Decoupage of breadcrumbs: photo wooden, master class with pictures for the kitchen, plastic blank with olives old

You can perform the decoupage of any breadbasket, regardless of the material from which it is made You can perform decoupage of any breadbasket, regardless of the material from which it is made. The very name of the technique is born from the expression "decuoper", it means "cutting out".It is worth noting that decoupage was originally an attempt to copy complex and sophisticated Chinese and Japanese furniture designs. In this technique, the Venetian masters begin to create, carving and applying whole images to the furniture, after which the drawing was covered with dozens of layers of lacquer.

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A bit later, already in England, began using decoupage to decorate small items of ladies' toilet, caskets. In the future, decoupage and fond of celebrities, for example, Queen of France Antoinette Maria, Byro

n Lord, Henri Matisse and Pablo Picasso. In the XIX century decoupage became massive. The main motives for the work were sentimental and romantic. From England decoupage spread to America as a hobby, and there this technique became popular in the period between world wars.

Decoupage of wooden bread crumbs

Today, this refined technique is experiencing its degeneration, and is distributed in different countries when decorating clothes, fashion accessories, Christmas decorations, cutlery, watches and much more.

The expanding range of materials allows working with any surface:

  • Kermiku;
  • Cloth
  • Metal;
  • Tree and stuff.

Before you start decoupling the wooden breadbox, you should clean its surface with sandpaper Before proceeding to decoupage wooden bread bins, its surface should be cleaned with sandpaper

A using various techniques, e.g., plating, sostriganie, given space imagination and creativity in execution. Almost every house has a breadbasket. It is made of wood or plastic and is not particularly beautiful. Most often, it is monochrome and monotonous. To breathe new life into it, and the technique of decoupage will help to give it colors with your own hands.

Approximately in the XVIII century decoupage is gaining popularity in a society with small and medium incomes. In this technique, chests, panels and even breadcrumbs begin to be made out.

Unfortunately, the tree has a very long service life, and often the capacity for bread kitchen resistant to extremes of temperature and humidity, is getting old. Since the technique of decoupage originated and was used in the Middle Ages, when bread-bins were wooden, even today wooden pictures are created and appear on wooden bread-benches.

Master class on decoupage breadbox

For quality decoupage we need: acrylic primer, acrylic paint, nail DOTS, a napkin with an ornament, PVA glue, sandpaper.

When we are going to start decapping the breadbasket, it is recommended to preview the training videos going to start decoupage breadbox, it is recommended to watch training videos


  1. Our first actions should be to prepare a breadbox. To do this, remove a thin layer of wood with sandpaper - this will remove roughness and roughness.
  2. After this, you can apply a layer of acrylic primer. We apply a uniform thin layer, after that it is necessary to wait, while the primer will dry up.
  3. Next, we apply acrylic paint to all sides of the breadbox with a paint brush. The main thing is to stick to the same layer of paint, so that in the subsequent drawing, for example, with olives, lay flat. Do not forget that the paint is applied in several layers, each of which must be dried.
  4. When the paint finally withers, proceed to the most important part of our master class - gluing the picture. We take a napkin, and cut out the pattern along the contour, then gently apply the PVA paint on the napkin and glue it to the breadbox. After this, the bread should be dried thoroughly.
  5. The final step is to apply a coat of varnish.

After all the above manipulations, you get a wonderful and fashionable breadbasket, complementing the kitchen decoration.

Pictures and examples: decoupage of a plastic breadbox

To create a decoupage of a plastic breadbox, we need a bread crib made of plastic.

It should be noted that it should be whole, and not have cracks and other damages.

Before starting the decoupage of a plastic breadbasket, it is necessary to check the surface for cracks Before beginning decoupage of a plastic breadbasket, it is necessary to check the surface for cracks.


  1. So, first we work on the surface of the breadbox. To do this, using alcohol wipes, you need to thoroughly degrease the breadbox. And, to paint in the future, the paint is easy, pat the surface of the breadbox with a thin layer of PVA glue.
  2. With the help of sponge carefully apply a layer of acrylic paint. Do not forget to let the applied compounds dry out.
  3. Next, we draw a preliminary marking with a pencil, on which the drawing will be applied.
  4. Fragment of a napkin with a pattern soaked in a PVA glue and carefully applied to the surface of a breadcrumb into pre-marked pencil markings. Then cover the fragments with glue and dry them thoroughly.

The final part - we cover the entire composition with a layer of acrylic lacquer.

Variety of pictures of bread for decoupage in the kitchen

For the first time plastic bread makers began to emerge in Europe, in parallel with the style of the Bauhaus.

They were :

  • Practical;
  • Convenient;
  • Simple;
  • And ugly.

Find thematic pictures for decapping breadcrumbs on the Internet Find thematic pictures for decoupage breadcrumbs can be found on the Internet

Then they began to apply decoupage on plastic breadcrumbs.

Plastic is not the most convenient material for drawing drawings, however, it has many more variations than wood, and the life span of a plastic breadbasket is greater.

Perhaps the main plus of decoupage of plastic products is that you can decorate this technique with any plastic items, from a glass for coffee to a plastic decanter. Decoupage of a plastic breadbasket is one of the few art forms performed on inorganic material, and is available to everyone.

Billets for decapping breadcrumbs

If you are fond of decoupage and want to create your own breadbasket in this style, then deliberately for you are sold decoupage preparations. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and varieties of wood and are "naked", ideally polished and ready to decorate breadcrumbs. They are sold in free access, and most importantly - inexpensively.

Decoupage of breadcrumbs( video)

With the help of such a preparation, you can improve your skills in decoupage techniques, as well as make an original and useful gift. Harvesting bread for storage of bakery products, can be sold with an overlay. It is perfect for painting, painting, decoupage, and soaking. Inside, as it is made of natural wood, it can not be processed. Also, do not forget about the price range: the plywood billet may cost from 150 to 200 rubles, but also billets from expensive types of wood and even with mahogany elements are, of course, much more expensive.

decoupage Examples bread bins( photo)

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