Bedside cabinets for the bedroom: photo of the table, dimensions 30 cm wide, white and glass, 40 cm with their own hands, furniture on wheels

Bedside tables should be combined with the bedroom interior Bedside cabinets should be combined with the bedroom interior In the bedroom everything should be perfect. Each piece of furniture should be functional and stylish. From the bedside tables depends not only how many items you can fit on the shelves near the bed, but also what impression the whole bedroom will produce. Depending on the chosen style, the size of the room and the personal needs of the owners, the cupboards can be of different colors, shapes, sizes and accessories.

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    • Bedside cabinet for the bedroom: 40 cm width
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Choosing a bedside table for the bedroom

Choosing this accessory - it's not an easy thing, because until the end it is not clear what kind of thing you need. However, for a number of reasons, you can determine which bedside table suits you. Take a look at the small test that will help you decide on the model of the bedside table.

Bedside table is chosen taking into account the preferences of the owner of the bedroom Bedside table is chosen taking into account the preferences of the master bedroom

Which bedside table is suitable for you:

  • Are you an adherent of the classical style, conservative and dislike experiments? So you need a wooden table in tone to the bed head of medium size on 4 legs with 2-3 drawers and a comfortable work surface.
  • Do you read 8 books at the same time, make notes, often lie in bed with a laptop and like to draw a person from a dream instantly after awakening? Then you need a small chest of drawers with a lot of boxes, various organizers and a good lighting device. Add a bright color if you are a creative person in the eternal search for new sources of inspiration!
  • Do you like the exquisite style, organized, and beside the bed there is only an alarm clock and a glass of water? Choose a table that will itself be a wonderful decor in the style in which the entire bedroom is made. It can be a real art object, equipped with a working surface.
  • Is your life changeable and easy? Do you like flowers, figurines and photographs that decorate the house from every corner? Choose elongated tables in the form of low consoles or even a shelf for small things near the bed. To accommodate decorative objects and a small number of functional units, such options are best suited.
  • Do you have a small bedroom in which you need to fit everything in the world? Then you will need a modular storage system, located above the head of the bed and framing the bed on both sides. In this case, you will get a zone of a bedside table, a wardrobe and small chests of drawers in 1 set!
  • Do you have a small bedroom, where you would like to place armchairs and a dressing table? Feel free to put a writing or dressing table next to the bed. The multifunctionality of a quality table will delight you! In this case, there is only one difficulty: for a high table requires a high bed so that the bedside table is comfortable to use.
  • Do you and your partner have different needs and lifestyles? It's okay if the bedside tables differ from each other! Harmonize the bedside area using the same table lamps, paintings or pots with flowers.
  • Do you like everything unusual, does your perception crave new impressions from interior design? Use as a bedside table a stool-ladder, a decorated stepladder or a wooden box! Virtually any item of suitable size can be turned into a bedside cabinet.
  • Do you like the provencal rustic style, comfort and softness in the lines? Use textiles and home-made decor. Hook, cross-stitch, frills and other cute little things are always in fashion! In addition, they wonderfully transform any, even the most unsightly table.
  • Have you decided to install a podium? In this case, you may not need a bedside table at all. A mattress placed in the podium is wonderful, because the entire podium is one large working area for placing any necessary items.

Be sure to think about what type of bedside table will suit your needs in the best way. Correctly selected table is your main assistant in business.

What determines the size of the bedside tables in the bedroom

The sizes of the bedside tables are chosen individually, like the style and equipment. Nevertheless, some laws of harmony and functional balance take place.

The style and configuration of the bedside table depends strictly on the interior of the room The style and configuration of the bedside table depends strictly on the interior of the room

What should be remembered about the size of the bedside cabinets:

  1. The size of the bedside tables should be in strict proportion to the size of the entire bedroom. Do not try to fit large thumbs, tightly placed between the side wall and the bed. Always leave at least a little space between the pieces of furniture.
  2. It is better that the height of the countertop coincides with the height of the bed. This will ensure comfortable use of the table.
  3. To make the set look harmonious, then to a luxurious wide bed should be placed thumbs more than a half meter wide. Otherwise they will be lost against the background of such a large bed.
  4. For more narrow beds, the opposite applies. Huge tables crush the bed. Choose models with a width not more than half a meter. However, you can make an exception: if you want to install a long console or hinged shelves, their length will not affect the impression of the bed.

Observe the harmony in the size of the bed and the bedside tables so that the pieces of furniture complement each other.

Narrow bedside cabinets for the bedroom: width 30 cm

The size of rooms in urban apartments often leaves much to be desired. Therefore, there is a need to use the minimum amount of space for the arrangement of all furniture, which is necessary for comfortable living.

To save a small space in the bedroom, you can use bedside tables of small size To save a small space in the bedroom, you can use bedside cabinets of small size

A 30 cm wide pedestal is the smallest size that most modern furniture salons can offer.

In what styles are narrow pedestals:

  • minimalism;
  • high-tech;
  • is modern;
  • classic;
  • loft;
  • Scandinavian style.

