Tile of concrete: facade stone and molds, clinker with own hands, facing artificial, production

Tile of concrete has high strength tile of concrete has high strength Concrete - versatile and practical material that is used in interior decoration and the finishing of street surfaces. It is made of sand, cement, if necessary, pigment and water, by the method of vibration casting or vibrocompression of various shapes. The area for the application of this product is very wide, but it is not always possible to afford it in a price aspect, in this case it is possible to make a tile with your own hands. To get quality material, you need special forms, you can buy them, and you can make them yourself. We read and learn how to do it ourselves.

  • What are the shapes for the facade tile
  • Self-facing tiles
  • Types of facade tiles for the stone
  • What is a concrete facade tile
  • Hand-made clinker tiles
  • How to make a facade tiletiles with their hands( video)
  • What are the forms for facade tiles

    as a rule, for the manufacture of casting, polyurethane is used, it is also popular siliconeE form, but they are not very stro

    ng, and the plastic is not exactly like a natural stone. And yet, these materials help to make the product most suitable for quality and appearance. There are different ways to make façade tiles, for home use only one is suitable - vibration.

    The most popular forms of steel:

    • Under the brick;
    • Ragged stone;
    • Slate;
    • Dolomite.

    Forms for facade tiles can be of several types Forms for facade tiles can be of several types

    huge range of products enables individual design solutions. The first stage of the work is the production of the actual forms for the further product, after we dilute the solution, we go directly to the casting in the molds and the last final moment is the extraction of the product.

    It's worth knowing that the laying of the finished facade tile or stone requires specific measurements and calculations, also need to handle the forms themselves.

    When the concrete tile is ready, it can be immediately applied in the facade decoration, or packed for storage. In addition, it is worth paying attention to some important points. First, do not forget that one correctly chosen form is not enough, it is necessary to strictly observe the technology of its manufacture. Such work should be carried out at a certain temperature regime, fluctuating around 15-30 ° C, this is necessary to exclude in the solution excess oxygen and quality congealing. Secondly, it is compliance with safety regulations, such work should be carried out in strict compliance with safety standards, eyes must be protected, gloves worn. It is important to have good ventilation in the room.

    manufacture their own hands tiles

    tiles or artificial stone, is essentially an element of decorative facing stone( terracotta).If we say in simple terms about production at home, then the form is filled with a liquid solution, already painted in a color palette.

    From the form get a tile, the material is ready, but only after the full hardening.

    In the process of improvement, the following types of finishes can be distinguished: interior - based on gypsum, external - based on cement. The main thing to remember is that most of the success is selecting quality components, as well as reducing the use of water, this will give a firmer product.

    The production of tiles can be divided into three stages Production of tiles can be divided into three stages

    All production can be divided into 3 stages:

    • Preparation tools and raw materials;
    • Form preparation;
    • Manufacture of stone.

    The manufacture of tiles should be engaged in the warm season, for example, in the summer, but the dry product should be away from direct sunlight, closed from the effects of rain and wind. The availability of a certain set of equipment will only be on hand, to the main one you can add a concrete mixer, a vibrating table, a mixer for mixing and a drying cabinet. In the manufacture of a simplified algorithm, there is nothing complicated, observing certain rules and paying attention to the quality of the products used, we produce decent facing tiles with our own hands.

    Types of facade tiles for a stone

    In its time in Western Europe there was a search for a material that was not inferior to its properties with a stone, thus, when firing and pressing clay with a brick, this product turned out. The meaning of the word tile with its roots goes to German, and literally translated as "brick."The factory clinker tile has a strong composition, due to the temperature treatment and is only a kind of ceramics, having its advantages over it.

    It's very simple to manufacture itself, its technology is simple, and, like a budget option, it fits well.

    Initially, you need to prepare a model of the product itself from plasticine, covered with a sealant and wait for it to dry. After preparing a solution of their gypsum, sand and cement, color is added, the ingredients are mixed and poured into molds. It is enough 15 minutes for the product to be ready, and in order for it not to crumble and not to be lubricated, it should be treated with a primer. It is worth bearing in mind that the product made by hand will differ from the factory analogue. The universality of the material is surprising, its choice is limited only by the preferences and capabilities of homeowners.

    Facade tiles under the stone can be made by own hands façade clay tile under a stone, you can make your own hands

    There are several types:

    • natural stone;
    • Clinker tiles;
    • For ordinary brick.

    very catchy and look beautiful house made of natural stone, all are the advantages of this material is durable, and strength, and presentable appearance. But, there is one big minus - the cost.

    What is the concrete facade tiles

    In our time, we learned to produce material like real stone, and very successfully. Now the technology of production of concrete facade tiles is not inferior to its characteristics, on the contrary, it even attracts by price.

    With the introduction of certain components of the concrete, the finished material provided with the necessary properties:

    • Water resistance;
    • Frost resistance;
    • Strength.

    Concrete facade tiles are waterproof and very durable Concrete facade tiles waterproof and very durable

    to improve these metrics, various additives and additives used in modern industry. In fact, the concrete tile looks like a brick or a stone laid in several rows with a displacement, looks like a mosaic, the edge is torn.

    Another thing worth noting is that not all walls are suitable for decor, everything is decided by the choice of material and other points.

    For such walls, a façade tile with metal fittings is required. It is worth not forgetting about the existence of a few ways of fixing the exterior decoration, the facade tile is mounted either on a frame-shaped clamps, or glued, or privorachivaetsya directly to the wall.

    Hand-made clinker tiles

    Stacking for bricks does not differ significantly from the laying of conventional ceramics. Regardless of the application surface, it must be cleaned of dirt and well-primed. It is also necessary to take a responsible approach to the choice of glue, because it must absorb moisture well and be resistant to frost. It is worth paying attention to the processing of seams between tiles, they must be cleaned up.

    Clinker tiles have several advantages Clinker tiles have a number of advantages

    If you delineate all the work in stages, it looks something like this:

    • Surface preparation;
    • Markup;
    • Adhesive mortar;
    • Laying tiles;
    • Seam processing.

    The properties of the clinker are very attractive, the tile is resistant to cold, it is longevous, it is unpretentious in care, has a low water absorption level, is resistant to mechanical impact. This is a large number of pluses. Homemade tiles are in no way inferior in their quality to the factory alternative. In addition, it is very solid and attractive to look like a house, and its facade for a long time will not lose its appearance.

    How to make a facade tile with your own hands( video)

    Summing up, it can be noted that in principle, almost any material can be made with your own hand and not worse than it is done in the factory production. The main thing is to observe safety rules, not to violate technology and to approach responsibly to the choice of materials, and then you can get a result that will please for many years with reliability, decorate with your individuality and not burdens your wallet.