible, and withered stains scrape with the same knife can not in any case;
    • But to wash with a soap solution, or use a shampoo, you can certainly;
    • Ammonia agents are permissible;
    • Remove stains and dirt with a soft cloth or soft cloth.

    Traces of beer or juice from such chairs can be removed with a mixture of vinegar and ammonia, after which the surface should be thoroughly rinsed.

    Tables and chairs from solid wood( video)

    Tables and chairs for kitchen from Malaysia

    Furniture from Malaysia has recently been in high demand. This furniture is distinguished by excellent quality, modern, often, unique design.

    Chairs and tables from Malaysia are:

    • Use of high-quality natural materials;
    • Beautiful, rich color palette;
    • Perfectly finished upholstery;
    • Both classic and original decor;
    • Furniture from Malaysia involves the use of different materials for upholstery.

    The leather or a substitute perfectly combines with the chromeplated metal skin or replacement is combined with chromed metal

    And furniture from Malaysia sufficiently democratic at the price, and in contrast to the more advertised brands of furniture from Italy, you will not be so much to overpay for the brand, as not all manufacturersSufficiently untwisted. Also, tables and chairs from Malaysia are very modern, designers work well on the aesthetics of furniture.

    height kitchen tables

    is believed that the optimum height of the kitchen table is 75 cm standard table top -. 60x60 cm and its height is also standard. Therefore, theoretically, this height should be convenient for all. But it is worthwhile to figure out where these standard parameters come from.

    table height is determined from the condition that the standard output for the person 165 cm in height. It is precisely this growth is a statistical average. From this, the height is calculated. It turns out that if your height is above this average, or lower, the standard table height you personally may not be suitable.

    If the table you take to order, then the height, and other sizes can be adjusted If the table you take the order, and the height and other dimensions can be adjusted

    Another standard table top - 60x80.Its height is calculated by the same formula. But the first case, and 60x80 can have other dimensions in height.

    Set table and chairs for the kitchen

    How to buy furniture - individually or take a kit? There is no single council here. There is a kit where everything is chosen perfectly, but there is a set completely inorganic.

    Now about how to choose a kit:

    • Consider the size of the kitchen for a small kitchen good kitchen transformers;
    • For a small family, a set with a small, elegant table that does not involve more than two or three people at dinner is suitable;
    • Massive tables and the same chairs - ideal furniture, if space, of course, allows;
    • As the table is often held at the kitchen table, the table should be strong, strong, not afraid of blows.

    And, of course, do not forget about the design of the kitchen itself. The table should fit into the overall design, and whether it will be its accent, or merge with a common scale - it's up to you.

    The style of hi-tech is slightly extravagant, but its main value is originality The high-tech style is slightly extravagant, but its main value is the originality of the

    Japanese style can be attractive with its restraint and simplicity The Japanese style can be attractive with its restraint and simplicity

    Remember that the originality, traditions, vintage today especially inHonor. Therefore, tablecloths and napkins, "grandma's" textiles, handicrafts in the kitchen are again in vogue. And they can appear on the kitchen table. And if it is glass or mirror, it will not be harmonious. Therefore, tables of wood are more popular than their counterparts, they are universal, and always look appropriate.

    And, of course, how not to say about the color. The shades of the kitchen kit can be very different - today not the time when the range of three colors. For a small kitchen, it is better not to take very bright chairs.

    By the way, it is considered that the seats of the chairs should be on a lighter tone than the surface of the table. In some cases, contrasting pieces of furniture will be an excellent option.

    And if the kitchen is very small, then you can arm yourself with transparent plastic chairs. It is both fashionable and very stylish, and it saves space in the kitchen. For lovers of minimalism style, such chairs are also good.

    Chairs and tables: select your option( video)

    Tables and chairs for the kitchen - a stylish, self-contained element of the interior. When choosing it, remember that it will serve you for a long time, which means you should not get bored. Because choose a table and chairs for a certain style, which you like a long time, and hardly bored. And, of course, do not skimp on the quality of furniture.

    Good choice!

    Chairs and tables for the kitchen( photo)