Cabinets in the bedroom angular: photo and design ideas, sizes inside, large for clothes, small Belarusian

The closet in the bedroom should complement the interior of the room and be functional Wardrobe in the bedroom should be complementary to an interior room and be functional As a rule, mainly choose the type cabinets coupe, which fit perfectly in the large spacious room and small bedroom. Magnificent view, excellent finish, chic characteristics, what else can be needed for bedroom arrangement? Naturally, when buying such items of the interior is worth paying attention to a lot of features. For example, to ensure that the product does not clutter up the space so that it does not violate the harmony and thus served as an excellent decoration of the room. It is not difficult to implement this, but you need to correctly determine the size, with what will be the filling inside and the design from the outside, and, of course, with where to order furniture. Designers prefer to choose Belarusian manufacturers, since their products are of high quality, first-class, durable and affordable.

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    • Corner cabinet in the bedroom: photo, design ideas
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  • Bedroom with corner cabinet

    Ideas for ordering cabinets can be very different and their choice is very serious. When choosing you can connect fantasy and order a product of the most unusual form, which will confirm the existence of creativity among home owners. As the 21st century goes on, a century of modern technology, chic and luxurious interior items, as well as stylish and fashionable design solutions, then the furniture should be appropriate.

    When choosing a corner cabinet it is necessary to take into account the size of the room and its design When choosing a corner of the cabinet must take into account the size of the room and its design

    Typically, the choice depends on the preferences of the cabinet, on the budget and on the room size.

    With a small amount of money, you should choose the economical options for cabinets with swinging doors, as the classic models will always be fashionable and will please many. It is important to note that the structures for storing things and objects made at an angle are not designed to be moved around the apartment. That is why even at the design or order stage it is necessary to determine the location and its dimensions. Small modular elements or one large cabinet should be thought out thoroughly, to exclude such moments as a mismatch in dimensions or an altogether ridiculous appearance. When choosing a wardrobe for the bedroom, you should try to save the space of the room to the maximum, because the room for sleep should be spacious.

    corner cupboard in the bedroom: photos, design ideas

    Small cabinets angle type - a popular design suitable for various designs. They can be an excellent addition to any room, and are also considered mega practical, as they can accommodate both upper and lower clothing, shoes and an unimaginable amount of accessories, for fishing, sports and recreation. With regards to the finish, it depends on the style of the room and the customer. Most people tend to make the closet as modern and fashionable as possible, and for this it is worth taking care of the decoration of the facade of the doors.

    elegant and popular surfaces are considered:

    • Mirror;
    • Glass;
    • Embellished with print.

    The most popular models are cabinets with mirror surfaces The most popular models are the closets with mirrored surfaces

    Figure decor or cabinet must meet the wishes of those who live in the living room, as well as contribute to the excellent and sound sleep. Thus, furniture will not only be an ornament, but also an excellent complement to the interior. Mirror canvas allows you to expand the space, which is sometimes so necessary in rooms with small dimensions.

    The features of corner cabinets make them more popular every day and they have a lot:

    1. Corner cabinets are very compact and roomy.
    2. With their help, you can mask unevenness on walls, ceiling and floor.
    3. This is the perfect product for a small bedroom.
    4. Using the wardrobe you can significantly expand the space and release it for other items.
    5. It perfectly fits into any design solution for finishing the room.

    Designers believe that corner wardrobes like a coupe will be an excellent choice for those who do not have a wardrobe to store clothes.

    Corner cabinets in a small bedroom

    Important! The installation of mirrored doors in the corner cabinet visually expands the space, but only if the mirror corresponds to the full size of the door, since if a small section is decorated, the desired effect will not be achieved. Original and unusual looking cabinets equipped with lighting. If there is no desire and need to install large mirrors in the bedroom area, it is possible to establish such a decoration as a light-tight plastic or wicker inserts, with which the cabinet will be more unusual and attractive. Fantasy simply does not have a limit on the decoration of the facade, but it's always worth remembering the visual expansion and that the dark tones hide the space.

    For a small bedroom, the ideal option is a cabinet with a mirror that visually expands the room For a small bedroom ideal option would be a cabinet with a mirror that visually expand the room

    angle type cabinets are ideal for small bedrooms, where there is a niche, because you can fill out a ridiculous space and at the same time with a huge advantage.

