How to arrange the furniture in the bedroom: how correctly in the small, the arrangement and location, the photo with the placement

From the right arrangement of furniture in the bedroom depends comfort and coziness in the room From the right arrangement of furniture in the bedroom, comfort and coziness in the room depends The design of the room can tell a lot about its owner or owner, therefore, it is worth the responsibility to design this place. From the design depends the quality of a person's sleep, on the color of walls and furniture - his mood, no small difference is the amount of furniture and its arrangement. A bedroom is a place where only people close to you are usually allowed in. Here they do not arrange friendly gatherings, they do not drink coffee with friends. But, nevertheless, the bedroom must be designed according to all the rules of design and in accordance with the taste of its owner. In the world of design, there are certain rules for decorating a room for rest. For example, it is not recommended to make out in red tones and generally in bright colors. It is unacceptable to accommodate a large amount of furniture, even if the room has a large area. The design of this room should be approached seriously

, because in it a person spends more than half of his life.

    • Location of the furniture in the bedroom: highlights
    • Furniture placement rules in the bedroom
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  • location of furniture in the bedroom: highlights

    arrange the furniture can be completely different, But it must be done correctly, so that staying in the room would bring only positive emotions.

    There are a number of rules that must be followed during the design registration:

    1. Avoid sharp corners or disguise them. The ideal shape of the room is a rectangle, a half-oval.
    2. The ceiling must be straight, without tilting.
    3. The colors in the room must be soft and soothing, the furniture material is natural, the style is calm.

    For a modern bedroom, you should choose furniture from natural materials for modern bedroom should choose furniture made of natural materials

    Fortunately, most of the rooms in apartments have a standard form, so advice about ceiling and shape of the room to relax will be beneficial to those who seek to finding in unusualPremises. The bedroom does not belong to them. The ceiling in it should be straight, without any beams and other unusual things. The fewer extravagant details will be in this room, the better.

    When choosing the color of the walls and curtains should be avoided bright rich colors like red, orange, green, yellow or brown heavy. Such colors negatively affect the human psyche, if it has just woken up, and shades like red and orange can adversely affect human sleep.

    The same applies to the color of furniture. She should be calm shades such as white, light beige, sand, light blue, and blend in with the color of the walls, ceiling and curtains.

    Rules for arranging furniture in the bedroom

    The bed is the queen of rest. Its location plays an important role in the arrangement of furniture. The choice of a bed depends on the style of the bedroom. Choosing the right options, you should pay attention to the head, because it plays an important role in the interior.

    When furnishing a bedroom, do not overload it with extra items Do not obstruct the sleeping room with extra items

    The headboard can be of three kinds:

    1. Attached - from the name it is clear that it is attached to the bed frame, can be modeled in anyKey to the taste of the owner.
    2. Fixed - this type of headboards has the majority of beds. Choosing a model with a stationary head, you need to be completely confident in your choice, because to change it to another without changing beds is impossible.
    3. Hinged headboard - a favorite of individuals who like unusual things. The hinged headboard can be changed one to another, its form represents the shape of the picture. If the choice has fallen on such type of a headboard, a bed in a bedroom can be placed only a head to a wall.

    Bed in the bedroom can be placed head to the wall or the center of the room. It is not recommended to put a bed in parallel with the window, early light can wake up at unnecessary time. Also, you can put the bed back to the window if there are good windows in the room and there are no drafts.

    Options for arranging furniture in the bedroom

    On one bed, the light did not come together with a wedge. The bedroom includes dressers, cabinets, mirrors, tables, bedside tables, etc. When choosing the material for furniture, it is best to stay on natural materials, like classic wood, walnut, pine, etc. Artificial materials leave for other rooms in the apartment.

    Only properly selected by color and style of furniture will make the bedroom functional and comfortable Only properly selected by color and style the furniture will make the bedroom functional and comfortable

    Optimal set for a medium sized bedroom:

    • Closet;
    • Chest of drawers;
    • Mirror;
    • As an alternative to a chest of drawers with a mirror - a dressing table;
    • Bedside table 1-2;
    • Chair.

    The amount of furniture in the bedroom depends on how many people are sleeping in it. If the owner of the bedroom has one, then the bedside table can be one, the table lamp alone, a chair alone. If two people are sleeping in the bedroom, the number of said items is doubled.

    The rules for arranging furniture in the bedroom say that it is not recommended to hang a mirror in front of the bed. It should be hung so that the bed does not reflect it.

    Arrangement of furniture, a fairly painstaking process, in which the combination of all items is important. If the house has a simulator, the bedroom is a suitable place for its placement. This unit can be located opposite the bed, next to the window, next to the dressing table.

    A great option for a modern bedroom is the style of minimalism An excellent option for a modern bedroom is the minimalism style

    Nowadays, furniture sets are increasingly being purchased in the rest room. They are chosen because they include the necessary set of bedroom furniture, the owner's task is just to arrange it.

    Typically, the kit includes:

    • A double bed;
    • Two bedside tables with three drawers;
    • Chest of drawers;
    • Large cabinet;Dressing table or large curbstone.

    The kit should be made in one style, can be decorated with a pattern or thread.

    Fans of minimalism have nothing to worry about when arranging furniture. Minimalist style allows you to stay in the bedroom only beds and bedside tables in a maximum of two pieces.

    How to arrange furniture in a small bedroom: in a crowded, yes, no offense

    In a small bedroom is unacceptably large amount of furniture, so when choosing furniture, you need to bet on its compactness. To the room was visually more light, furniture, walls and curtains should be light.

    In a small bedroom it is necessary to use a minimum amount of furniture, so as not to encumber the space In a small bedroom it is necessary to use a minimum amount of furniture in order not to encumber the space.

    In a small bedroom it is impossible to locate a furniture set in all its glory, so the best choice for a small bedroom is furniture-transformer. Most manufacturers of furniture in the range have beds with built-in bedside tables, drawers, bedside tables and even table lamps. They should be chosen by the owners of small bedrooms. In addition to the bed-transformer, you can pick up a small wardrobe, placing it in such a way that it does not occupy space. This can be done by installing a closet next to the bed.

    If there are bedside tables on either side of the bed, the cabinet can be installed next to the window so that it does not obstruct the light.

    It can be noted that there are two rules in the design of a small rest room:

    • Do not obstruct a room with things that are not related to sleep;
    • Do not put the furniture at a great distance from each other, it's better to stick around.

    How to arrange the furniture in a room ( video)

    Following these simple rules, you can even turn the smallest bedroom into a work of art. Good luck to you. And let your bedroom be comfortable.


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