Concrete screed: the floor is how to make, the device and technology with their own hands, the brand of concrete for pouring

The most popular base for finishing flooring today is a concrete screed most popular base for floor finish is by far the concrete screed concrete screed famous for strength and durability. That is why its installation is so popular among the bases for the finish coat. In addition, thanks to her, you can hide the faults of the floor, leveling it.

    • Species and purpose of the concrete floor screed
    • Characteristics of concrete screeds for floor screed
    • Methods for creating lightweight concrete for floor screed
    • Prerequisites: how to make floor screed
    • Floor screed technology:step by step instructions
    • Pouring concrete screed( video)
  • Types and designation of a concrete screed floor

    Before you knead the cement composition is necessary to understand why it is neededmy. Screed is a concrete layer, which must be poured between the rough floor and the finish coat. The technology of the preparation of the solution can be different. It all depends on the brand of cement, type, floor covering and other factors.

    As a rule, the concrete screed is poured between the finish coat and the rough floor Typically, concrete screed is poured between topco

    at and rough floors

    functions that performs levelcrete:

    • aligns floor;
    • Hides wires and pipes that are in the floor;
    • Performs the protective function of the rough floor and evenly distributes the load;
    • Insulates the floor.

    Sometimes pouring is done for the slope of the floor. For example, in the bathroom, when they equip the sink in the floor. The composition and methods of preparing the rough floor determine the types of screeds.

    Classification screeds :

    1. isolation - mixture of cement and sand fraction, which is laid on the waterproofing layer. This method is used in the construction of rough floors under the ground, as well as in homes where there is a high probability of moisture falling under the floor.
    2. Related - grout to be poured on the floor with low humidity. This type is used by a workers' team when pouring floors between floors.
    3. Floating is a screed for base insulation. The mixture is poured on the insulation and reinforcing mesh. Do not allow contact between the walls and the rough floor. The thickness of the layer of this screed is 6 cm.

    Each species is used for a specific purpose. Some can waterproof the floor, others can insulate. The main thing is to properly prepare the mortar and make a screed.

    Screening is often used to create a solution. Such material is obtained after processing of concrete in crumb. A mixture of dropouts is the cheapest option than buying cement.

    characteristics of concrete stamps for floor screed

    concrete used in buildings for different purposes: from the garage to the apartment buildings. Requirements for concrete are determined by the required load on the floor. Somewhere it is necessary that the floor be able to withstand significant loads, in other cases, wear resistance is required. The criterion by which concrete is chosen is the compressive strength.

    Selecting concrete for the screed in the store, you should carefully study the characteristics of the available brands Selecting the concrete for the screed in the store, you should carefully study the characteristics of the available brands

    The apartment has the most optimal brands of concrete use:

    • M100;
    • M150;
    • M200.

    M100 is used for the framework under the reinforcement frame and for the construction of the foundation. Also with the help of this brand you can make a warm floor. Mark M150 is suitable for personal construction. It is used where there is no aggressive chemical attack. Also, this brand can be used in the arrangement of the garage.

    M150 can be used for a garage only if the floor loads are not significant.

    The M200 concrete is of medium strength, which belongs to the B15 class. This is the most correct option for screed. The service life is several decades.

    M250 and M300 are more durable. They are resistant to groundwater and adverse weather conditions. The brands M350 and M400 are not used for the arrangement of residential buildings.

    Techniques for creating lightweight concrete for floor screeds

    Sometimes it is necessary to make a light floor to reduce the load on the floor. There are several ways for this. Thanks to them, the screed will become lighter and more airy.

    Ways to help reduce the weight of the solution:

    • Purchase of ready-mixed compounds;
    • Create a light fill with your own hands.

    Purchased options include cement, several fillers and additives. Such light mixtures are necessary for a wooden base. In this case, they can not be installed in open areas and in cold rooms. The humidity of the floor should be 85%.

