Fixtures for bedrooms: wall and bedside, on the curb and suspended, design in the living room, photo lighting for children

For the design of the bedroom will suit a variety of models of lamps. The most popular option are bedside lamps and floor lamps For the design of the bedroom will suit a variety of models of fixtures. The most popular option are bedside lamps and floor lamps What kind of fixtures are suitable for a bedroom? To decorate the bedrooms, you can use sconces, products with sensor switches, point devices or fixtures made of polymer. Any light fixture can be placed on a wall or a cabinet located near the bed. If desired, it is easy to make stylish light sources with your own hands from improvised means.

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Wall lamp for bedroom from polymer

Lamps made of polymer are very popular, as they nicely complement the design, and are relatively cheap. Polymer products are most often used as lighting devices for a children's bedroom or living room.

Wall light fixtures of polymer - inexpensive and stylish solution Wall light fixtures made of polymer - inexpensive and stylish solution

Advantages of polymer luminaires:

  1. Durability. Modern lighting fixtures made of polymer materials serve 2-3 times longer than conventional sconces or suspended fixtures of directional light.
  2. Waterproof and heat resistant. Polymer luminaires do not deform under the influence of moisture or temperature changes, and products made of polyamides are shockproof.
  3. Low cost. Stylish lamps made of polymers are 1.5-2 times cheaper than ordinary sconces or point LED lights.
  4. Versatility. These products look beautiful in any interior. In addition, such lamps can be arranged in a convenient manner. Polymer products are most often installed on walls, however, you can purchase a model with a foot and install the lighting device on a bedside table or cabinet.

When buying a polymer lamp, be sure to read the technical documentation. If phenol was used to make the lighting fixture, then such product can release toxic substances under the influence of high temperature.

Bedside lamps for the children's bedroom

For the design of the children's bedroom, it is best to use bedside sconces of an unusual configuration. They create a muffled light, and look unobtrusively. Usually bedside sconces are installed at a height of 1.5-2 meters above the floor.

For a children For a children's bedroom, bed light fixtures with soft, diffuse light

are the best. There are 3 types of bedside sconces:

  • Wall-type products. Such sconces are usually equipped with a shade, and are installed above the bed.
  • Lighting fixtures with shades. The sconces differ in an unusual configuration. As a rule, such products have a rectangular or oval shape.
  • Wall bracket with suspended ceiling lights. Such products are expensive, however, they look just beautiful. Bra with pendant shades can be installed at any height.

When using a sconce, it is recommended to use halogen lamps, as they create a muted light, and do not consume large amounts of electricity.

We select lighting fixtures for the bedside table in the bedroom

If you do not like wall sconces or polymer fixtures, you can choose products that are installed on the bedside table. When choosing such a lighting device, it is necessary to take into account a number of nuances. First of all, we must take into account the design of the bedroom. The style of classics or minimalism is perfectly combined with standard fixtures in which the "Tiffany" lamps are mounted.

Choosing a bedside lamp, you should proceed primarily from the bedroom design: the model you like should be in harmony with the design of the room When choosing a bedside lamp, one should first of all proceed from the design of the bedroom: the model you like should be in harmony with the design of the room.

. Even when choosing a lamp, it is necessary to take into account:

  1. The type of lamp that is screwed into the luminaire. It is not advisable to use LED or energy-saving lamps, as they can damage the eyes.
  2. Presence of a regulating head. This part will help to regulate the direction of light.
  3. Dimensions of the lighting fixture.

When choosing a luminaire on the curb, remember that the color of the product and the color of the furniture must match. Otherwise, the lighting will look tasteless, and attract too much attention.

Pendant lamp for bedroom: types and features

Pendant lamp is rational to install, if your bedroom has high ceilings. Hanging products are usually mounted at a height of 1.2-1.5 meters from the floor. If you decide to use such lighting, then remember that bulbs for hanging products should have a warm spectrum of glow.

The pendant lamp fits perfectly into the bedroom interior with high ceilings Pendant lamp fits perfectly into bedroom interior with high ceilings

Hanging lamps can be designed in style:

  • Classic. Such products are made of wood. Classic hanging lamps are usually massive, because they are attached to a solid metal bar.
  • Modern. Luminaires of this type have a spherical configuration, and are equipped with ornamentation.
  • High-tech. Such products are made of metal, and usually have a rectangular configuration.
  • Country. Fixtures of this type are wheel-shaped, and are made of wood.

