Filling floors: with your own hands video, how to do and what it is, liquid repair and photos yourself, instructions for use

Today, the most popular types of flooring are flooded floors, because they are quality and incredibly beautiful The flooding floors are very popular today because they are high-quality and incredibly beautiful. The construction industry is constantly developing, more and more new materials are entering the world markets. Especially pleasing inventions for finishing the floor. Here, and a soft half-puzzle in the nursery, and very similar to the real wood laminate, and flooded 3D floors. With the help of the latter, you can create at home the most unusual interior. Today you will find out what the liquid floor is and how to arrange an apartment for yourself with your own hands.

  • What is the liquid floor: video and description
  • Repair of floors for flood coverings
  • Apply the image before making the filler floor
  • Completing the installation of the filler floor with your own hands
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  • What is the liquid floor: video and description

    Before deciding on the use of liquid floors in your apartment,necessity to understand what constitutes

    such covering, as well as determine its advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, the result of such expensive finishing can greatly disappoint you.

    The floor is not only attractive in appearance, but also characterized by excellent quality The filler floor is not only attractive in appearance, but also characterized by excellent quality

    The filler consists of a thin transparent polymeric layer, which is filled with a painted image or three-dimensional objects. Thanks to this design, you can create amazing optical effects and 3D images in your house.

    For the first time such floor coverings began to be used in the West, for design of concert halls and restaurants. Later, self-leveling floors, which won the hearts of the broad masses, came to apartment houses and apartments, becoming an excellent solution for finishing bathrooms and kitchens.

    Advantages of flooded floors:

    1. Amazing appearance. With this finish, you can create original and unique interior designs.
    2. Despite the seeming brittleness, these coatings are resistant to mechanical damage and abrasive action.
    3. Polymer filling floor is safe for health and has excellent fire safety. You can be sure that this type of finish does not harm the health of your children and pets.
    4. The filling floors are not spoiled by washing with chemicals.
    5. This coating tightly seals concrete, preventing dust formation. Also it is an excellent waterproofing.
    6. It is very easy to clean the floor. It does not absorb water and fat and is perfectly cleaned.

    The drawbacks of the flooded floor are that it's quite difficult to make it. Also for many, its price is prohibitive.

    Repair of floors for flooded surfaces

    To ensure that the floor has been in service for many years, and repairs have not been renewed in a few years, it is necessary to thoroughly prepare the foundation. This includes the removal of all unevennesses and the treatment of concrete with a primer.

    Before proceeding with the installation of the filler floor, carefully prepare the floor surface, clean it of old coating and dirt Before proceeding with installation of the filler floor, carefully prepare the floor surface and clean it of old coating and dirt.

    Stage of preparation of the substrate for filling 3 D floors:

    1. Bring out all the furniture from the room, remove the doors and close the wallpaper with a protective film, unless of course you want to change them. It is also necessary to remove the old material and clean the surface of debris and dust.
    2. Now we need to close up all cracks and holes with cement mortar, lay on top of a waterproof film to install floor heating when necessary.
    3. When all the internal parts are ready, a self-leveling mixture is poured for the floor screed. Its drying takes from two to three weeks.
    4. After drenched dry screed floor to check for the presence of new cracks, if any, they are daubed with cement mortar and grind.
    5. Further from the surface of the floor, dust and sand are removed. To better clean the base is better to use a vacuum cleaner.
    6. The surface is carefully primed. The primer should fill all the cracks and pores of the screed. After the first coat of primer has dried, a second layer is applied.
    7. The layer of the leveling polymer substance is then poured. This stage is the most important. Here the main thing is to mix the composition correctly, it is best to use the instruction for the use indicated on the package. This layer is the basis of the 3D coating, and it should be translucent. It is also important to choose the right shade, it should be combined with the future drawing and the rest of the interior decoration. You need to mix the polymer substance and the agent for its solidification in the ratio 2/1.After this, the composition is applied uniformly onto the substrate and distributed with a needle roller.

    The preparatory stage is very important. If the filling of the screed or the background layer is done incorrectly, the polymer floor will crack or simply, be uneven and unaesthetic.

    When pouring the floor, you have to move on it so as not to spoil the already finished parts. Use devices such as paint kits. They are attached to the shoes and do not spoil the liquid layer that has not frozen.

    The polymer layer hardens during the day. At this time, it is desirable that the room is not walked by drafts and did not penetrate the sun's rays.

    print images before you make a floor filler

    When the base resin is dry, you can navigate to the most interesting stage - the application image. You can invite for this purpose a professional artist or draw the drawing you need yourself. There are two ways in which you can make beautiful drawings.

    To start drawing the picture on the floor should be only when the polymer base is completely dry Do not apply the drawing to the floor unless the polymer substrate completely dries

    Methods for applying the image to the floor:

    1. Drawing with acrylic and polymer paints. If you put images in this way, it will be more interesting and expressive. However, to create a drawing with the help of paints, you need to be able to draw well. You can also invite an artist, but his services are quite expensive. Another point in the costs for this option will be expensive paints, they must necessarily be resistant to ultraviolet rays and fading.
    2. The second, more simple way, is to paste the finished image. In this case, your floor will look not so luxurious, but also quite original. Such a picture must necessarily be bright and printed on thick paper. Also keep in mind that the image should be applied to the entire canvas, just as all joints are clearly visible under the transparent polymer layer.

    Figure that you put on the floor, set the tone for the interior of the room, so it must be made in the same style with the rest of the room. Also do not forget that with such a bright finish, the furniture should be as simple as possible.

    The final stage of mounting the filler floor with their hands

    final layer is filled with a transparent polymeric material. It must also be properly diluted, relying on the instructions indicated on the package. The thickness of this layer should be no less than 3 centimeters, only in this case the coating will be strong enough.

    In addition, the filler floor will need to be coated with a special lacquer that will ensure the strength and stability of the future coating will need additional filler floor cover special varnish which will provide the strength and stability of the future coating

    to the floor covering has been protected, after drying the transparent resin layer, it is desirable to open a special varnish.

    Fill the polymer layer with parts that must be immediately aligned with the rule and the needle roller. The polymer coating finally dries out after three weeks.

    Self-leveling self-leveling floors( video)

    The flooded 3D floors look truly fascinating. They will fit perfectly into modern interiors. The cost of such a coating is more than compensated by excellent technological characteristics, excellent appearance, and also a long service life. Make your apartment in bulk floors, and your interior will be the most original!

    Examples of filler floor with their hands( photo)

    3d-floor-in-living room