Which self-leveling floor is better: mixes and brands, reviews and what to choose for an apartment

Before choosing a self-leveling self-leveling floor, you should carefully study their main characteristics and producer ratings Before you choose Self-leveling liquid floors, thoroughly study their main characteristics and ratings of manufacturers a beautiful, even and robust field everyone dreams. But not everyone wants to bother with laminate and parquet. Many people prefer to use self-leveling mixtures that have gained popularity in the market due to significant advantages.

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    Self-leveling floor is becoming quite popular. Its cost is relatively inexpensive, and the installation process is simple and accessible to everyone. The main thing is to observe the instructions of the instruction.

    Many people prefer to choose a self-leveling self-leveling floor, because it can be installed easily and easily without assistance of specialists Many people prefer to choose the filling Self-leveling

    floor, because its quite easy and simple, you can install it yourself without the help of professionals

    leveling floors Pros :

    1. durability. If you correctly install and carefully exploit the floor, they can serve for 15 to 25 years.
    2. Resistance to mechanical damage, chemical reagents and environmental conditions.
    3. Refractoriness.
    4. Environmental safety.
    5. Attractive appearance. The mixture spreads evenly over the surface, creating a seamless glossy coating. This helps create a perfectly flat porcelain floor.
    6. High thermal conductivity. The pourable coatings retain well and give off heat.
    7. Easy to clean. Their coating has antibacterial components that do not retain fungus, dust and mold. These

    deserve their popularity. In this case, such funds can be an excellent basis for the finish coat. Especially for materials that require an ideal even surface: laminate, parquet.

    During washing of self-leveling floors, it is not necessary to use tools with elements of abrasive particles.

    Cleaning should be carried out with soft rags and washcloths. Such a floor has the property of being erased. That's why you do not need to speed up this process by improper care.

    What types of self-leveling compounds for floors better

    Self-leveling self-leveling floor is suitable for those who want to self-align the floor surface to the apartment. This can serve as the main coating or foundation. To make the right choice, you need to determine which companies are better.

    Types leveling agents:

    • dedusted mixture;
    • Polymer;
    • Epoxy;
    • Gypsum;
    • Cement;
    • With 3D effect.

    The first option is used for the rough floor. It can also serve as a primer and a fixer. Such a mixture is easy enough to mount, since you need to put a thin layer.

    The polymeric floor is durable, which withstands all mechanical loads, creates sound insulation. It is also the most resistant to temperature changes and high humidity. Pleases and beautiful appearance of the flooring, and its durability. Pros quite a lot, but there is a significant disadvantage - high cost.

    You can get acquainted with different types of self-leveling mixtures for the floor and their features on the Internet or in specialized shops familiar with different types of self-leveling flooring compounds, and their features can be the Internet or a specialized stores

    epoxy mixture is well spread out during installation. It is often used as a finish floor in rooms with low ceilings. However, such substances have many drawbacks.

    Cons epoxy solutions :

    • -prone to mechanical damage;
    • Quickly erased;
    • Slippery.

    The gypsum mixture dries quickly and does not require an ideal flatness of the floor. This kind of conducts heat well. Because of the temperature effects, it is necessary to make compensatory sutures.

    The cement floor has a low shrinkage. You can pour even on a wet basis, in any case, the mixture will quickly solidify. A few hours are enough for this.

    The required strength cement floor will receive only a month after installation.

    significant advantages of this coating: strength, adhesion, resistance to low temperatures. They can be mounted on any base. But there are disadvantages: such mixtures can absorb moisture, and the appearance of cementitious material does not allow to use them as a topcoat. Also during pouring a large consumption of mixtures is used.

    The floor with the 3D effect is a kind of polymer coating. But there is a difference in the technology of installation. First you need to fill the main layer, which is attached to the desired pattern, and the top is installed a protective film.

    What brand of self-leveling floor better reviews

    manufacturers before selecting a mixture need to examine the rating of popular manufacturers. In the market there are many fakes that produce low-quality products. Advise to buy only mixtures of those companies whose specialization is aimed at their manufacture.

