Wardrobe in the bedroom: photo design, a cabinet made of plasterboard, built in a small, a zone behind the bed, a door into a separate

Cloakroom in the bedroom - this is an opportunity to make free space more functional Dressing in the bedroom - it's an opportunity to make the space more functional Almost every bedroom has a wardrobe. It's a classic. However, did you not think that it would be much more convenient to have a whole wardrobe room inside the bedroom? In fact, the dressing room is an incredibly functional space that can accommodate almost all things, shoes and even women's toiletries. About how to better equip the dressing room in the bedroom, we read further.

    • Dressing area: bedroom needs space
    • How to create a bedroom design with a dressing room
    • Dressing room in plasterboard with own hands
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  • Dressing area: Bedrooms need space

    The first thing to remember when dressing in the bedroom arrangement - is that the bedroom is als

    o necessary free space. Therefore, be sure to leave enough room to ensure that the sleeping area is comfortable and free. If the bedroom is small in size, then it is best to make an open wardrobe system

    If there are not too many places in the bedroom, use the following ways to create a dressing room:

    • An open cloakroom system. In order not to narrow visually, nor really the space of the bedroom, give up the partitions, use only zoning! Beautiful mobile hangers and shelves nailed to the wall, make it easy to fit all the necessary items, and decorative boxes and organizers to help create comfort and accuracy in the storage system.
    • Niche for the cabinet. Visually does not change the dimensions of the bedroom built-in niche from plasterboard. Fold the doors or sliding doors yourself. The interior of the dressing room in this case, you can design according to your personal needs.
    • Glass and Mirrors. The eternal relevance in the field of visual expansion of space belongs to mirrors and glasses. Make a partition for the wardrobe room of glass or hang the walls and doors with mirrors.
    • Folding screen. An open cloakroom or mobile coat rack for things can be fenced off with a conventional screen. In case of uselessness, it is easy to fold, opening the space.

    Even in a small bedroom you can create a spacious and comfortable dressing room without much harm for the sleeping area.

    How to design a bedroom with dressing room

    Ideas to create a dressing room in the bedroom is very diverse. Each idea has its own advantages and disadvantages and accordingly approaches to different interiors, sizes and needs of the owner of the room.

    The dressing room, which is located along the wall, can be stylishly decorated with mirror or matte surfaces dressing room, which is located along the wall, you can stylishly decorate the mirror or matte surfaces

    most common and reliable design ideas bedroom with dressing room:

    1. The walls of the dressing room can be made the same as in the bedroom. This visually preserves the integrity of space."Hide" the dressing room in an inconspicuous color.
    2. The walls and entrance to the dressing room may differ from the walls in the room. This option is good if the wardrobe is located in the whole wall, and not in the corner. If the dressing room is located along the wall, then an interesting drawing or suitable wallpaper will very decorate the bedroom.
    3. Additional storage system. The outer walls of the dressing room can contain shelves or small niches for decorations and books. This will significantly save space by making the dressing room functional from all sides!
    4. Glass. Glass - this is an excellent option for neat and pedantic people, whose wardrobe always looks excellent. Glass will look amazing in the styles of minimalism, high-tech, and also in some other modern directions.
    5. Cloakroom behind the head of the bed. Behind the head of the bed storage system can be separated by a narrow partition width of slightly more than a bed or install sliding doors.
    6. An interesting solution is the location of the dressing room behind the wall on which the TV hangs in front of the bed.
    7. Blind. In a spacious non-square bedroom you can hide the wardrobe behind a beautiful curtain.

    bedroom with wardrobe will look stylish and very beautifully if intelligently approach the selection of materials and the arrangement of a dressing area.

    Dressing in the bedroom of plasterboard with their hands

    creative approach always creates wonderful objects that will please you for many years for the quality and warmth of its own production. From gypsum cardboard you can build a wonderful dressing room that will meet all your needs for storage of things.

    The minimum size of the dressing room is about 1 square meter. A smaller space simply does not make sense: in this case it will be easier to use a conventional wardrobe.

    A small dressing room in the bedroom can be made independently of plasterboard small cloakroom in the bedroom can be done independently of plasterboard

    The procedure works for the production of a dressing room made of plasterboard:

    • Make a drawing. A detailed drawing should include a sketch of the room with furniture items and a dressing room with all the shelves and crossbeams. Such a model will allow to perform the work accurately and beautifully.
    • Marks space. In the bedroom we mark out the future dressing room. We mark the positions of the profiles and the locations of their connections.
    • Mount the frame. With the help of guides and profiles we mount the frame of the future dressing room. Already at this stage it will be necessary to take into account all the positions of the shelves and make them fastenings on the profiles.
    • We cut drywall. In accordance with the resulting frame, cut the plasterboard for the cladding of the dressing room on both sides.
    • We cover the dressing room. Between 2 layers of plasterboard you can put a layer of insulation, if there is such a desire or need.
    • We conduct electricity. Think about all the details of lighting, because it should be bright, but not to distort colors.
    • We mount the door. Choose the right door or curtain and insert it into the opening.

