Children's bedrooms for boys: design for teens, photo interior for two, for girls furniture and for small

Children child's bedroom should be made out according to the wishes of the child creating the interior of a child, should be based primarily on who will be spending time in the room. The room should be designed in accordance with the interests and needs of each child. Particularly difficult are the cases when gay children live in one room. However, modern discoveries in the field of interior design are able to solve even such sometimes difficult tasks. On how to wisely decorate the children's bedroom, we read further.

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  • Bedroom for boy: distinctive features

    If the room is only 1 boy lives, you can create a nice and functional room is not difficult. When choosing, you should start from the age of your child. Conditionally it is possible to divide rooms i

    nto 5 directions according to the age of the future owner.

    When arranging a bedroom for a boy it is important to take care of the safety and functionality of the room When setting up a bedroom for a boy it is important to take care of the safety and functionality of the room

    Which rooms are suitable for boys of different ages:

    1. If your child is less than 3 years old,.There are no sharp corners and high planes that a child can climb. When choosing the color of the interior, stop at the pastel shade. This choice will contribute to the harmonious development of your child.
    2. If the boy is from 3 to 6 years old, then the room must meet the requests for games, creativity and self-education of the child. Support his endeavors by equipping the room with space for drawing, sports and lessons with the baby. Do not forget about the safety of the child. At this age they are still inaccurate with sharp or beating objects.
    3. The first-grad kid is a completely different child than it was before. At the age of preparation and the beginning of schooling at school, the child needs a greater concentration in class and discipline. Help the child to show these qualities with the help of restrained interior design and a qualitatively arranged area for training sessions. Make sure that the furniture is suitable for the baby.
    4. Closer to 12 years the child has a personality. The first circles and sections, the first favorite heroes and the first preferences in the world of fashion and style. All these motives can be recreated in the design of the room. Do not forget about the importance of the learning process in the life of the child. Think about the possibility of placing a musical instrument, a telescope or an easel. Large objects must have their own zone, designed in accordance with its purpose.
    5. For a boy of 14-18 years old, the design of the room will not be a problem. Most likely, the boy at this age himself represents what he would like to see in his space. You should take care only of how to arrange all the necessary and desired in a single composition.

    If the age of your child is "on the border" between the categories, you will certainly make a choice in favor of a greater age. Time is inexorably moving forward, and frequent repairs are difficult for both the financial and psychological aspects of your life.

    furniture: children's bedroom for the boy

    Furniture for children's room should be, above all, functional and safe. Pleasant additions to these properties will be beauty, style and compactness.

    Indispensable items of interior in the boy Irreplaceable home furnishings in the boy-bedroom is the bed, desk, wardrobe and a small sports area

    Pieces of furniture for children's bedrooms - is:

    • bed;
    • chest of drawers or wardrobe;
    • a desk or table for games and creativity( depending on the age of the child);
    • shelving for books and toys;
    • sports corner for outdoor activities;
    • sofa, armchair or convenient ottoman.

    Change furniture regularly, adjusting it to the growing demands of a growing child. In the modern market, you can easily find the set that your child needs at the moment.

    Boys for teenage boys: choice of color

    Teenage bedrooms for boys can be in different colors. It is necessary to think over this ambiguous question in advance, so that in the future there will be no disagreement about the chosen shades.

    A bedroom for a teenager is best done in gray, additionally using blue or other dark colors The bedroom for a teenager is best done in gray, additionally using blue or other dark color schemes

    Which colors will be the best base for teenage bedrooms:

    • blue;
    • green;
    • gray.

    The advantage of these colors is their neutrality and ability to combine with other, more vivid shades.

    For the base color, use neutral shades, and as a supplement, bright decor elements are suitable.

    Design of a bedroom for teenage boys

    What style to make a room for a boy? The answer is not easy to find, because children, albeit already grown up, often change their preferences. However, you can still guess what areas can be relevant for your child.

    By equipping a teenage boy By equipping a teenage boys' bedroom, do not clutter it with unnecessary things and unnecessary decor elements.

