Decoupage of doors: a photo with own hands, an old apartment, wallpapers and napkins, how to make pictures for a wooden door

To improve the appearance of old doors and make them original you can without much effort, using the technique of decoupage improve the appearance of old doors and make them original, you can effortlessly apply the technique of decoupage It often happens that some still functioning piece of furniture, but at the same time, I want to update it, and do not spend a lot of moneyMeans. On the one hand, this is an important element of the interior, and on the other hand, at a lean towards it, can serve for a decade. Under certain conditions and combinations, pretentious at first glance the result may look quite attractive. There are many ways how to decorate an old door. They can be repainted in color with new wallpaper, or you can apply the fashionable technique - decoupage.

    • What is decoupage of old doors
    • Decoupage of doors with our own hands
    • Doing decoupage of doors in the apartment: how to update the old surface
    • Simple decoupage of doors with wallpapers
    • Decoupage of doors with napkins
    • Decoupage on doorsusing wipes( video)
    • Details: decoupage doors with their hands( photo example)
  • What is decoupage old doors

    trending decoupage technique was not the first time. Decoupage is a "carving", which consists in drawing on various surfaces and interior objects of cut out drawings and applications, which are subsequently fixed. In addition to decoupage of old interior doors, the decor technique is often used when it is required to update furniture, dishes, etc. This is not a complicated and yet very effective technique, allows you to decorate the door yourself, and this technique has been known for several centuries.

    Here you can fantasize, of course, without forgetting about:

    • Taste preference;
    • Feeling of a measure;
    • Technique.

    Before decoupage of old doors, it is recommended to clean them from debris and cracked paint Before starting decoupage of old doors it is recommended to clean them of debris and cracked paint

    In the past, the technique simulated:

    • Inlay on a tree;
    • Japanese miniatures;
    • Chinese miniatures.

    Decoupage gives an opportunity to economically create a quality composition that mimics an exclusive and not cheap product from the master. Not just among Italians, this method received another name - "the art of the poor."

    How to do decoupage of a room door with your own hands? About this below.

    Decoupage of doors with their own hands

    Decoupage of doors is not difficult. First of all, the door leaf is recommended to be cleaned of dust and dirt.

    Next, degrease must be carried out using:

    • Solvent;
    • Detergent;
    • Alcohol-containing product.

    Before you start decoupage doors, it is worth practicing on small objects Before you begin to decoupage door should practice on small objects

    plat and vertical surfaces should be pre-close, perfect masking tape, and the floor is paved with film. Further, the surface of the wooden door must be primed and dyed in a tone that matches the background of the application. The application is transferred from special maps for decoupage, which must first be soaked in water, and then carefully transfer the application to the door.

    The work is similar to applying drawings from children's "translations."When translating the applique, you need to make sure that there are no wrinkles or air bubbles. If they are formed, they must be smoothed out until the surface is dry. As soon as the image dries out, the drawing along the edge should be fixed with a putty, which will be in the tone of the coating.

    When the putty dries, it should be sanded with fine-grained sandpaper. Finish the decoration by applying 2-3 protective layers of clear lacquer.

    Make decoupage of doors in the apartment: how to update the old surface

    You can decorate the door in the apartment of your house with your own hands, not only using the technique of decoupage. The decor of the entrance door can be made using other methods of decoration. An excellent solution is to make the hardware update. It is enough to cover the hinges or the door handle with a beautiful paint, and it will look different. By the way, you can decorate handles and loops using decoupage techniques. A more complex and labor-intensive option is to cover the doors in the apartment with good paint.

    This method may seem obvious, but coloring the front door will not only create a new image, but also significantly update the interior of the hallway.

    It will do it:

    • Interesting;
    • More info;
    • Fresh.

    For decoupage of doors it is necessary to choose an image that harmoniously blends into the interior in style and color for decoupage doors should choose an image that perfectly fit into the interior style and color

    But not every door can be painted, this point should also be provided. The method is relevant for people who regularly update the interior of their apartment.

