What flowers can be kept in the bedroom: the best indoor plants, favorable orchids, useful for children

Flowers - an excellent way to give the room positivity and mood Flowers - an excellent way to give a room a positive and mood Flowers are many varieties, both harmful and beneficial for health. Every florist knows that you can not put poisonous plants, but those that strengthen health and those that saturate oxygen and positive energy, please.

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  • Best Plants for the bedroom

    Plants that saturate the room with oxygen, a beneficial effect on the quality of sleep, it is, of course, lBedroom solution. But still, in a room where a person spends time for rest, you do not need to have a large number of plants, and they should be located as far as possible from the bed.

    Popular plants for the rest of the room( bedroom, child):

    • sansevieriya to give the design highli
    • Spathiphyllum for sound sleep;
    • The laurel has a neutral effect;
    • Kalanchoe has the same qualities as aloe;
    • Geranium for decoration;
    • Begonia for giving a calm atmosphere;
    • Aloe for general disinfecting effect;
    • Cactus accumulates dust;
    • Chlorophytum for sedation.

    There is a large list of useful plants for health that you can put in the bedroom There is a large list of useful plants to health, which can be put in the bedroom

    Some purify the air, neutralize other bacteria. Kalanchoe emits oxygen at night. They promote better sleep, absorb harmful radiation. Make the room more comfortable.

    Flowers Bedroom favorable

    choosing flowers in the house, it is necessary to compare their properties with the appearance, and do not forget about energy, because houseplants are alive and have their own character. Plus, focus on the house itself, whether it's dark or bright, whether there's a lot of dust, whether electric appliances are placed in each room.

    Do not forget about the aesthetics, if the flower categorically does not like, then it will not get accustomed to the house, regardless of where to put it. Also affects the size of the room, in a small bedroom it is not necessary to put huge pots with palm trees, there will be enough pairs of hanging pots, well, maybe another beautiful flower.

    Many psychologists say that if you put certain flowers in the bedroom, you can forget about depression for a while Many psychologists say that if you put some flowers in the bedroom, it is possible to forget about depression

    color names for beauty:

    1. Callas - communication between family members.
    2. Pink, orange and red floral plants help to find harmony in sexual life.
    3. Ficus - promotes childbearing.
    4. Geranium helps cure insomnia.
    5. Orchids will protect against depressive conditions.

    Also, in addition to beautiful, you can plant and useful edible plants. They will strengthen the body during the season of vitamin deficiency. And children will like to see the fruits of diligence.

    Flowers of Feng Shui in the bedroom

    If possible, have the flowers of feng shui, it is well-known doctrine of the proper placement of items for the favorable aura of the house.

    Many housewives tend to put everything in the bedroom on feng shui, including plants Many housewives tend to put everything in the bedroom of Feng Shui, including plants

    Relying on the foundations of the theory, we can distinguish such plants:

    • Cyclamen - looks great in almost any combination;
    • Amaryllis will give a design touch;
    • Bougainvillea is combined with many plants;
    • Hyppeastrum will give a romantic touch;
    • Camellia will add a point contrast to the overall design;
    • Geranium will create a favorable background composition;
    • Ficus will add unusualness;
    • Blossoming begonias are beautiful and alone;
    • Fat tree will allow to compose a unique bouquet;
    • Alpine violet variety of interior background;
    • Chinese rose with flowering is best rearranged to other colors, which will create a contrast of mood;
    • Marantha will have a sedative effect before going to bed;
    • The lemon tree is optimally used as a solitary plant;
    • The cisus will brighten the room;
    • Chrysanthemum is relevant at all times;
    • Peonies and dracenum are introduced to give a design that is comfortable for the eyes;
    • Roses, diffenbachah and lilac are placed away from the bed;
    • Violets and poppies are best placed in the living room or kitchen;
    • A dollar tree will be successful in any room.

    It is necessary to know which energy is allocated by each plant, and where they will stand. There are energetically heavy plants, for example, cacti. Ficuses help to cope with aggression. Geranium is a very energetic plant - it blooms very beautifully and emits aroma oils, it relaxes, but it should not be put to the head of the bed, since there is a threat of allergy, and the constant inhalation of aroma-oil causes headaches. Myrt will refresh the relationship in marriage.

    Plants in the bedroom can revive it, fill it with positive energy Plants in the bedroom are able to revive it, fill it with positive energy

    The cactus, although it is a carrier of heavy energy, is located in the wealth zone. Maranta helps to find a consensus, be it communication, new skills, your own way. The money tree has a spoken name, to improve material well-being, it is located in the wealth zone. Bamboo absorbs negative energy and transforms it. Lemon tree increases activity, it will be useful for everyone, but especially for children, they have increased curiosity.

    There are some recommendations for placement and care. Proper care of the flowers guarantees their good development, and positive energy. Flowers should be loved, and they will respond with good energy, do not start plants that do not like, especially artificial ones.

    Thorny plants should be kept away from rest. It is best to put flowers away from the doors. Well, the most important thing is to love and protect your pets, and then they will radiate.

    Is it possible to keep an orchid in the bedroom

    Orchid has a beautiful view, creates a favorable aura in the room, especially for sleeping. But it is whimsical to the emotional atmosphere in which it grows. Experienced growers advise not to show anger and increased emotions in the presence of this plant.

    Orchid - an excellent addition to decorating the bedroom, it is best to put it on the windowsill Orchid is an excellent addition to the decoration of a bedroom, it is best placed on the windowsill

    For a bedroom, an orchid is very useful, both in feng shui and aesthetic appearance. It is better to position it on the windowsill, a little away from the bed.

    Ficus in the bedroom: is it possible

    Ficus is a kind of plant. It gives the decor a characteristic feature of restraint, but only if the location for its location is well chosen. The fact is that the ficus can in the same room, but in different locations, feel differently.

    If it is noticed that, for example, near the bed on the nightstand, the leaves of the ficus dry up or begin to darken, it is necessary to try to rearrange it to the other side of the bed, thereby selecting the optimal place for its favorable growth.

    Which houseplants are suitable for a bedroom( video)

    Flowers in the bedroom must be set only if they are supposed to have a special attitude of care and emotionality. Planting plants in the hope that it will solve any problems with their presence will require mutual understanding. Examples of indoor flowers for a bedroom( photos)