Design of small bedrooms: interior photo of small-sized in an apartment, room layout, options for mini, how to furnish, arrangement

In a small bedroom, furniture needs to be set correctly, given the size of the room In a small bedroom furniture you need to place well, given the size of the room If you are in a situation when you do not know how to arrange the furniture in a small bedroom, do not be afraid: for the moment has developed many ways to build a cozy room for sleepingEven in a small room. Guided by simple rules for selecting furniture, as well as solving color and lighting in the interior of the bedroom, you will be able to make a room for sleeping beautiful and stylish.

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Choose the interior of a small bedroom

Speaking of bedrooms, it is important to understand which set of functions this room should carry in each specifi

c case. If the room is exclusively for sleeping, then it is not necessary to place many items in it. All that is needed is a bed and a small curbstone for essentials.

For a small bedroom is perfect for a small bed and a few lockers for things For a small bedroom, a small bed and a few lockers for things are perfect.

What are the functional options of the bedroom most common:

  • Bedroom wardrobe. For accommodating things the closest is the closet. Even more ergonomic option is the closet, located on the wall above the head of the bed. This is a great way to save space.
  • Bedroom cabinet. To compactly position the work area, the option with zoning of the room with a bookshelf and paper rack, as well as spot lighting, is suitable. A table for PCs or tools for creativity can be conveniently located behind the shelf.
  • Bedroom-living room. If in one room you need to arrange a bedroom and a guest room, then you can zonate the room with a rack or screen, and you can use a bed-transformer.
  • Bedroom for children. If there is a baby in the family, the location of his crib in the parents' room is a very practical idea. Currently, there are sleeping sets, where in a single style, beds for parents and a baby are chosen.
  • Bedroom on 2 beds. If in 1 room spend the night someone who does not intend to sleep in one bed, then consider the option of "twin beds", as well as bunk beds. Bedroom with a dressing table for women.
  • . A frequent companion of a female bedroom and a bedroom for couples is a dressing table. A lot of convenient offices and a small area of ​​the working surface will fit even this detail into the interior of a modest bedroom.

When choosing the furniture for a bedroom, be guided by the functions that this room should carry. Do not try to load a lot of objects into a small room! Place only the most necessary things in the sleeping room, and try to distribute the remaining furniture to other parts of the apartment.

How to make the design a small bedroom in

apartment to a small bedroom in the apartment looked stylish, comfortable and easy enough, there are many design tricks. Use them for your bedroom and enjoy unexpectedly pleasant results!

For a small bedroom, you need to choose the right style to make it harmonious For small bedroom is necessary to choose the right style to make it harmonious

Tricks used to improve the overall appearance a small bedroom are pretty simple:

  1. Wardrobe should be located from the floor to the ceiling, to make use of maximum space, and mirrored doors will help to expand the room visually.
  2. Light shades in the color solution of walls and ceiling.
  3. Focus on the wall, touching the head of the bed. It can contrast the color of the wallpaper, print, wallpapers or a large picture above the headboard.
  4. Good lighting. Perfect ceiling lighting will help to expand the space by illuminating every corner of the room.
  5. Shelves, shelving, built-in or pendant lockers. A well-thought-out storage system will save you from unnecessary trash and lying things that turn a small bedroom into a closet.
  6. Short curtains will be especially useful if some piece of furniture is located near the window. Curtains a little below the windowsill looks practical and compact.

If the room is well lit as the natural way, and lamps system, the choice of dark walls will be quite acceptable and even urgent.

Interior of a small bedroom in the apartment: how to decorate the mini-bedroom.

In apartments, the sleeping room often leaves much to be desired: the size of the sleeping area sometimes does not exceed 6 square meters. M. How to fit on this small piece of space all the necessary things and furniture? There are answers!

