Tile mosaic: mosaic tiling on glue, video and mesh on the wall, ceramic glass and tiles floor

Tile mosaic allows you to create an interesting design Tile Mosaic allows you to create interesting designs to create an interesting and multifaceted mosaic design is used, it is capable of transforming both the kitchen and bathroom. If earlier such small work as mosaic laying was considered to be quite painstaking, then today you can buy whole sheets with fragments, which greatly speeds up the laying out process.

    • Mosaics on the mesh: ways of laying
    • Professional advice on mosaic tiles
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  • correct mosaic installation

    mosaic tile has a fairly large number of advantages that make it PracticalAs a leader among other finishing materials.

    Benefits :

    1. Easy to install, requiring no special skills. It is enough to process the walls and follow the instructions.
    2. Sufficiently resistant to damp environment and temperature changes, so it can be used for any room.
    3. You can cut the purchased sheets without using special materials, the best knife is the best.

    The tiling can even a novice mosaic Putting mosaic tiles can even novice

    To work with mosaics, it is imperative to prepare the surface - a wall. This applies to the basic rules that must be observed when pasting this material. If irregularities or cracks are present, they are necessarily ground and plastered. They can also be carefully wiped.

    The mosaic must also be laid on a surface previously cleaned from dust and dirt.

    At the final preparatory stage, it is necessary to prime the surface with your own hands. Only after doing such preparation, you can start laying mosaic sheets.

    Laying the mosaic on the floor: types and their description

    To properly paste the mosaic sheets on the floor, you need not only to thoroughly clean and level the surface, but also to know what kinds can be found on the market, because the styling technology may be different.

    Types tiles:

    1. Ceramic is the most popular, it is not only available in the price, but also resistant to various factors - moisture, friction.
    2. Stone tile mosaic looks quite stylish and attractive, because it consists of granite, jasper or marble.
    3. Mosaic of glassmass, has a high strength, because for its production is used specially processed and hardened material. Glass - most often spread an apron on the kitchen wall, near the table, a plate or a panel in the bathroom, the smalt mosaic looks very beautiful, it has different sizes, and has an interesting glow similar to the overflow, depending on the sun's rays.
    4. Metal mosaic is used very rarely, it is the basis of rubber, which is coated with a plate of metal.

    Before laying a tile a mosaic, it is necessary to level the floor Before laying the tile mosaic floor must be leveled

    Mosaic can take many forms, and placed in interesting shapes and compositions on a variety of surfaces. Also this material is environmentally safe for health, which is very important if the family has allergies or small children.

    Glue for mosaic: the selection and application of

    Glue for mosaic must first properly diluted, as required for each room a different composition.

    Namely :

    1. In the kitchen, the pool and the bathroom, there is a high humidity, so a special moisture-resistant compound should be added directly to the adhesive solution.
    2. A tiled or ceramic mosaic is suitable for the hallway, it can be put and fastened on a wooden or concrete surface or floor.
    3. It is also necessary to take into account the time of glue hardening on the surface, therefore, experts recommend plastering small areas and laying the finished piece on the floor or wall.

    The glue for tile mosaic is required to properly dilute, because for each room you need a different composition adhesive mosaic tile is required to dissolve properly, since for each room needs a different composition

    For convenience, the adhesive solution is applied using a special tool. The layer should be uniform and not too thick, so that it does not leak through the holes in the grid. To make it easier to glue a piece of mosaic, use a rubberized hammer, rubber roller or a small wooden block.

    Ceramic mosaic on a mesh: laying methods

    You can use ceramic mosaic on a fabric basis in any room. Assembly will not cause trouble, but it needs to be laid out on a carefully prepared and level surface, because this material is capable of completely repeating all the flaws.

    The ceramic mosaic on the grid can be used in any room.

  • The tiles should not only be pressed lightly, but also stretched slightly so that it is better to sit down;
  • For better strength, tapping with a rubber hammer around the entire perimeter of the tile;
  • The final stage is grouting joints with a special composition, it can be either white or under the color of the mosaic, it all depends on the preferences of the owners.
  • After all the actions, you can get an excellent result and enjoy a stylish design.

    Mosaic of glass: the advantages of

    In addition to many misconceptions, it has a lot of advantages.

    This :

    • Quite high durability and strength;
    • Mosaic glass is resistant to chemical attack;
    • Is waterproof and does not absorb moisture;
    • It is heat resistant and frost-proof, it is a big plus in the kitchen or hallway.

    Glass mosaic has a lot of advantages Mosaic glass has many advantages

    This material is gaining widespread, since it can be applied even for plasterboard previously plastered it. A variation with similar properties are stickers called epoxy stickers. They have a variety of shapes and colors, also consist of glue or latex. Before application, the paper is removed from them and a sticker is made.

    Tips for laying mosaic tiles

    To get an excellent result, you must follow a number of rules. Decorative masonry should be laid from the center of the room or from the most illuminated area. This is done so that the whole sheets are in a prominent place, and the cut off and a small part to glue in the corners. If you plan to create a picture from a mosaic, it is better to create a sketch in advance in order to facilitate laying.

    To lay a mosaic tile it is necessary from the center of a premise or from the most lighted site Stack mosaic tile is needed from the center of the room or with the most lit area

    color adhesive should choose a color palette of tiles, or use an ordinary white.

    It will be better if you consult a specialist beforehand, because some types of glue solutions can change the tint on the tile and ruin the design. The distance between pieces of mosaic plates should be the same as between the pieces themselves, so that everything looks beautiful and harmonious. It is best to make similar repairs in the warm season, at a temperature of up to 25 °.

    Mosaic laying( video)

    In conclusion we add that by purchasing mosaic sheets in the Leroy Merlin store, you should also look at the Axton brand, it offers a wide selection of various flooring substrates and materials, among which there is a mastic, you can also find a mirror plastic that greatly simplifies the repair work. The downside of the plastic with a mirror image is its poor resistance to external damage. The pluses are that it is practically not exposed to solar radiation, is resistant to the impact of a moist environment, as well as impact-resistant.