    In order to significantly facilitate the concrete screed, you can use perlite or expanded clay In order to substantially facilitate the concrete screed, it is possible to use perlite or expanded clay

    Lightweight screeds have significant advantages. They quickly solidify and after a day you can begin to install the main coating. It also insulates the floor and provides sound insulation. Work on pouring this kind of screed can easily be done by yourself. Pleases and a small shrinkage - 0,5 mm per 1 m.

    You can prepare a light solution yourself. In this case, the strength of the material will not be lost. And the concrete for such a fill will be less, which will help to save.

    The screed can be lightened using the following materials:

    • Expanded clay;
    • Vermiculite;
    • Perlite.

    Expanded clay is an oval-shaped clay pellet. In this case, they have many pores and different sizes. If you add it to the solution, you get claydite concrete. Concrete screed on the expanded clay cushion helps raise the floor level.

    Vermiculite is a layered natural material. It is strong enough thanks to the silver threads in its structure. Usually, the expanded material is used.

    Vermiculite has a high absorbency.100 g of substance can absorb 4 times more water. Due to this, the solution is obtained as homogeneously as possible.

    When choosing the material, you need to pay attention to the size of the pellets. If it is too big, then a strong screed will not work.

    When using perlite, it needs to be heated to a temperature of 1000 degrees. Perlite looks like crushed stone. It provides good sound insulation and warms the floor well.

    Prerequisites: how to make a screed floor

    Before filling the need to take care of the preparations for the very basics. It is necessary to get rid of deep pits, cracks and irregularities. The room itself should not have drafts. Also it is necessary to waterproof the floor, perform reinforcement and warming.

    Before you make a floor screed, you should carefully work the surface, wash it from dust and dirt Before making a floor screed, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned and cleaned from dust and dirt.

    Preparation procedure :

    • It is necessary to make wiring, establish communication;
    • Clean the substrate of dirt and dust;
    • Make a zero-level markup;
    • The substrate should be treated with a primer and allowed to dry.

    need compacted soil and align it to a private home. To do this, you need rubble and sand, which must be wet. And only after this it is necessary with

    marking, waterproofing and frame.

    If the old screed has major defects, then it is better to completely eliminate.

    When the draft floor in good condition, you should need only a thin screed. The output of the communications must be treated with a sealant. Along the walls you will need to stick a special tape. A heater is used only if the owners wish.

    floor screed technology: a step by step instruction

    After preparing the surface, you can start to fill the screed. This process involves several successive processes. Also, you need to prepare the necessary tools in advance.

    If you decide to make a concrete screed yourself, then you should learn the step by step instruction If you decide to make their own concrete screed, then you should pre competently see steps

    floor pouring device :

    1. Installation of lighthouses. For this, you need to prepare a solution of sand and cement in 3: 1 proportions. It is laid out in small pieces every 50-60 cm near one of the walls. In this case, the interval between the beacons and the wall should be 20 cm. A beacon is installed in the solution and its cap is leveled at the level of zero marking.
    2. Preparation of the solution. The composition includes sand, cement and water. In some cases, there may be lightweight materials. The mixture is mixed until uniform.
    3. Filling the screed. You need to start from the far corner of the room opposite the doors. It is necessary to control the level of filling in beacons all the time. After that, the screed is left to dry for a day.
    4. Delete beacons. Carefully remove them from the concrete mix and immediately fill the voids with a solution. After that, the floor should dry for about a month.

    In some cases, concrete mortar can be zazhezlein for better strength of the screed and to accelerate the drying process. To do this, use special chemicals. Dry technique involves filling the material over the screed. Such impregnation falls into all pores of the solution and helps to strengthen it.

    It is advisable to perform all the work on pouring the floor in one day. This will ensure a uniform surface and uniform drying of the floor.

    It is also important to properly dry the screed. The first days after it is poured you need to water the floor with water. After three days of water procedures, fill with a film and sprinkle with wet sawdust or sand. They also need to be watered periodically. At the end of 10-15, you can only start finishing the lining of the floor.

    Pouring of concrete screed( video)

    It is quite possible to make a concrete screed with your own hands. But you need to take into account a lot of factors. Pouring the screed is a long and painstaking process.