When installing pendant lighting fixtures, choose the location so that the products are 20-30 centimeters from the corners of the walls.

Fixtures from LED for living room and bedroom

LED strip lighting is often used for decorating a living room or bedroom. Sensor switches are used to control the LED strip. They adjust the brightness, and in some cases the color of the backlight. If you have a built-in bed in the closet, and you are tired of conventional spotlights, furniture can be attached to the LED tape. However, for this you will need to make a special niche and pick up a suitable power supply.

LED lights look very impressive and allow you to adjust the brightness and color of the backlight LED lamps look very impressive and allow you to adjust the brightness and color of the backlight

The LED lamp is installed in this order:

  1. Drill a hole in the ceiling under the LED strip.
  2. Pull the wires to the lighting fixture.
  3. Fix the LED strip with adhesive tape or other adhesive material.
  4. Check the functionality of the structure.
  5. Remove any excess tape.

If you decide to use powerful lighting equipment, then you need to choose a powerful power supply. It is recommended to use power supplies with a power of more than 100-120 watts.

Design of bedroom lamps with their own hands

An unusual lamp can be made by hand from a plastic bottle. To do this, you need energy-saving lamp, glue gun, hacksaw, disposable spoon and three-liter bottle.

The luminaire is manufactured in this order:

  • Cut the bottom of the bottle and cut the handle of the spoons.
  • Glue the spoons to the bottom edge of the bottle. To do this, use an adhesive gun. Remember that the spoons must be staggered.
  • Put the wire in the neck, and connect the lamp to it.
  • Attach the resulting product to the wall. For fixing use double-sided adhesive tape or clamps.

If desired, the original lamp can be easily made by yourself If desired, the original luminaire can easily be made with your own hands

You can use plywood to make an unusual lamp. To produce such a lighting device, in addition to plywood, you will need sandpaper, paint, a drill, an energy-saving light bulb, clamps or a fastening cable.

It is recommended to use a dense plywood of the correct form. Before starting work, it is recommended to treat the edges of plywood with sandpaper.

Technology of plywood luminaire manufacturing:

  1. Cut a hole under the light bulb in the plywood sheet.
  2. Re-treat the plywood with sandpaper.
  3. Color the resulting workpiece.
  4. Drill a hole in the workpiece for the cord.
  5. Pull out the cord and connect it to the bulb.
  6. Hang the resulting product on the fastening cable.

How to install wall luminaires in the bedroom

It is not difficult to install a wall sconce or other wall fixtures. First you need to level the surface and apply a special markup. To install a sconce is recommended at a distance of more than 100 centimeters from the floor.

Before installing the lamp, it is necessary to patch the walls and lay the wiring. The received shtrobu it is necessary to stop. Do not forget to remove the wires under the lamp and the switch first.

In the independent installation of the lamp there are no difficulties, the main thing is to follow the instructions carefully and observe the precautionary measures There is no difficulty in installing the luminaire yourself, the main thing is to follow the instructions carefully and observe the safety precautions.

How to install the wall lamp:

  • Turn off the electricity.
  • Route the wire under the switch.
  • Insulate the wires.
  • Drill a hole under the base.
  • Attach the base of the luminaire to the wall using dowels.
  • Remove the first protective layer of the wire, and peel its tip.
  • Disconnect the terminal and pull the wire.
  • Attach the lamp to the base.

Spotlights as main lighting in the bedroom

Typically, wall lights, bedside sconces or LED strips are auxiliary lighting fixtures. As the basic lighting devices are used point light-emitting diode fixtures.

LED spotlights have long proven themselves as economical and compact sources of basic lighting LED spotlights have long established themselves as economical and compact sources of basic lighting

Advantages of LED spotlights:

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Such products consume a small amount of electricity.
  2. Security. LED spotlights do not heat up during operation and do not emit harmful substances.
  3. Compactness. These products are compact, and do not require the installation of a massive mortgage.

Instead of LED lamps, halogen lamps can be installed in spotlights. However, they heat up during operation, so you will need to install a heat ring.

Fixtures for the bedroom( video)

As an auxiliary lighting for the bedroom it is best to use the sconce. They do not take up much space, unlike pendant devices, and create a muffled light. If the bedroom is large, then it is better to choose the LED strip. It can be glued to a wall or ceiling. As the main lighting is recommended to use point LED lights. They have high performance characteristics, and are not heated during operation.

Design of fixtures for bedrooms( photo)

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