    Another way to decorate a door is to imitate wooden panels. It consists that on a door the PU baget is pasted, creating imitation of panels. As soon as the door dries, it is covered with paint. Plus such an idea for finishing doors is that the image and coloring can be changed from time to time, making the interior of the house unusual and interesting.

    simple decoupage door wallpaper

    Run decoupage kitchen and balcony door, or the door leaf to decorate the bathroom, you can use the decoupage. The technique is not complicated and even a beginner, after a little trying, can make a beautiful decor.

    Workshop on updating windows wallpaper goes through the following stages:

    1. surface should be washed, cleaned of old paint and grease.
    2. If the door is metal, then it must be primed.
    3. Clay is better to take PVA.
    4. Next, you need to select an interesting wallpaper design, and cut out the details that will be pasted.
    5. The adhesive should be applied to the surface of the door, and the wallpaper glued.
    6. If you want, you can cover the doors with varnish.

    For gluing wallpaper in the technique of decoupage on the door you can use not a special glue, but an ordinary PVA for wallpapering in decoupage technique on the door, you can not use a special glue, and ordinary PVA

    Great idea - decorate with the help of photo wallpapers. As a result, you can get beautiful doors that will delight the eyes for many more years. The video perfectly demonstrates all the grandeur of design works.

    Step-by-step decoupage of doors with napkins

    Decoupage of doors can be done with conventional napkins. Pictures, patterns of napkins should be chosen according to your taste.

    doors decoupage napkins following steps:

    1. door surfaces must be well cleaned and dried.
    2. Place around the working area must be isolated, covered with foil or sheets.
    3. The next step will be priming, waxing and painting. It is necessary to paint in a special way. First coat the surface with white acrylic paint, leave to dry and finish in the finish color.
    4. Decoupage is performed using pictures cut from napkins. However, in a specialized store you can buy a ready-made set for decoupage.
    5. Mount the pictures carefully and carefully. Smooth the image with a brush from the center to the edges.
    6. As soon as the drawing is dry, the edges have to be treated with putty and, after drying it, walk on the surface with a sandpaper. If you want a retro-style door, then you need to sand the whole door.
    7. The d├ęcor is finished with the coating of the entire surface with a high-quality varnish.

    It is possible to decorate a door, a single window or several windows and other surfaces in the house in various ways. Creative ideas are endless. When decorating, you can use textiles, or any other materials. Decorate possible doors and window frames, under decoupage fit any surface, even glass.

    Decoupage of a glass door will help to update it and make it more original.

    To the surface of the doors after decoupage longer remained in good condition, it should be covered with a thin layer of acrylic lacquer to the surface of the door after decoupage remained in good condition for longer, it should cover with a thin layer of acrylic lacquer

    This requires special paper, on which the drawing is applied from 2 sides, the glue for glass, and the colors that will be used for the contour. The pattern should be carefully cut, apply glue on it and glue it to the glass surface. Use the brush to smooth everything and after the picture has dried, once again apply glue.

    Decoupage of doors can be carried out with the help of fabric. It is important that after the glue dries, there are no stains on the material. Going to decorate the door with a cloth, it is worth considering whether it fits into the overall interior. For example, in a classical style such a door would be inappropriate. If the door, decorated with a cloth, will not look ridiculous, then you can decorate it in 2 ways.

    You can cover the entire door with a cut of the fabric, and only a certain area is possible. At the door, apply a thick layer of glue, and attach the material. Then the fabric should be smoothed and stretched from the center to the edges, expelling the bubbles. After it has completely dried, the fabric should be covered with 2-3 layers of glue. The last step is to cover the surface with a special lacquer.

    Decoupage on the door with napkins( video)

    This is the same principle you can do decoupage with photos. Whichever material is used for the decor, the door as a result will turn out to be original and beautiful. Very little time, effort and creative thought, and get a real work of art.

    Details: decoupage doors with their hands( photo example)