    Volumetric inside, and a compact interior object is an elegant solution. The main problem of small bedrooms is the area on which it is very difficult to install such products as chests of drawers, pedestals and pouffes. It is the corner cabinet, especially the coupe, that is what is needed, and thanks to a variety of modern ideas it can serve as a storage place for things, school supplies, books and even acoustic equipment.

    Built angular forms can be placed in the room in different ways:

    1. In the corner between the wall with the window frame and located next to the short side of the room. This option is suitable for bedrooms in which there is a whole long wall with a door.
    2. In a corner between a wall with a door and a short wall.
    3. In the corner between the door in a long wall, and the wall between the rooms.

    Naturally, where exactly the furniture will be located, will depend on the layout of the room and its dimensions.

    corner cabinet dimensions in the bedroom

    On sale you can find a variety of size, shape and type of corner cabinets, and have the opportunity to buy them under the order on an individual project. The catalog of each furniture factory is simply overcrowded, and among them there are models of Nick, Vasilisa, Valentin from the Belarusian producer Pinskdrev, Orchid and the like. It is worth noting that in the first place buyers are interested in the sizes of corner cabinets. Hardly you can find a cabinet of angular type and height of 130 centimeters, as these are large-sized structures.

    The simplest way to make a closet to order, because you can choose the height and size of furniture easiest way to make the cabinet to order, is not it, you'll be able to choose the height and size of the furniture

    average size is:

    • 200-250 in height;
    • 50-70 in depth;
    • 70-240 in width.

    Most often corner cabinets are made to order, as it is impossible to guess the dimensions of each apartment of a customer of a furniture store.

    Assembling a corner cabinet for a bedroom: possible problems

    Many people believe that the cabinet assembly must be done by yourself.

    In fact, this is quite possible, provided that:

    • have the necessary equipment;
    • There are skills on such processes;
    • The furniture has all the necessary fittings and holes.

    Correctly assembled and completed cabinet will organically complement the room A properly assembled and complete cabinet will seamlessly complement the room

    Otherwise, the assembly can result in many problems, namely due to non-compliance technologies have difficulty with opening / closing doors, construction will begin to crumble. It is not so easy to collect a massive product alone. It is much better to order a professional assembly from the company in which the furniture will be manufactured, since specialists will be able to accomplish this much faster, better and without defects.

    What is better to choose materials for corner cupboard

    regards material, the type of corner cabinets, regardless of any method selected by the door opening, are made of chipboard panels. Such products are considered quite inexpensive, and they are also manufactured very quickly. The cabinet made of laminated chipboard is a durable, wear-resistant interior that can last for years and does not cause trouble. Practical product, simple design, reasonable price, and most importantly, you can choose the simulation of various solid wood, for example, French oak, aspen, alder, pine, and the like.

    When buying a corner cabinet, pay attention to its quality and reliability When buying a corner cabinet, pay attention to its quality and reliability

    chipboard panels are considered to be very strong and they can be mounted mirror and glass cloth, and do not worry about the safety of the structure and the household.

    Features of filling corner cabinets bedroom

    No matter what it looks like on the outside corner cabinet, such as white or under the skin of what the room will be decorated in such a product - a children's bedroom or an adult, you need to properly design the internal filling.

    The perfect option for a bedroom will be a cabinet with many shelves and drawers A perfect cabinet for a bedroom will be a cabinet with many shelves and drawers


    1. The shelves inside the cabinet must be made of wood, metal and plastic. Depending on how heavily they will be placed on objects, it is worth choosing their thickness.
    2. Mandatory availability of drawers, as they are convenient to place small accessories and underwear.
    3. The boom is equally important in the closet, as it is worn by outerwear, trousers, blouses and similar items of the wardrobe. With regard to the height of the arrangement, the bar can be hung on the highest level so that under it on the floor you can put shoes and bags, suitcases and sports kits.
    4. Do not forget about the hooks needed for bags, ties, belts and similar accessories.

    For some designers, the inner filling of the compartment closet reminds of tetris, as it is necessary to plan it as compactly and practically as possible, and all shelves should be harmoniously and conveniently located so that each member of the family can enjoy it without being uncomfortable.

    Options corner cabinets in the bedroom( video)

    Corner wardrobes and conventional are the ideal solution for a large family and for the apartments, both small and large. Thanks to this modern stylish piece of furniture you can save space and remove from the apartment or house dressers and unnecessary outdated nightstands.

    Design corner cabinets in the bedroom( the photo in the interior)