Dining tables for the kitchen: chairs and corner table, how to choose, array and height, which is better, triangular and square, size, photo, video instruction

Dining table in the kitchen is an important element of the interior Dining table in the kitchen is an important element of the interior The overall style of the interior of the kitchen, whatever one may say, also depends on what the dining table looks like. To properly choose this furniture, we take into account a lot of nuances( not only height, width and shape), but also in what style your kitchen is made. That is, not only the dimensions matter, but also the harmonious inclusion of the table in the concept of the room.

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  • Which table to choose for the kitchen

    The main points of choice are worth talking about. If you immediately choose a table and chairs, the task becomes a little more complicated. Usually, the chairs are picked after a certain dinner table.

    A square dining table is <div><center>
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</center></div>a classic of the genre that fits any kitchen A square dining table is a classic of the genre that will suit any kitchen

    How to choose a table in the kitchen:

    • Overall size .What does total size mean? This is the size that corresponds to the size of the room. Is it worth explaining that a large table in a small kitchen is not appropriate. If you choose furniture in such a kitchenette, your option is a transformer. Earlier this kind of furniture was considered "bezryby", today it is a fashionable and practical solution. If the dimensions of the kitchen allow, then the surface of the table( countertop) can be large, and better, if so. The height is almost always standard, if it is ready furniture.
    • Size of the dining room .We will assume that a person needs at least 60 cm( or better 70).The length of the table is planned based on this fact - how many of your households usually gather at the table, this number is multiplied by the minimum area. It is important to understand immediately which, narrow or wide side, the dining table will be freely located in the kitchen space.
    • Worktop width .The size depends, as already said, on the size of the room. Maybe 80 cm, if the footage is small, and 115, if the meter allows.
    • Table height .The standard height is 75 cm, but there is also a height of 70 cm. Where does it come from? The calculation is based on the average height of a person - 165 cm, hence this is the most standard height. It is clear that not all of this size is suitable, therefore, if it is possible to adjust such an indicator as the height of the table, from the manufacturer, do this. Too low a height for fairly tall people will be uncomfortable, as is the height above the average for miniature people.
    • Location .If the wall does not touch the wall, then the distance from the table top to the furniture, walls, etc. Must reach at least 70 cm. And then, in the event that this side does not go. If the kitchenette is very small, and with the location is not poeksperimentiruesh, you can choose a triangular( angular) table, or another compact version.

    And only after these parameters are evaluated the external characteristics of the acquisition.

    Variety of modern dining tables( video)

    Corner table in the kitchen

    Corner table is a real find for a small kitchenette. In fact, it is the same triangular table, which, with its angular design, frees such valuable extra meters.

    Corner table design is safer for small kitchens Corner table construction is safer for small kitchens

    Can it be a dining room? Of course, although the angular option does not imply that the whole family will be following it. Usually a corner table is a dinner for two, and if it comes in contact with a wall, then for three. But such an angular variant is compact, practical, and still a way out of the situation. In any case, the corner table is better than the clutter of space.

    What kind of chairs will you need? In principle, you need only two. These are not necessarily the same chairs. Since the table itself is unusual, angular, even if the chairs will fit it - the original shape, two adjacent or contrasting colors, you can choose these without difficulty.

    And a corner table can easily be moved to the place of the house, where at some point it may be necessary.

    The corner table can be lonely adjoined to a corner or be part of a full-fledged dining group corner desk can be adjacent to the lonely corner, or be part of a full dining group

    Square tables Kitchen

    Square folding table - the classic interior of the genre. Square models have a reliable folding mechanism, due to which they simply turn into rectangular models. Usually, such tables are used in case there is no separate table in the living room, and it is necessary to bring it from the kitchen. That is, both lunch and festive - all at once.

    Square models can easily fit into almost any interior, they are also easy to pick chairs Square models can easily fit into almost any interior, they are also easy to choose chairs

    Square table pros:

    • Always laconic in the interior;
    • Can be located in the middle of the room;
    • Often differ in unusual design;
    • In any part of the room look convincing.

    Well, the most popular material for tables, of course, is the array.

    How to choose a dining table( video)

    Dinner table Kitchen made of solid

    tables made of solid wood - the most popular model. This is not surprising: the array was and remains a material with enviable characteristics. Mainly, the array is appreciated for its durability and appearance.

    for a table in the kitchen is usually used :

    • Solid oak;
    • Solid pine;
    • Solid alder;
    • Solid birch.

    Tables made of solid oak are the most durable Tables made of oak most durable

    One can not say what an array of advantageous - oak and pine are sales leaders, but still each model must be considered individually. In general, the array is one of the best materials for tables. Chairs can be matched, since the same plastic chairs or metal chairs with this table will not be harmonized, of course.

    Dining tables in different styles

    cuisine( video) of the interior space in the kitchen, everything is important, what to look immediately falls. And the table is paid not accidentally much attention. Try to purchase durable, classic model, which for a long time did not go out of style, and repair that will have a very long time.

    Dinner table for the kitchen( photo)