Tulle for the bedroom: photos of new products 2017, design of beautiful and short, white in the catalog, how to choose the dense on the eyelets, how beautiful to hang on the window

The main function of tulle in the bedroom is to create a light fairy-tale atmosphere for quiet sleep and a pleasant awakening The main function of tulle in the bedroom is to create a light fabulous atmosphere for restful sleep and a pleasant awakening. Tulle as a supplement to the design of the window is the choice of many people. In addition, the beautiful tulle became a trend in 2017.In the market curtains tulle is provided in a variety of design solutions, which often breaks our understanding of classic tulle from a delicate light thin fabric.

  • How to design a curtain in a bedroom: how to choose the perfect
  • Why you need a thick tulle in a small bedroom
  • Classic white tulle: a bedroom needs light and lightness
  • Choose tulleFor a wide bedroom: a short transparent curtain
  • Beautiful tulle in a bedroom for a luxurious interior
  • Tulle in a modern bedroom: new items in 2017
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  • color, length, material, density and pictures - tulle differ from each other in all these parameters. If you want to find the perfect tulle for your bedr

    oom, read below!

    Which design of tulle in the bedroom is better

    Tulle is a highly functional part of the interior, which needs to be given enough attention to make the room comfortable for living. Designers offer a lot of options for this part of the composition of the window design, however, there are features that highlight tulle for the bedroom from the curtains for any other rooms.

    Tulle must restrain the direct flow of sunlight and protect from street views Tulle must restrain the direct flow of sunlight and protect it from street views.

    . What should the tulle in the bedroom meet?

    1. The tulle should look cozy and secure. Only under such circumstances you can relax in the bedroom.
    2. Tulle can frame not only the window opening in the bedroom, but also the bed! Baldachin made of translucent material will create a special atmosphere in the bedroom.
    3. Tulle should be comfortable. Do not create long and voluminous compositions in a small space.

    Tulle in the bedroom: how to choose the perfect version

    Bedroom is a place where there is no room for annoying unsuitable details. Therefore, it is so important to think through every detail.

    If the room is poorly lit from the street, then the tulle should be completely transparent, and also be able to easily get out of the window If the room is poorly lit from the street, then the tulle must be completely transparent, and also be able to easily remove from the window

    Which factors determine the selection of the tulle:

    • Illumination of the room from the street side;
    • Color and texture of curtains;
    • Style in which the room is made;
    • Total number of accent elements in the interior.

    Well, and of course when choosing tulles rely on your taste. After all, it is you who will look and use the windows and the room as a whole.

    If the bedroom windows look out on the sunny side, you should choose a more dense fabric through which the light will gently penetrate the room.

    Why a tight tulle is needed in a small bedroom

    A dense tulle fits perfectly into the interior of a room that is well lit by sunlight. In addition, a dense lightweight fabric is capable of performing other important functions.

    Dense tulle has a great aesthetic potential. It can be matched in color to curtains, have an unusual pattern or even embroidery Dense tulle has a great aesthetic potential. It can be matched in color to curtains, have an unusual pattern or even embroidery.

    Than good is a dense tulle for a bedroom:

    1. It restrains the influx of sunlight that unpleasantly hits the eyes and makes glare on the reflective surfaces.
    2. Heavy tulle hides the bedroom from extraneous views in the evening, when the interior lighting turns on. Thin tulle only partially masks the room.

    Dense tulle is an original solution. The combination of tight tulle and curtains can create a unique ensemble, emphasizing the interior decoration of the bedroom.

    If the sunlight disturbs you very much, then choose a dense tulle of dark shades.

    Classic white tulle: the bedroom needs light and lightness

    White tulle is a classic for a bedroom. Also this element of window decoration will suit in other directions: minimalism, provence, modern, loft and many others.

    Bright curtains of thin air materials are well combined with colored canvases from the same matter Light curtains made from thin air materials blend well with colored fabrics of the same fabric

    What are the white tulle and how to choose white tulle with your bedroom in mind:

    • Ideal white tulle made of lightweight material. This option is used infrequently because of its incredible marchiness. However, if you are close to the ideal of completely white weightless curtains, then this will suit you.
    • Cream shades. This option is a little more practical. Moreover, many topical destinations choose for themselves the cream pastel shades of textiles, curtains and curtains.
    • Japanese or Roman curtains made of white tulle. A very practical option that opens the window opening completely
    • Tulle on the eyelets looks modern, and also has high practicality. Light shades of tulle will create a romantic light atmosphere in the room. Curtains with a picture. This solution assumes a special bedroom style. Country style Provence, eco, vintage or classic style.

