Dismantling of tiles: how to remove from the wall neatly, from the floor tile old remove, drywall without damaging to repel

Dismantling the old tile process is time-consuming, but often inevitable Dismantling the old tile process is time-consuming, but often inevitable Repairing a bathroom or kitchen often requires removing the old tiles. Sometimes you have to remove the whole cover or carry out a partial dismantling. The removal of tiles also depends on the material of the wall and the substance on which the tile was installed. This process has many nuances. But at the same time, it is possible to select the ideal variant of removal for a specific case.

  • How to remove the tiles from the floor correctly
  • How to remove the tile from the ceiling
  • How to remove the tile from the ceiling
  • Remove the tiles( video)
  • Methods for dismantling tiles on different surfaces

    In the process of repair in the bathroom or in the kitchen, you often have to resort to dismantling the old tiles. This is a rather laborious and dusty process. If you have the right tool, the dismantling of the tile can be greatly simplified. It is enough to prepare a puncher and a drill. Also, when removing the

    tiles, it is worth considering the solution on which the tile was laid.

    Methods for dismantling tiles:

    • Global coating removal;
    • Selective dismantling of individual tiles.

    Selective removal of tiles occurs when it is necessary to gain access to communications or when replacing damaged tiles. These works must be carried out without damaging the rest of the coating. This process requires special skills and accuracy.

    The use of a puncher will greatly facilitate the work The use of a perforator will greatly facilitate the work of

    Required tools for work:

    • Rotary hammer;
    • Drill;
    • Spatula made of metal for disposal of solution;
    • The chisel or chisel is used to piece the tile;
    • A hammer is needed to work with a chisel or chisel;
    • Drill;
    • Wire hook 20-30 cm long and 2 mm thick;
    • Tile cutter.

    Global dismantling of the old tile provides two ways. In the first it is necessary to stockpile a puncher and a pike. First, you need to process the seams and get rid of the grout. To do this, use a spatula. Pre-joint should be moistened with water and wait until the grout gets soaked. Do this as carefully as possible.

    It is better to carry out the work in safety glasses. They are safe from getting into the eyes of dust and debris.

    After removal of the grout, tiles can be removed. For this, it is necessary to drive the peak under the edges of the tile. It is better to start from the top gradually sinking. It is also important not to drive the peak into the surface. This will lead to significant unevenness. If there is a removal of tiles from gypsum board, then it is better to use only a spatula.

    For the second method, you need a hammer and chisel. To do this, preliminary work involves water treatment not only of grouting, but of the tile itself. After removing the mortar from the joints, you can start working with a chisel and a hammer. If ceramic tiles need to be torn off gently, then you have to tinker longer.

    Selective dismantling is carried out exclusively by hand. A feature of this removal is the accuracy with which you need to remove the tiles, without damaging neighboring areas. First you need to get rid of the grout, pre-softening it.

    Tool for work - metal hook. Sharply sharpened appliance must be carefully placed under the tile. After that, it is worth pulling the tool on yourself. If you failed to separate the tiles from the first time, you should try again in another place.

    If the tile is installed too hard, then you will have to use a tile cutter. In the corners it is necessary to make two diagonal notches. Drill on them you need to drill holes at a distance of 2-3 cm. Then the chisel and the hammer is installed in the holes and begins work to eliminate the tile.

    Technology: how to remove the tile from the floor yourself

    If the tile was installed on cement, then it is worth preparing for noisy and dusty work. In the event that the fixation was performed on the construction adhesive, it is possible to keep the whole tile. Before work it is necessary to be reserved by water for lowering of dustiness of a premise.

    Observing the rules of dismantling, it is possible to replace the damaged tile ensuring this dismantling, can replace the damaged tile

    Steps for removing floor tiles:

    1. Removing grout from the joints. For this it is necessary to soak the tiles for half an hour.
    2. Dismantling of tiles with a spatula or chisel. During operation, it is necessary to constantly wet the surface.
    3. Floor cleaning from the remnants of the solution. This will require a mechanical knife or nazhdachka.

    This method requires a lot of time and effort. It should be as carefully as possible to work to get a whole tile. Otherwise, you can apply a punch. The probability of damage and dust increases, but the floor tiles can be peeled off much faster.

    Safety precautions include the use of a respirator, mask and gloves.

    The joints are first cleaned, as in any method. Next, you need to take a tool with a chisel and fight off the flagstone. In the course of work, it is necessary to remove excess garbage immediately.

    Recommendations: how to remove the tile from the wall right

    Shoot down a mosaic from the wall pretty hard. It is necessary to comply with all the rules and technology of dismantling. You need to prepare the necessary tools in advance and consider how to remove the tiles from difficult areas.

    The choice of how to remove the tile depends on the kind of solution that the fastener was made to. If cement was used for this, then a puncher must be used for work. In this case, it is unlikely to do without losses. If the fixation was made on the tile adhesive, then the removal process is greatly simplified.

    Removing the grout will make it easier to remove tiles Removing grout facilitate removal of tiles

    technology, removing wall tile neatly:

    1. You first need to remove the grout;
    2. Use a chisel or a spatula to gently trowel the tool under the tile;
    3. Removing tiles.

    If you plan to complete dismantling of the cover without the preservation of the integrity, you can use a hammer. Preliminary it is necessary to put on protection and to lay a floor a film. This is done so that the fragments do not damage the floor covering and the main person who performs the work.

    From these fragments can build stylish mosaic or track in the country.

    To remove tiles, use a bit attachment. It is necessary to pass it under the tile and separate the tile. To get rid of the remnants of the solution, use a hammer.

    Tips: How to remove the tiles from the ceiling

    There are many types of ceiling tiles. It is classified by form, price, type of surface. It is the type of coating that determines how to remove the old tiles.

    When dismantling a lot of dust and debris is generated, so use it to protect the film When removing produces a lot of dust and debris, so use protection film

    Materials for the work:

    • Building blends;
    • Polyethylene film;
    • Water;
    • Antibacterial agent.

    It's worth remembering your own safety and using a respirator. Floor and furniture should be covered with a film to protect it from dust, dirt and tile debris. The work on removing tiles from the ceiling is a bit difficult because of the inconvenience.

    You need to start from the corner of the room. You can try to dismantle the spatula. But if the granite begins to separate it is worth using a hammer and a chisel. This will help to quickly separate the tile from the ceiling.

    If manual operation fails, then a perforator and drill must be used. With it, you need to make a few holes. The same set of appliances need to remove the ceiling skirting.

    After carrying out all work, it is necessary to treat the surface before the next finish. First you need to clean the ceiling of the remnants of the solution with a spatula. To do this, it is necessary to moisten the surface with water. To smooth the ceiling, sandpaper must be used. It is also important to treat the coating with a primer.

    How to carefully remove the tile( video)

    Before removing the tiles, you need to think about everything in advance and stock up the necessary tools. Any chosen method involves removing the grout and observing the safety rules. Work should be carried out in gloves, goggles and a respirator. The desire to keep the tile intact requires accuracy and time.