A banquet in the bedroom: a photo with a bed, with a back with your own hands

A stylish banquet will perfectly complement the interior of the bedroom Stylish banquet perfectly complement the bedroom interior Bedroom in any apartment is a place for rest and sleep. For this room suitable comfortable comfortable furniture - bedroom set, table, wardrobe and nice extras - a banquet in the bedroom, a bedside table. Familiar to all chairs can easily be replaced by soft ottomans or comfortable benches. They were used by the royal people for the morning dressing of clothes or as a place where you can lay the bedspreads off the bed for the night.

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    In modern conditions, the banquet can also be used as a storage place for sleeping accessories. But in most cases they are used for the feet or as an additional sitting place. A banquet for a bedroom is a bench, which is lined with soft upho

    lstery, has beautiful curved legs. They can be either with a back or without a back. Bancettes without a backrest are most often used in city apartments and country houses.

    Exquisitely designed interior of the apartment with dignity emphasizes the presence of a classic banquet with carved elegant legs, covered with bright expensive fabrics.

    A beautiful banquet table is best placed near the bed

    In the interior it is easier to simply fit a modern banquet, which has usual wooden legs, most often of monochromatic tones. Traditionally, such furniture was installed near the foot of the bed, so most models are produced without backrest and armrests. These benches are like a continuation of the bed, creating a more stylish image of the entire interior.

    The banquet in modern apartments performs a number of functions:

    • Is a place for storing a sleeping blanket and clothes;
    • A closed banquet with a seat inside can be used to store bedding or towels, as well as any other small items;
    • A banquet with a backrest and armrests can easily replace a sofa, it is convenient to sit down on reading books or for rest;
    • Banks are often used as an additional seating position.

    The application area of ​​the bedroom racket is very extensive. However, when buying such a piece of furniture, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the bedroom itself, so that the banquet is not as a result superfluous and interferes with the free passage. If the area of ​​the sleeping bag is small, it is better not to put benches there, but for convenient and comfortable pastime use usual soft padded stools.

    Basset with a back to the bedroom

    In the furniture stores a wide range of all kinds of jars is presented.

    They can be selected for any interior and for every taste:

    1. Bancettes with back. They are performed in a classical design, so their use involves the appropriate design of the bedroom interior. Such banquettes have expensive upholstery, graceful chiselled legs, smooth rounded lines. It can, for example, be placed in the corner of the bedroom as a small sofa or placed near the window.
    2. Benches with a capacious drawer. Most often a rectangular bench, closed on all sides, with a removable top cover. This version of the banquet can well fit into a small bedroom, where there is not enough storage space. Upholstery such a banquet is often made of leather, fabric with silk-screen printing or leatherette.
    3. Banquet-padded stool. It is a combination of a bench with a soft seat for sitting. The most commonly made is a square shape. It can be easily located almost anywhere in the room.
    4. Bancette in the classical style. Has no backrest. It is installed at the foot of the bed.

    The original banquet with a back in the classical style will not only decorate the bedroom, but also make it more refined Original basset with backrest in classic style will not only decorate the bedroom, but also make it more refined

    The most convenient variant of a banquet in modern apartments is a banquet with a back to the bedroom. Such furniture can be used both as a chair and as a small sofa, it is convenient to just relax on it or add clothes. Such benches perfectly complement the interior of any room.

    Practical and compact: bassettes with sleeper

    Benches are mainly presented in small sizes, convenient for the comfortable arrangement of one or several people. However, in addition to the classic banquettes, there are benches with a bed. Such a piece of furniture is already large and is not in the bedroom, but more often in the kitchen near the dining table.

    A banquet with a bed is a kind of small kitchen sofa with a soft seat. Additional elements of such a bakket can be armrests, decorative pads for the back, rounded L-shaped edges. This version of furniture is very convenient. Benches allow creating several seats and one full bed. Additional decorative cushions for the back create a comfortable layout during a meal or a rest. Rounded L-shaped edges increase the sleeping place, making it more free.

    Pick up a banquet in the bedroom should be the color of furniture or textiles To select a banquet in the bedroom should be the color of furniture or textiles

    It is not recommended to place such banquettes in the bedroom or the living room. Their image will not be combined with the overall design of these premises. Repeating functionality will make this piece of furniture superfluous and spoiling the overall image of the room.

    Advantages of using a banquet:

    • Creates an extra bed;
    • Allows the placement of several people;
    • Replaces the kitchen area and chairs;
    • Differs convenience and comfortable accommodation.

    Basset in the bedroom with your own hands

    You can make a banquet in your bedroom with your own hands.

    For this you need certain building materials and tools:

    • Furniture panel;
    • Fasteners: pins, screws;
    • Upholstery fabric;
    • Filler;
    • Adhesive;
    • Drill;
    • Screwdriver;
    • Jigsaw;
    • Screwdriver;
    • Sandpaper.

    You can make a beautiful and original banquet yourself, without the help of specialists

    Depending on your imagination and desire, the future image of the banquet is planned in advance. For example, you can make a banquet in a rectangular shape that does not have a front wall. For this, the furniture board is marked to the desired dimensions, and the necessary number of parts is cut out. On all sides, our banquet is closed, except for the front wall.

    With the help of fasteners, individual parts are assembled in a common construction. In this case, the sides should be located just below the bottom, in order to later be able to install the legs.

    After making the skeleton itself, you need to make a soft seat. The fabric is marked by the size of the banquet, a rectangular cushion is sewn, which is filled with filler. It is better to use foam rubber. The thickness of the packing depends on personal preferences. The finished product is treated with a special lacquer, if necessary - painted and decorated. After drying, the sewing mattress is laid on top and our bake-rack is ready.

    Basset in the bedroom( video)

    So, today's benches are in great demand among the owners of apartments due to the convenience of placement and small size. Such furniture can easily be rearranged to any place, thus refreshing the interior of the room. Thanks to its functionality, the benches can easily replace some interior items and transform the room, giving it an individual style and image. Examples

    banquettes in the bedroom( photo interior)