In other styles you can also get pedestals with a small width, but most likely you will have to order such a product. Inexpensive ready-made pedestals in these styles - it's profitable, but in pursuit of style, you'll probably discover a way to make a tamboo inexpensive and at the same time in a suitable style.

White bedside cabinets for the bedroom

White is one of the most common shades in interior design. It never goes out of fashion, in each room we often meet many white trim elements. Why not make the bedside tables white?

White color bedside table is very popular White color bedside table is very popular

How to combine white tables with the interior of the bedroom:

  1. In color to the headboard. This is the most common option. Good for classical or Scandinavian interiors.
  2. In contrast to the headboard. With a calm color solution, the bedrooms can be played on the contrast of the dark headboard of the bed and snow-white pedestals.
  3. Secondary color. White curtains and a strip on the wallpaper? Choose light pedestals to emphasize these accents.
  4. Included in the cabinet. The storage system, made in a single color solution, recalls the unity in the functional purpose of both items.
  5. To finish the room. Snow-white floor and walls? Choose the curbstone in the tone to highlight the tenderness of the interior design.
  6. Tone to tone. Especially for Scandinavian style or minimalism style, monochrome solutions with an accent on white color are characteristic. Monochrome white bedroom - this is the container of coziness and rest.

White color is ideal for bedroom.

Glass bedside tables for the bedroom

The glass table is a rather expensive and spectacular thing for stylish and orderly people. Be careful if there are children or pets in the house. Well fix the glass table and try to protect yourself and family from accidents. Except for this moment, the glass bedside table is a delightful idea for modern design.

Glass table is suitable for neat and clean owners of the bedroom Glass table is suitable for neat and clean owners of the bedroom

In which styles the glass looks most harmoniously:

  • high-tech;
  • loft;
  • is modern;
  • minimalism.

Glass table makes the bedroom more light and airy.

Bedside table for the bedroom: 40 cm width

The width of 40 cm is a completely digestible size for a bedside table or shelf in any style without any restrictions. In this size, the cabinet will look good next to a good medium sized double bed.

The modern market offers a wide range of pedestals, whose width is about 40 cm.

Small pedestals are widely distributed on the market of these products Small pedestals are widely distributed on the market of these products.

These pedestals vary in the following parameters:

  1. color;
  2. height;
  3. availability and number of boxes;
  4. wheels available;
  5. material;
  6. form;
  7. style;
  8. suspension or floor fixings;
  9. features and decor.

A pedestal with a width of 40 cm is a compact and very functional accessory, widely represented in various styles and directions.

Bedside table for a bedroom on wheels

Bedside table on wheels - it's incredibly convenient! It can be used as a serving table for a romantic evening or coffee in bed, you can easily move the table during cleaning or in case it's just bored! In general, there are many reasons to have a table with wheels.

The bedside table on the wheels is very comfortable for the bedroom The bedside table on the wheels is very comfortable for the bedroom

You can get a bedside table on wheels in 2 ways:

  • Buy a table on wheels in the store for a rather large price.
  • Save, and screw the wheels to the legs yourself.

For each type of bedside table, the types of fastening of wheels are suitable. Be careful.

We make bedside cabinets for the bedroom with our own hands

Obviously, the role of the bedside table can be performed by any thing with a small working surface at the level of the bed. Therefore, it is not difficult to independently manufacture the bedside cabinet from improvised materials.

Bedside cabinet can be made from improvised materials yourself Bedside cabinet can be made from handy materials by yourself

Which items can be suitable for creating a bedside table:

  1. Wooden boxes. Paint, varnish, put on legs or do something else. This beautiful object was as if conceived as a bedside table in grunge style.
  2. Drywall. This material can not be made, probably, only another person! From gypsum cardboard you can create absolutely any table or even a whole bedside rack.
  3. Suitcases and suitcases. Put a few bright suitcases one on the other near the bed, and your bedside composition will amaze everyone with its originality.
  4. Box for toys or clothes. Did the children grow up, and the habit of hiding the trash in the chest was left in the past? Do not rush to throw your own trunks! Large linen boxes perfectly fit into the creative interior of the bedroom.
  5. Barrel. This is just a find for the marine, Scandinavian style, as well as for the loft style. Beautiful lap near the bed will always inspire an atmosphere of adventure and travel.
  6. Stepladder. Small library ladders are extremely convenient for placing vases, books and glasses.
  7. Stool or stool. Which of us did not scold us for "bunk cabinets"?Everyone sometimes uses places for sitting out of their intended purpose, so designers have developed a way to make the habit of many the norm and put a chair as a small table by the bed.

Apply fantasy and make your own designer bedside table from the materials at hand.

Choosing bedside cabinets for the bedroom( video)

Bedroom cabinets can contain a wide variety of arsenal of objects: photos, equipment, books, magazines, decor or plants. That is why there is no definite answer to the question of which table is better than the other. Carefully study the question of what functions the bedside table should perform for you, and choose to choose the model that you will like.

Design of bedside tables for bedrooms( photos of examples)