    Fitted wardrobe in the bedroom

    Fitted wardrobe - it's convenient and practical. There are several rules that will help to use the space with maximum impact!

    The advantage of the built-in wardrobe is its functionality and practicality

    The advantage of the built-in wardrobe is its functionality and practicality The advantage of the built-in wardrobe is its functionality and practicality

    A few tips for developing a built-in dressing room:

    1. Have seasonal things on the top shelves. The size of these shelves do according to the number of such things.
    2. Keep bottom shoes to germs and odors of shoes had minimal contact with the rest of the garments.
    3. The middle of the dressing room must contain many hangers.
    4. The most accessible shelves usually contain essentials.
    5. Consider storage systems for accessories.
    6. Do not forget to install the mirror in full growth.
    7. Create good daylight.

    Dressing, created according to the rules, improve your quality of life.

    Large bedroom wardrobe: luxury and convenience

    For a large bedroom, there is no problem in arranging a dressing room. There are a lot of options for this arrangement. Basically, it all depends on the shape of the room and the style of the interior.

    In the big bedroom is best to equip the dressing room in the corner of the room The large bedroom is best to equip a dressing room in the corner of the room

    How can I arrange a dressing room:

    • in the corner. If the bedroom is square and large enough, then the dressing room will look original in the corner of the room.
    • The whole wall. If the room has a rectangular orientation, then the dressing room can fix its shape and conveniently located along the shorter wall.
    • The semicircle. In the modern interior will look luxuriously a dressing room, mounted in a semicircle in the corner or on the bedroom wall.
    • 2 dressing rooms. If live in the bedroom 2 people, it is advisable to arrange 2 small symmetrical dressing the corners of the bedroom or elsewhere.

    The layout of the bedroom in a large room is easy.

    Dressing in a small bedroom

    Design a wardrobe in a small bedroom is not easy! However, a competent approach will resolve this issue. There are several nuances that will help make the wardrobe qualitative and not taking up too much space.

    Even a small pantry can be stylishly arranged under the dressing room in the bedroom Even a small pantry can be stylishly arranged for a dressing room in the bedroom

    Ways to make a dressing room in a small bedroom:

    1. Use the storage room as a dressing room.
    2. Create a detailed design project for the maximum capacity of the dressing room.
    3. Make the walls of the dressing room incomplete, transparent or discard them altogether.
    4. Doors-blinds or curtains. To lighten the space in a small room will allow easy doors to the dressing room.
    5. Organizers and boxes. Even more things you can fit in a small dressing room, use a dense and convenient storage system. Do not forget to sign, where that lies!
    6. Decorations. To a small dressing room looked organic and not cluttered, decorate it. Designer handmade rugs, pictures of the picture and a beautiful frame by the mirror - it is simply impossible to imagine a wardrobe without such beauty!
    7. Update your wardrobe. To ensure that your wardrobe has lost the feeling of stagnation, update it regularly. Things that you do not wear for one reason or another, it is better to remove to the farthest corner, and it is better to get rid of them forever, because getting rid of something, we get a place for something new!

    Light rules allow you to arrange a mini-wardrobe even on one and a half square meters of space.

    Wardrobe closet in the bedroom: photo

    The catalogs for the manufacture and sale salons furniture stores you will find many options for decorating a dressing room cabinets.

    If you do not want to think long over self-fitting interior dressing room, use ready-made options that have a design style and proven storage systems.

    In the bedroom you can additionally equip a roomy niche, where you will store things and clothes In the bedroom you can additionally arrange a spacious niche where you will store things and clothes

    What are wardrobe closets:

    • Wardrobe, combined with bathroom. In the dressing room with a bathroom is supposed to have a washing machine, a machine for drying things, as well as a system for hanging. This is very convenient, since all garments, both wet and dried, are in 1 room. Here, the landlady can iron things and treat them with a steam cleaner.
    • Complete sets of wardrobes for the dressing room in the living room. Such a set will be of unsurpassed style.
    • Women's dressing rooms with storage system for shoes, accessories and toilet items.
    • Wardrobe for a narrow room. Compact storage systems for small rooms.
    • Built-in wardrobe.
    • Open-type dressing room.

    Mounting the dressing room in the bedroom( video)

    To think about hell is a separate dressing room for every person, because it is comfortable and beautiful. Some believe that the closet closes all needs, but it's only because they did not try to use the dressing room! Combine the dressing room with any room - no problem. There are options in any case. A walk-through room, or a separate room-the room will be able to fit a properly placed wardrobe, using the minimum costs. Create a stylish space with the help of a dressing room!

    Examples bedroom with dressing room design( interior photo)

    1-large-wardrobe room