Self-leveling floors of the owners' reviews pluses and minuses: flawed, glossy defects in the apartment, photos and Litox

The floor is a great way, with which you can stylishly and originally decorate the interior self-leveling floor is a great way by which you can decorate with stylish and original interior Cast( or flood) floors in the apartment - a method of laying a floor covering, high-quality high-tech materials. The composition of such a floor includes polymers, mineral mixtures, as well as synthetic modifying additives. These floor components are sold separately, they have to be mixed. Mix them before use, you get a mass, which spreads thinly and quickly freezes.

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Pros and cons of self-leveling floor

read about this technology, it may seem - the best of the floor and can not be. Good composition, excellent decorative proper

ties, simple way of laying. And, indeed, such a floor covering has a lot of advantages.

The advantages of the bulk floor are that it is waterproof and resistant to fungi and mold advantages of self-leveling floor lies in the fact that it is waterproof and resistant to mold and mildew

Pros self-leveling floor:

  • If you can provide a sufficiently large pouring floor space using this technology;
  • Self-leveling floors feature full waterproofing, excellent waterproofing;
  • Such a floor is resistant to mold and fungus, is not afraid of temperature effects;
  • This is chemically inert floor, it does not emit fumes of evaporation( which can not be said for poor-quality linoleum);
  • Such a floor is resistant to vibration of mechanical loads;
  • The floor is an excellent dielectric.

But the disadvantages of the polymer floor, too, against the truth can not trample. Including, and the fact that before pouring you need to carefully prepare the surface. And this process is energy-consuming, labor-intensive. The surface is cleaned of dust and debris, the surface is primed and shpaklyuetsya.

Another point - in the liquid form the composition is dangerous, moreover, it is fire dangerous. And this is not the case when everything is "do-it-yourself", in most cases, the help of masters is required.

Epoxy flooring: reviews

This type of coating is very in demand today. It's easy to take care of it, which is very popular with the housewives. This is not slippery floors, which is especially important in the kitchen. The surface is solid solid, and in terms of hygiene is the most suitable option, will not accumulate dirt.

Popular and popular today is the epoxy bulk floor popular and in demand today is the epoxy self-leveling floor

As owners of the sexes note coatings are durable. They are really very long. In terms of repair, this is also an excellent coating - if there is any scratch or dent, then literally one brush movement with an epoxy solution eliminates the problem.

The only thing that in a holistic form of such a floor can not be dismantled. When you conceive a new finish, the epoxy layer will have to be removed. But, it happens that the surface in such a state that the new floor can be laid from above. And on the worn layer over the years, you can apply a new liquid layer.

White glossy floor in the apartment

The polyurethane floor can be matt or glossy. It can also be a glossy epoxy floor, which by some criteria is better than polyurethane. Is it convenient to use white glossy flooring? Convenient, do not worry that it is very difficult to wash it. The usual soda-soap solution will do just fine.

Many people prefer to choose a white glossy bulk floor, because it is beautiful and easy to care for Many prefer to choose high-gloss white self-leveling floor, because it is beautiful and easy to care for him

Advantages white glossy floor:

  • It's easy to care for;
  • Bacteria on the floor surface do not live;
  • It is absolutely waterproof;
  • More than 20 years service life of such floor;
  • The floor is resistant to aggressive substances;
  • Coating is fast, as does the drying of the floor.

From the shortcomings can be noted - the floor all the time mirrored, because any mote is visible on it. If you walk barefoot on such a floor, you will see traces. The surface will be cold all the time, because the universal device "warm floor" will not be superfluous. And, unfortunately, according to the owners, after a while the floor can noticeably turn yellow.

Important feedback about liquid floors in apartment

The description of floors is attractive, many people want to make such a floor once and for many years do not remember about the arrangement of the floors. But there are nuances that also affect the choice of sex. And they are worth knowing.

Most experts recommend choosing bulk floors, since they can be installed in the apartment on their own without the additional help of professionals Most experts recommend choosing floors for floors, as they can be installed in the apartment independently without the additional help of professionals

Tips for owners of self-leveling floors:

  • Optimal thickness of the filler floor - 3 mm;
  • The finish layer is responsible for the color of the floor;
  • Seams along the walls and seams in the doors are usually filled with sealant;
  • Work with the floor in a ventilated room, in full protective clothing;
  • The polyurethane layer immediately after application differs by a sharp smell, which can not be said about epoxy coating.

As already mentioned above, the most pour the floor troublesome. Even buying high-quality building mixes such as Litox, working yourself requires certain skills and knowledge. The event is responsible, especially if you decide to fill in the epoxy floor with a two-component coating. Then the basic composition should be very well mixed with the hardener, otherwise the process of delamination is possible. Then the composition is quickly applied to the floor, it should be followed by a conventional needle roller, which removes all air bubbles.

Popular 3D floors: feedback from owners of

Many modern owners of houses and apartments say that the best self-leveling floors are 3D floors. They are attractive on the outside, literally any design solution can be implemented with their help. To use simply, to look after simply, floors are hygienic. In a word, all the virtues of the filling floors are present, but there are also outstanding aesthetic characteristics.

By the way, the technology of the device of such floors allows using other materials - wood, metal, stone. They are very harmonious in the polymer transparent mass, which will result in unique outlines, effects, the coating will be even more original.

No less popular are the 3D floors that make the interior of the room an unusual and modern No less popular are the 3D floors that make the interior of the room unusual and modern

What else do the owners say? This is, above all, the ease of care for such a sex. It is removed in five minutes. Walk on it is nice. He does not absorb dirt - and this is his great dignity. Previously, everyone was afraid that the floor is too fragile, it is easy to injure. In everyday life, as owners assure, this happens very rarely. The floor is durable and ready for the fact that a cup or decanter can fall on it.

In addition to the overall design, you will get a beautiful set. Only if the floor you have in itself bright, do not overload prints, patterns, ceiling and walls. Nevertheless, the interior should be harmonious and not tiring vision and generally perception.

Modern self-leveling floors: owner feedback, pluses and minuses( video)

If you are not familiar with the word composite, polyurethane, pouring, epoxy, it's unlikely that you yourself will fill such a modern floor. And do not, invite professionals who will do everything competently. And you, becoming the owner of the modern bulk floor, for years to forget about the repair of the sexes.

Good luck in choosing a cover!

Design of self-leveling floors in apartment, reviews( photo examples)

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