Correctly selected and arranged furniture in the mini-bedroom will make it functional and practical Correctly selected and arranged furniture in the mini-bedroom will make it functional and practical

For the mini-bedroom designers have developed several universal options that save maximum space:

  • Built-in furniture. It may wall cabinets, the catwalk for a bed containing open compartments for clothes, a bench located on the perimeter of the room, and more. A monolithic bedroom set that uses the entire vertical of the room space is perhaps the best option for a mini-sized bedroom.
  • Tiles or parquet, spread diagonally. Diagonal is the longest line in a square or rectangular room. Therefore, this arrangement visually increases the space.
  • Shelving, located in the corner of the room from floor to ceiling. Such a storage system is good for home library, awards, figurines and other trifles, without which it is hard for many to imagine their life.
  • If the bed covers really all the space room, try to squeeze even narrow tables in the aisles between the walls and the edges of the bed.
  • wide sill decorated can serve as a place of indoor plants, or even the location of the working area.

disadvantage in the amount of free space is necessary to compensate for the income in the light and comfort: do not skimp in the choice of lighting and décor items, which do not take up much space: mirrors, pictures, beautiful wallpaper, etc.

Compact bedroom:. Transforming furniture

In small-sized apartments it is very difficult to place the furniture necessary for the life of the whole family. To help in this situation comes an engineering novelty: a bedroom-transformer. Transforms in such a bedroom most often bed. The bed hides in such a way that no one will guess that in a comfortable living room the sleeping area fits.

In a small bedroom the furniture-transformer In a small bedroom furniture will fit perfectly convertible

Here is a list of objects bedroom interior, which can be transformed, saving space:

  1. Bed. Double beds are folded upright in the cabinet, and the single beds can be laid horizontally, allowing you to make a shelf or even a work table from a folded bed. Transform into a closed closet can also bunk beds, favored by designers for the interior of children's rooms.
  2. Desktop. Special transformers turn the sleeping place into a working table: the bed in the unfolded form is above the table, and when the bed is cleared, the mechanism raises the table to the desired level.
  3. Sofa bed. Do not surprise anyone with a sofa that transforms into a bed, but now there are sofas that can turn into a bunk bed!
  4. Table top. If you need to equip a small office in the bedroom, then a table that folds compactly into one plane with a wall or shelves can help you.
  5. Folding tables and chairs. Many interesting models of folding chairs, which can be stored hanging on the wall or deftly stacked in a cabinet. There are also small coffee tables that can take the form of a large working or dining table.

Such mechanisms are good if you like new technologies, and also have the opportunity to invest a large amount of money for the purchase of transforming pieces of furniture. High cost is a factor, due to which many refuse to purchase furniture-transformer. However, the price pays off convenience, beauty, ergonomics and durability of high-quality models of transformers.

The transforming bed will be much more comfortable than the sofa-book because the transformer's mattress is solid, not deformable due to the shape change.

The layout of a small bedroom behind the glass

Glass is the best material for visual expansion of space.

In order to visually expand the space in the room, you can use objects with glass In order to visually expand the space in the room, you can use objects with glass

In which case the bedroom behind the glass will be a rescue for the owners:

  • studio apartment for 1 or 2 people;
  • zoning of the sleeping area and cabinet or living room;
  • decorative fence in high-tech style;
  • incomplete glazing or a large glass window between the bedroom and the adjoining room.

Glass will make your house unusual, fashionable, and space will acquire additional volume.

style bedrooms and design: small apartment

in the apartment where the bedrooms reserved for a very small space, furniture arrangement and design of the room is important.

Correctly beaten sleeping place will add comfort and comfort to your room Properly beaten bed will add comfort and comfort to your room

If you talk about the preferred styles for a small bedroom, then most often distinguish:

  1. minimalism;
  2. Oriental style;
  3. high-tech;
  4. avant-garde;
  5. constructivism.

In the choice of style, be guided by the inclination of the direction to the minimum amount of furniture, large decor and other cumbersome, requiring special place of interior items.

Design in a small bedroom( video)

Interiors of small bedrooms are always distinguished by coziness and ingenuity in the arrangement of interior items. Independent arrangement of a bedroom of a small area requires diligence and wit. The project of such a bedroom is better for showing to a professional before embarking on the embodiment of the plan. Dare, and your bedroom will be beautiful despite its size.

Making small bedroom( photo)

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