    Only imagination will allow to present all versions of the white tulle. It is a classic, time-tested. Fill your bedroom with light and coziness with a white tulle in a good combination with curtains.

    We select tulle for a wide bedroom: a short transparent curtain

    Short tulle has won its place in the kitchen due to its high functionality. The kitchen is a work area where there is no room for bulky tulles and curtains. Sometimes the bedroom is also a working area, where there is a computer desk, shelves with books and papers and other attributes of the business life of a student or a working person. For this reason, a short tulle may be necessary for the bedroom.

    In the role of short tulle, Roman or Japanese curtains are perfect. A gentle material that densely covers the window is a very convenient, practical and aesthetic solution to the problem with tulle.

    Short tulle in combination with short curtains is unlikely to fit the monumental style in the bedroom. However, to create a playful cute mood he will help Short tulle in combination with short curtains is unlikely to fit the monumental style in the bedroom. However, to create a playful cute mood he will help

    In what cases short tulle becomes necessary in the bedroom:

    1. Furniture that is located right next to the window. If the room is not very much room, then sometimes you have to have furniture close to the window. Neighborhood with a long curtain in the floor does not decorate and will not add functionality to such a room.
    2. Oriental style. In Japanese, Chinese and many other oriental directions, minimalism is assumed, including the choice of curtains. The tulle is located tightly to the window, like a blind, and is regulated by a special system of cords.
    3. The minimalism in decorating a bedroom can be a short tulle in combination with long curtains. Such an image will be light cozy and very neat.
    4. Functional window sill. Sometimes a window sill is a receptacle of indoor plants, collections of toys and any other objects. Short tulle in this case will provide easy access to the surface of the windowsill.

    Beautiful tulle in the bedroom for a luxurious interior

    If you decided to focus on the window opening, then you made a very relevant and fashionable choice. Beautiful curtains and tulle are very popular among designers.

    Very home-like, warm and comfortable looks embroidery on light linen tulle Very homely, warm and cozy look embroidery on light linen tulle

    How to make a beautiful accent on the most delicate canvas in the room:

    • 2 or even 3 colors for canvas paintings. This option is suitable for wide panoramic windows. The combination of light pastel shades gives a fabulous mood, fun and lightness.
    • Tulle-boucle. Very boucle looks very romantic on the windows. The invoice game will attract your view, give inspiration and calmness.
    • Embossed patterns, perforations and volumetric patterns. All these elements give their moods in each case. But the emphasis on tulle is guaranteed in any case.
    • Dark tulle has become a new trend in 2017. Excellent emphasizes the style of minimalism, loft, art deco, high-tech.
    • Tulle of bright colors. Light tulles of bright colors will not take full care of themselves in the presence of dense curtains of more discreet shade.

    You can make such a drawing on the surface of the tulle as you wish. Modern technologies make it possible to realize any imagination in the field of interior.

    Tulle in modern bedroom: news 2017

    each year prepares new trends in the world of interior design for us. Tulle also received its portion of fashion trends. Please note that almost all of these trends are embodied in the design of the bedroom.

    Fashion trends should satisfy your taste and be comfortable for your bedroom Fashion trends should satisfy your taste and be comfortable for your bedroom

    What new has brought us to 2017:

    1. Curtains that fell on the floor. This is a very easy solution for a spacious bedroom. Do not overdo it with stock!10 cm of excess fabric will be enough to create a fashionable effect.
    2. Roman blind as a curtain and double curtain.
    3. Laconic tulle and curtains: plain Straight blade, slightly gathered in soft folds.
    4. Natural fabrics. Eco-style is kept at the peak of popularity, and its elements have penetrated into other areas.
    5. Kiseya instead of tulle.

    Sew tulle bedroom( video)

    choice of tulle for bedrooms will be made easier if you pick up a catalog of good salon or an online store. Designers and experienced professionals will gladly advise you which tulle is better to hang in the bedroom. Conveniently, on the shelves, there are kits and tulle curtains, where there is a ready-made curtains, which do not need to process and hemming. It should be noted that such sets are relatively inexpensive, so the choice of tulle will be pleasant and easy.

    tulle design for bedrooms( interior photos)

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