Modern bedrooms: interior design photo, furniture repair, bed decoration in the room, glossy in the apartment

Modern design is ideal for a bedroom modern design is ideal for the bedroom Making the bedroom - an interesting and exciting experience. Whichever style you prefer, you will find something that will satisfy your requirements for a berth. Modern models are a combination of luxury, comfort, convenience and, of course, compactness, if this parameter is important for you. About the most interesting ideas regarding the arrangement of a bed - later.

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  • modern bedroom design: the basic directions

    Fashion - a rather capriciousdetecting that change like the movement of the wind. As for sleeping sets, the fashion does not change as often as on the catwalks, however, some new trends should be noted.

    To decorate a bedroom is best in one style direction Design bedroom is best in one style direction

    Designers focus on the following trends in modern design bedrooms:

    • Classics. Despite the abundance of newfangled styles and trends in design, the classic does not give up positions. In order to make the classics relevant, add more dark shades, forged parts and luxury items.
    • Modern. This style, differs by unusual accent elements in its composition. Also, the distinguishing features are light geometricity or, conversely, curvature of the lines. The style is based on natural materials, unusual decor and asymmetry.
    • Minimalism. This style is loved by young lovers of fashion trends, as well as advised for the design of a small bedroom. The distinctive features of this style are minimal furniture, decorative elements, clear lines and contrasting color combinations.
    • High-tech. This style has long taken root in Russian homes, and at the moment takes a worthy place in many stylish interiors. High-tech is primarily geometric, reflective surfaces of cold colors, a variety of lighting and unusual details and things made with the latest technology.
    • Oriental style. Oriental style is in fashion in many areas, including in the design of premises. The oriental-style format is easy to create a cozy bedroom uncluttered of natural materials in an easterly direction( rice, bamboo, brocade), and you can make a luxurious bedroom, filled with decorated in oriental style, house plants, and luxurious furnishings, made in the ethnic style.

    These directions are used in modern design more often.

    If you want to make cutting-edge design, you can choose more unusual, but no less urgent beautiful styles: Boho, Shabby chic, provence, art deco, postmodernism.

    Modern bedroom furniture

    The choice of furniture these days - it is not an easy task, because the range is so wide that it is difficult to imagine all the options arrangement bedroom. However, there are some guidelines that will help you understand the choice of bedroom furniture.

    Furniture for a modern bedroom needs to be selected according to color and style furniture modern bedroom should be selected according to color and style

    modern sleeping system can include the following pieces of furniture:

    1. Bed. Modern designers have developed a comfortable bed models on the runways, beds, Transformers, bunk beds and sets of beds for parents and kids.
    2. Basset. For a luxurious bedroom design, you need to add a banquet. Often this element is included in the sleeping set and is designed in the same style with the bed and other elements.
    3. Cabinet. The choice of cabinets in the modern world of design is almost unlimited. Fashionable novelties are considered super-comfortable built-in wardrobes in the wall, which are made to order. Also new in the world of cabinets are whole sets of cabinets and shelves on either side and above the headboard. These options save a lot of space, look stylish and ergonomic.
    4. Chest of drawers. If the storage system is bred in another room or in the design of children's needs, instead of the cabinet may well come a classic dresser. Dressing table.
    5. Dressing table. Do not forget about the possibility to place the dressing table right in the bathroom! Many women feel the need to retire in front of a mirror, surrounding themselves with care and tranquility. Dressing table in the bedroom, matched to the interior, will please every woman. Desk and chair for cabinet.
    6. . Among the novelties, designers distinguish the projects of the working area directly on the windowsill. The special design of this zone will save space for the workplace.
    7. Bedside tables. This is an integral part of the bedroom! Modern designers offer to purchase more functional sleeping racks or install the cabinets and shelves around the bed instead of the classical pedestals.

    Do not overload the bedroom with extra furniture. If you feel that saving space for you is more preferable than installing a large piece of furniture, it is best to leave the space free.

    Which color is right for the repair of modern bedroom

    making repairs in the bedroom, many think, in what color should perform interior. For such a case, a number of the most relevant colors have been developed, which are used by designers in modern interiors most often. Get to know some of them.

    The main thing in the color scheme is restraint in the number of colors.4-5 shades will be enough for complete color design of the room for sleep.

    To organically beat the bedroom, you can choose 3-4 color options to organically beat the bedroom, you can choose 3-4 variants of colors

    What colors for the bedroom are relevant today, and the impact on human, these colors:

    • Blue. Actual blue is a cool shade, combined with gray, silvery, pearly shades. Blue stimulates mental activity, calms, tones up a healthy sleep.
    • Green. Green tends towards a fashionable eco-style, well suited for those who love houseplants. They say that green improves physical health, restores pressure, calms the nervous system.
    • The shades of red are exciting. Red elements are relevant for different directions, but do not follow overdo this color: excessive activity of this color can put a healthy rest.
    • Yellow and tangerine color will fill the bedroom with solar energy, it helps awakening. The yellow color can also irritate if the shade is not matched to taste, and also if the amount of yellow color in the bedrooms is too large.
    • Beige, white. These colors are very relevant for a modern interior. Sometimes designers use light shades even without adding any bright colors. Delicate shades of beige tune into an ideal home rest in comfort and luxury.
    • The saturated blue is suitable for a bohemian creative atmosphere. Classic finish also suggests deep blue as an option.
    • Purple color. It looks very interesting and profitable shades of violets in the room for sleep. It is the color of sensuality and fantasy. In combination with light shades, you will get a light and relaxed atmosphere, and in combination with dark colors - very passionate and luxurious.
    • Black. Modern style surprisingly often began to use black in its interiors. Black is the color of practicality and sophisticated style at the same time. For many topical areas, black color becomes the base color of the interior. You can combine black with almost any intense color. The most actual trend is a bedroom in red and black colors. However, do not overdo the number of these colors, otherwise this bedroom will not allow you to emotionally relax.

    Modern design of the bedroom: actual decor

    To make the bedroom pleasant and modern, it is not enough just to make a qualitative repair and find the right furniture. Without decor elements, the sleeping place will be deprived of home comfort and elements of creative ideas.

    For a fashionable bedroom, you should choose the right decor items For a fashionable bedroom, you should choose the right items for the decor

    Decorative elements are often used:

    1. paintings, modular paintings, wall photos in frames;
    2. Mirrors;
    3. live plants;
    4. candle holders;
    5. carpets;
    6. canopy;
    7. glossy ceilings;
    8. figurines.

    Using several types of decorative elements will significantly change your space for sleep.

    Modern beds for a bedroom

    The bed occupies a central position in the bedroom. Therefore, her choice is of fundamental importance for the whole appearance of the sleeping room. Modern directions and technical possibilities have considerably expanded a choice of beds, therefore it is recommended to get acquainted with opportunities concerning sleeping places.

    The bed is better to choose one that will complement the style of the room The bed is better to choose one that will complement the room's style

    Beds can be divided into the following types:

    • monolithic with mattress;
    • with reclining structure for placing laundry;
    • with drawers;
    • convertible sofa beds;
    • expensive curtain for windows;
    • bed-transformers.

    When choosing the most suitable type of bed, focus on the amount of space in your bedroom.

    Design of a modern bedroom( video)

    Ideas for creating a modern bedroom in the house and apartment, sometimes the most unusual, are easy to implement if you turn to professionals. Imported furniture and the work of good designers together working wonders. A cozy bedroom, comfortable surfaces and beauty of the interior will delight you for many years.

    Making modern bedroom( photo)