    The most popular today are the self-leveling floors of Ceresit and Knauf most popular today are the self-leveling flooring manufacturers Ceresit and Knauf

    most popular company :

    1. Vetonit. Using the products of this company, you can quickly make a flat floor. All compounds are characterized by high strength. They are resistant to mechanical influences.
    2. Ceresit. Used for screed floors. Substances do not create a thick layer, but very quickly solidify.
    3. Knauf. Represents liquid floors with gypsum composition. This option should be installed in a room with optimum humidity.
    4. An alternative to expensive manufacturers are the Bolars and Volma brands. Ensure the necessary insulation from excessive noise and provide a warm floor.

    Some options are suitable only for rough finishing of the floor. Others - excellent looking in the form of a finish coat. In this case, you need to consider the appointment of the room, where such a floor is installed, its humidity and temperature fluctuations.

    What is self-leveling floor for apartments to choose: important tips

    A variety of different types of self-leveling compounds raises questions not only about the name of the substance, but also about other nuances. It is necessary to take into account many features before making the right choice. Here it does not work out only from personal desires, it is necessary to study the review of different firms that produce a liquid formulation for sex.

    To arrange a floor in a residential area, experts recommend choosing a floor with polyurethane For floor installation in a residential area, experts recommend choosing a floor with polyurethane

    Advice for choosing :

    • It is important to consider the thickness of the layer, the drying period, the strength, the cost of the mixture;
    • Pay attention to the property of the substance with the possibility of arrangement of warm floors;
    • The installation should be carried out following the instructions;
    • The bathroom is suitable for cement or polymer compounds;
    • Polyurethane is suitable for residential use.

    When the picture of the choice of the desired material is formed, then the correctness of the purchase is guaranteed. The main responsibility is to approach this process. It is necessary to take into account not only the beauty of the material, but also its wear and tear.

    Installing a filler floor with high strength

    Before starting to fill the floor, prepare the substrate. This depends on a strong and durable floor. First you need to get rid of the old floor covering. The floor must be completely cleaned before the concrete foundation. All cracks and hillocks should be sealed and smoothed. To do this, use polyurethane mixture, primer, putty.

    Before installing the filling floor in the room, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the old surface of the garbage Before installing the filling floor in a room, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the old surface of the waste

    When buying, it is important to consider the compatibility of the mixture with repair solutions. This should be indicated on the packaging and in the instructions.

    Next you need to clean the floor of the garbage. We need to sweep it carefully. You will also need to measure height differences. The lower this indicator, the lower the consumption of the mixture of the subsequent repair.

    The next step will be priming. This is necessary to ensure the necessary fastening of the floor and the mixture. For better effect, this procedure must be done several times. Then a damper belt is applied around the perimeter. The liquid floor must not be adjacent to the wall. It is necessary to leave a gap in order to avoid cracks.

    Then you can start work on pouring the flooring. Before the installation process, you need to make sure that the base itself is dry, there are no drafts, and the room temperature is at least 15 degrees.

    Sequence of completion of the finish floor:

    1. First you need to prepare the mixture. This operation is strictly prescribed in the instructions. It is important to make the right dosage. The mixture must be prepared before work, because in half an hour it thickens.
    2. The next stage will be the pouring of the floor. You need to start from the lowest point. Leveling is done with a squeegee. The thickness of the floor is 5 mm. If the premises are large enough, then you can use special beacons. They are necessary for the floor to come out even.
    3. Before the mixture thickens, it is necessary to remove air from it. To do this, you need a special roller with spikes. After these works, you need to re-align the mixture.

    This completes the installation of the floor. After 2-4 days the floor will dry and you can start its decorative lining. For this use paints or varnishes.

    Characteristics: which self-leveling filler floor is better( video)

    High-quality liquid floors will help you to choose numerous reviews about different manufacturers. Bulk floor is inferior to the ease of installation of liquid mixtures, so its popularity is so high. The main thing when installing such a floor is to carefully read the instructions.