How to wipe the seams on the tile: how to cover the video, between the tiles correctly, repeatedly and quickly fix

Grout grouting on the tile - the final stage in the laying process Grouting on the tile - the final stage in the process of laying ceramic tile, it is the most excellent and practical type of flooring. Ceramics are especially good in rooms with high humidity and in places where there is a lot of patency. Therefore, the appearance of these floors is practical in buildings with offices and various other institutions. And our houses are no exception. The tile is found in all rooms, such as apartments or houses. At the points of sale, you can find an extensive selection of tiles for different rooms suitable for your interior. Unfortunately, the tile coating will look ideal only if it is properly glued and ideally wiped.

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    • How to cover the seams between the tiles on the floor: we select the mixture
    • How to properly wipe the seams on the tile: the work stages
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  • Processing tiles: 5 reasons why it is necessary to do

    Immediately the question arises: why and when you need to plug the tile seams? This should be sorted out in order. The space between the joints of tiles is the seams. There are technologies, standards and norms that must be adhered to for the correct laying of tiles. To zafugovat sutures, you need to rely on the recommended figures. By these criteria it is recommended to make a gap between tiles from 2 to 4 mm. Depending on the size of the tiles, the seam between them may be different. Depending on the size of the tiles, the seam between them may differ

    This is done for several reasons:

    • If the wall is sagging, the tile may move slightly, so leave a gap;
    • Need for patency of air and moisture through cracks;
    • mixture of grout does not allow to pass the excess moisture in the event that if you do not wipe the seams, they may appear fungus or mold;
    • When mashing the joints, the coupling between the tiles is improved;
    • Affects the appearance, and thus hides the defects of the edges of the tile.

    Depending on the quality of the work performed, the life of the tile depends.

    The paint over the seams between the tiles on the floor: select a mixture

    To properly seal the seams and did not have, nor whether any problems it is very important to choose the most appropriate mix. And to such nuances should be treated with no less seriousness, than to the very masonry of ceramic tiles.

    selection of material required for these principles:

    1. Colors .This criterion is for many basic. The color of the mixture for grouting depends on the visual appearance of the tile coating as a whole. White color is the most universal. In order for the appearance of the tile to be complete, it is necessary to select a color under the tile coating or add the colors of a suitable shade to the white mixture.
    2. Properties and composition of .The composition of the mixtures can include various materials. The composition of the mixture depends on the functionality. For rooms with high humidity it is necessary to select moisture repellent mixtures, for rooms with increased load and the possibility of rapid wear, it is better to choose strong compounds. The most suitable option is an epoxy mixture.
    3. Purpose .The usual mixture trowel suitable for gap wall tiling, but this mixture at one time will wear out and require re-mashing. For a floor covering it is necessary to use grasping trowelling mixes because such tile is constantly under loading and contact with footwear and other subjects. Therefore, a mixture with a conventional structure in this case is not suitable.

    To properly seal the seams, it is necessary to select the correct mixture for grouting In order to properly seal the seams, it is necessary to select the mixture for the grouting

    correctly. If properly operated, the tile will be securely fastened and have an aesthetic appearance. In order to cover the seams on the ceramic tile it turned out the first time, watch the training videos. In this case, the work will turn out beautifully, the seam will be even and the result will not need to be corrected or aligned.

    How to wipe the seams on the tile: Stages

    work in carrying out such work should have a short list of tools and ancillary equipment.


    • Small capacity for the mixture;
    • Rubberized spatula;
    • Sponge from foam rubber;
    • Liquid;
    • Brush;
    • Material for stirring.

    Thus, the mixture for grouting must be mixed with a small amount. This requires a small capacity. Corolla is used in case of a large amount of the mixture, in other cases it can be mixed manually using a trowel or spatula.

    Before trowelling the seams on the tile, you need to prepare tools and materials Before troweling joints on the tiles, it is necessary to prepare tools and materials.

    Application method for trowelling on tiles:

    • It is necessary to clean seams from dirt and dust and to treat with antifungal emulsions;
    • The brush must be seamed at the seams for a better bout between the tiles;
    • Do not produce a very large amount of mastic;
    • Nanosim elastic rubber mixture with a spatula on a seam, with little pushing it into the gap to remove voids;
    • Remove the excess with a spatula;
    • To ensure that the grout does not break, it is necessary to moisten with water a little while drying;
    • In order to ensure complete protection from water, it is necessary in those places where the tile is adjacent to a wall or any other or whether the junction, go sealant.

    Grouting joints of walls and floors is different. Work on vertical planes is performed from a landmark to the bottom. Apply sealant should be the last. Since it is convenient to work with it because of a narrow nozzle. In the case of work on the floor surface, it is necessary to move from the far point of the room to the exit, just like when working with tiles.

    Why make the joints between the tiles

    During the gluing of tiles, using daggers, they contribute to the emergence of gaps at equal distances. They are used to ensure that the appearance of the lining was neat and aesthetic, and the seams were smooth. But not always the tile is glued to a strong surface and is therefore shrunk. And in case of not leaving these gaps, the tile may crack.

    When laying tiles, crosses are used so that the gaps are at the same distance When tiling use crosses to the clearances were the same distance

    If not wipe the seams, they are easily clogged with dirt and it does not create a favorable impression of the floor covering. And in those rooms where there is moisture, in the seams may appear mold or fungus. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, seams are also erased for this.

    How to cover up the seams on the tile( video)

    What conclusion can be drawn from the article? Grouting is an important process not only to make the whole surface perfect, but also to avoid many unpleasant factors that may arise during operation. Observance of all the rules will lead you to the correct work done and to obtain the result that you planned to get at the end of the work.