    The best styles for a teenager's bedroom:

    1. Minimalism. One of the most modern trends is minimalism. It is the choice of neat and disciplined young people who love cleanliness and order. If your child is not really that, then one should not be led by his immediate desire to recreate the minimalistic design in the bedroom.
    2. Loft. For the stylish and creative approach to the direction of the loft. Garage-attic atmosphere will appeal to every teenage boy who appreciates freedom of expression and likes an unconventional approach to solving problems.
    3. High-tech. Your child is fond of science and technology? Does he like novelties in the field of computer technology and unusual lighting? Hi-tech is created for your teenage boy! Hi-tech is fashionable, stylish and very technical.
    4. Provence. not very distinctive choice for a boy, but a modest special and romantic lovers of adventure films and novels will be able to find beauty in provansalnyh motives connected with marine style.
    5. Modern. For modern and fashionable teenagers who love bright details and unusual shapes, modern style is suitable! Be careful with excessively bright colors: they can negatively affect the psyche.

    View all bedroom style options along with the child.

    Bedroom for two boys of different ages

    If in 1 room 2 living brother of different ages, then the design should be approached with special attention. Strictly speaking, there are 2 variants of the design of such a room, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

    In order to make the bedroom a cozy place for two children, you should correctly zonate space To bedroom has become a cozy place for two children should be properly zoned space

    design options for the bedroom 2 boys ages:

    • zoning;
    • combination.

    The choice depends mainly on the size of the bedroom, as well as on the relationship of the children. Try not to pinch in the space of neither a small nor a large boy. Injustice in relation to 1 of the children may have a bad effect on his future.

    If you decide to combine the space for both children, you can set a bunk bed on the second floor which is located the oldest child. Usually such decisions are for children of any age.

    Interior bedroom for a teenage boy-

    dwelling on the bedroom for a teenage boy, one must first remember that a teenager - this is a completely independent person, but do not forget that full confidence in the child's choice can lead to consequences not the best;Children at this age do not always fully understand exactly what they really need.

    Consult the future owner of the bedroom, but go on about the stormy teenage fantasy.

    Original decorate the boy A couple of ideas for creating a perfect interior in a teen bedroom:

    • Austere modern style with catchy elements. The picture in the style of pop art, colored lights, skateboards collection - all this remind you of the fact that a resident of the room was still a teenager. The pros of this solution is that a strict but stylish base can take those accessories that your teenage boy finds relevant for himself.
    • "Decorative" wall. Above the head of the bed or on the opposite wall you can make a large decorative composition. It can be a modular picture, wallpapers or just a cover of a bright contrasting hue. A chest of drawers instead of a cabinet. Boys rarely have a lot of clothes. Therefore, a small and comfortable chest of drawers can easily replace a teenager closet! And the outfit can also hang in the parent room.
    • Shelving. Adolescent boys are wonderful organizers of the space. Each boy needs to have many shelves in order to spread out all his books, gifts, figurines, awards, tools and other small things. Take care of a large storage system to avoid confusion on the desk or on the floor.
    • Zoning. This technique is widely used in rooms where different areas of activity are combined, for example, sleep and work. The work area is zoned with lighting, shelving or suspended ceilings. Provide maximum comfort in the learning process.
    • Entertainment corner. If your teenage child still loves games, then why not make an entertainment corner for him? Put the console and TV in a corner with puffs or chairs. Let your child's friends spend time with their favorite pursuits with him!
    • Styling. Is your child passionate about geography? Or sports? In any case, you will find something that is close to your child. Make curtains, bedspreads or paintings depicting what your baby is fond of.

    Children's bedroom for the girl and the boy, design

    If 1 room living children of different sexes, the zoning can not be avoided. Especially in the transition years, every child wants solitude. If children are of 1 age, then it is possible to somehow solve the problem with the other zones: game and educational. If children have a big age difference, then the room should be formally divided into 2 parts.

    Stylishly divide the room for a girl and a boy can be using a wall of gypsum board or using zoning color Stylishly divide the room for the girl and the boy can use the walls of plasterboard, or using color zoning

    Ways room Zoning:

    1. color and light;
    2. folding screen;
    3. shelving with toys;
    4. gypsum board decorative wall.

    Remember that every child should have its own, albeit small, but a separate place for study and leisure.

    Equips children's bedrooms for the boys( video)

    Whatever the bedroom for two people or for 1 child, it should be fun, cozy and stylish. Choose solutions that save more space for active games and activities. For example, instead of cluttering up a space with two beds, set up loft beds or a bunk bed for children. Imagine with the children and the children's bedroom will be any place for the child for a long, long time.

    Examples bedroom design for boys( interior photos)