Epoxy floors: self-leveling, self-pouring resin, polymer technology and base

Popular and popular today are epoxy floors, which are characterized by high practicality Popular and in demand today are epoxy floors that are characterized by high practicality Quite often the construction of private houses includes a complete alteration of the flooring. Epoxy resins are improved, technology is being transformed and improved. Epoxy or polymer filler floor can be done with your own hands, but it is necessary to follow the instructions and all the stages of work so that the canvas does not deteriorate and does not crack immediately after drying.

    • Advantages and disadvantages of the bulk epoxy flooring
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of the bulk epoxy floor

    The most beautiful are the self-leveling floors made on the basis of epoxy composition. Combination of epoxy resins and hardeners, after drying, forms a completely monolithic base, which has a great number of advantages with respect to othe

    r coatings - excellent abrasion resistance, high strength, the ability to withstand sharp temperature changes, good adhesive properties to any substrates, complete absence of seams.

    The filler floor is a coating whose manufacturing technology is simple, but requires a careful and careful approach.

    The floor does not require a serious or complex kind of care, there is resistance to aggressive chemicals, long life, the ability to create a variety of design solutions.

    The advantages of a bulk epoxy floor are that it is practical, durable and incredibly beautiful Advantages of a self-leveling epoxy floor is that it is practical, wear-resistant and incredibly beautiful.

    Due to the many advantages of this material, it is possible to perform the filling process in a wide variety of rooms, for example:

    • Production shops;
    • Laboratories;
    • Clinics;
    • Kindergartens;
    • Schools;
    • Garages;
    • Trading platforms and not only.

    Recently, such polymer coatings have been laid in private homes and even apartments. Despite the many advantages, there are some drawbacks to this wonderful finishing material. Before pouring the composition, you need to carefully prepare the base, which can require a lot of effort, time and money. The cost of materials is not small, and therefore they can not be called accessible to everyone. If the installation is not carried out correctly, then the coating may become delaminated upon drying. If it is necessary to repair the floor covering, it is almost impossible to hold it so that no marks remain, and to find a canvas that is suitable for the color is not easy, and sometimes completely impossible. To remove a spoiled or obsolete epoxy floor, it takes a lot of time and a lot of costs.

    Strong epoxy coating

    To make a floor on the basis of epoxy resin, it is enough to study the technology, and it is quite possible to do it yourself. For this you need to carefully carry out each stage. Prepare the base, fill the main layer of the coating. Requires the overlay of the decorative layer, the finish is applied.

    The quality of the floors will directly depend on how competently each stage is conducted.

    In order to qualitatively and quickly make epoxy filler floor, you need to seek help from specialists In order to quickly and efficiently make epoxy flooring, you need to contact

    specialists. After the composition has hardened, it is impossible to repair defects. For proper construction, it will be necessary to prepare the necessary set of tools, to assess the basis for strength and humidity level, and also to clearly select the composition to be poured.

    To equip the epoxy flooring floor, you need to prepare certain tools:

    1. Roller, which must be needle, aeration, as well as with a synthetic coating.
    2. Spatulas with different width and length.
    3. Mixer for mixing liquid formulation.
    4. Mixer for organosoluble material, in which there is a function of reverse and the ability to change the speed.
    5. Hooks.
    6. Raklya.
    7. Means for personal protection.
    8. Vacuum cleaner.

    Before work, it is necessary to soak all the elements for a couple of hours in a solvent so that after installation they can be easily cleaned of the material. Further preparation of the base is carried out. The ideal option for the base of the floor is a concrete screed, but it is permissible to fill in other compounds, for example, tiles made of ceramics, but this will require more time and effort.

    How to apply the epoxy resin for the floor

    How to varnish the floor? How to extend its service life? Epoxy resin is considered the most ideal option for finishing the floor, only it is not applied to it, but is its component.

    excellent one for finishing the floor is an epoxy resin which is characterized by strength and resistance

    It advantages mass and is:

    • excellent resistance to abrasion;
    • Excellent wear resistance;
    • High strength;
    • Elegant performance;
    • Long service life;
    • Minimum shrinkage after hardening.

    Polymer( polyurethane) epoxy is a transparent compound that is added to the flooring so that they become more durable and durable. Why are these modern coatings so in demand? They allow you to create the most extraordinary paintings, not only monotonous, but also embody a variety of ideas. The easiest way to decorate them is decorating with decorative chips.

    Due to the design of the bulk epoxy floor, you can create the most incredible effects.

    After drying the coating, the surface is often painted by hand, making the rooms more stylish, beautiful and modern. For this purpose the most usual acrylic paints will do. Often in the printing shop order banner networks, which can be covered with images of any complexity. A cheaper variant of decor is the drawing of a graphic image by means of vinyl stickers or self-adhesive stencils.

    Installation own hands epoxy self-leveling floor

    In theory, pouring epoxy floor can be done even at the base of the tree, but the coating operation period will be significantly reduced, as with the passage of time, the wood will gradually deteriorate.

    You can install the bulk epoxy flooring yourself, if you first become familiar with the instructions and advice of professionals It is entirely possible to install the bulk epoxy flooring yourself if you first become familiar with the instructions and advice of professionals

    There are a number of requirements for the foundation for epoxy flooring and it is:

    • Smooth, non-loosening surface;
    • Complete dryness;
    • No horizontal deviation.

    Horizontal deviation is acceptable, but only 2 mm per every 2 m2.Often, in order to effect floor leveling, a special mixture is required. The humidity of the floor can not be more than 4%.This requirement shall not be overlooked, since otherwise, after the installation will begin leaf bundle. Its deformation will lead to cracks. For the destruction of the coating does not require a lot of time, and this will lead to complex rework.

    Usually, pouring fresh concrete screed completely solidifies to a monolithic state and highly strength only after 4 weeks.

    Until then, it is strictly forbidden to exploit the floor. It is very difficult to work with old screeds, because you first need to remove the old coating, remove the dyes, grease and dirt and only after that you can begin any renovation work. Before laying a new coating, you need to remove chipped, jagged and other defects. If the finish is carried out in a residential area, then a layer of waterproofing is laid along the edges of the wall, this must be done a couple of hours before the floor is installed. The surface of the substrate before refilling should be cleaned with a conventional vacuum cleaner.

    How to make epoxy floors( video)

    Proper preparation will allow you to make a competent installation, through which a decorative and stylish floor will be created, with excellent performance characteristics.

    Design epoxy flooring( photo in the interior)

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    Epoxy-self-leveling floors