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To make an original and unique thing with the help of decoupage technique, even a novice needlewoman Decorative and applied arts is the most accessible, popular and popular type of handicraft for today. It is possible to create an original and unique thing with the help of the technique of decoupage. Beautiful, light, spectacular things made by own hands, have become fashionable all over the world. Learn this elegant art can quickly, if you pass a simple master class. Having mastered the types, techniques, styles of decoupage, you can safely decorate the fabric, furniture, utensils, create stylish accessories for the house.

    • Basics of reverse decoupage on glass plates
    • Master class "Reverse decoupage on a glass plate"
    • Master class reverse decoupage of plates with craquelure: 2 ways of applying
    • Reverse decoupage of bottles
    • Master class: reverse decoupage of a dish( video)
    • Detail:The reverse decoupage of the plate master-class( photo examples)

The basics of reverse decoupage on glass plates

The decoration of glass plates from the wrong side

is one of the simplest, fastest and inexpensive ways. The first masterpieces are mostly made from ordinary table napkins with beautiful drawings. The image gently snaps off the contour, the extra layers are removed.

Tip for Beginners! In order not to move the drawing when glued, on the front surface of the plate markings are made by a conventional marker, which is easily rubbed off with alcohol upon completion of work. Smoothening only that the applied motif should be done with a dry brush.

Incredibly beautiful will look in the interior of the kitchen decoupage plate An incredibly beautiful look in the interior of the kitchen decoupage plate

The picture is applied to the surface, then it is varnished with a brush, with light movements from the center to the edges. After drying, several layers of varnish are applied to the surface with periodic full drying.

Required materials for work:

  • Napkin;
  • Adhesive for decoupage;
  • Acrylic colors and contour;
  • Sponges, a small piece of polyethylene;
  • Synthetic brush of medium hardness.

The main material for decoupage is glue and acrylic paints. The advantage of them is that they are easily mixed, well applied to any surface, do not have a negative effect on health. A variety of shades of acrylic paint allows you to choose the right background. The main thing is to be patient, to properly perform all the tricks. This will give an opportunity to further experiment, ideally to do decoupage.

Master class Ā«Reverse decoupage on a glass plateĀ»

It is possible to create an original glass plate not only with the help of a napkin, but decoupage cards, postcards, pictures from the magazine, prints from the Internet. With the help of simple technology, you can decorate the glass plate with a photograph. Such work for a beginner will be the acquisition of new skills, an expression of individuality. Get an original gift made by yourself.

Before you start decoupage, you must first prepare materials and tools for work Before proceeding with decoupage, it is necessary to first prepare materials and tools for the work of

Preparatory stage:

  1. First the image is covered four times with acrylic lacquer with thorough drying of each layer;
  2. Then the photo is soaked in warm water for 10 minutes;
  3. Then it is laid out on the glass with an image from itself and is thinned by rolling the paper to a transparent film;
  4. Finished picture is glued to the surface;
  5. After drying, the photo is stained with white acrylic lacquer.

The work will be completed after the photo is applied to the ground, a white napkin is placed strictly on the diameter of the plate, a background is created in the color of the picture.

Important! Before proceeding with decoupage, it is necessary to degrease the surface with alcohol, in order to prevent the sliding of the pattern. At the very beginning of the work, try not to leave fingerprints on the glass.

Reverse decoupage with a photo is a difficult process, patience and accuracy are required here. For beginners, to make the work easier, the image can be printed on the printer, on rice paper.

Master class reverse decoupage of plates with craquelure: 2 ways of applying

To give a plate of a touch of antiquity it is possible with the help of cracks in lacquer or acrylic layer. In the technique of reverse decoupage it is quite easy to create an antique look around the image with the help of craquel varnishes, which are divided into two groups: one-component and two-component. When decorating plates in tissue technology, one-phase craquelure lacquer is often used.

In order for the dish to look always bright and attractive, it should be varnished In order for the dish to always look bright and attractive, it should be lacquered

Stage of application of one-step composition:

  • On the prepared surface, paint the substrate, dried;
  • One-component craquel lacquer, easy drying;
  • Coating of the paint surface in contrast to the first color of the substrate. Apply with separate strokes without repetition.

After complete drying, cracks appear on the glass, their value depends on the drying speed, the thickness and thickness of the paint are thick. Two-component krakljurnye structures are put on the same technology, as one-component, but are considered more difficult in work due to a combination of two various kinds of a varnish.

Tip! When choosing a varnish coating it is necessary to take into account its artistic task, pay attention to the quality and the manufacturer. The varnish should be applied in a thin layer, with a flat brush, so that it evenly falls on the surface and does not form an inflow.

The technique of craquelure can be performed with the help of improvised means of egg yolk, gelatin, table vinegar, liquid gel for washing.

Reverse decoupage of bottles

It is not difficult to make a reverse decoupage on a bottle for beginning masters and foremen, it is performed as well as on a glass plate. To begin with, a glass bottle is chosen, the motive for decoupage, preference is given to the marine theme. Before decorating the bottle must be cleaned well from the label and degrease with alcohol.

Materials and tools for work:

  • Picture for decoupage;
  • Acrylic paints and varnishes;
  • Adhesive for decoupage;
  • Sponge, brushes, scissors;
  • Narrow molar scotch.

Independently you can make and decoupage bottles, the main thing - to prepare interesting ideas and get acquainted with the process of work Independently you can make and decoupage bottles, the main thing is to prepare interesting ideas and get acquainted with the process of work of

. The image with the chosen theme should be glued on the glass with a colorful side. The picture should be well seen by the window from inside the vessel, its contour can be noted with an adhesive tape. Then the motif is neatly covered with glue, dried. After applying three layers of acrylic paint with an intermediate drying. Visible pattern is not painted over.

Tip for Beginners! In order not to damage the decoupage work at the initial stage, it is not recommended to apply soil with stiff bristles, it is necessary to use a foam rubber sponge. Using a hair dryer in drying the applied layer leads to its cracking.

To create a background, two layers of acrylic paint are applied with drying, then applications, ornaments are pasted. In the end of work all the decor is fixed with several layers of decoupage varnish. You can decorate not only used bottles, but also filled with wine, olive oil, champagne.

Direct and reverse decoupage allows you to create original things without artistic skills. The study of the basics of techniques on glass, plastic, wood gives the opportunity to acquire experience for beginner needlewomen. Learn to use muted colors and bed colors, make a smooth transition from motifs to the basic tone, erase unsuccessful paint smears with the help of sketching.

Master class: reverse decoupage plates( video)

Lessons master class on decoupage reveals many secrets and tricks. Video for beginners help to master the technique of priming, painting, varnishing, to make the work ideal, without roughness. Reading information material, the recommendations of the masters make it possible to avoid mistakes, open the way to perfection.

Detail: reverse decoupage of the dish master-class( photo examples)

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