Children's bedroom: photo of interior design, make room with window, complex for adult child, accessories

A bedroom for a child should not only be creative, but also functional bedroom for a child should not only be creative, but also functional Children's bedroom - a place where the child spends most of his free time, so this room should be functional, safe and meet all the requirements of the child, so the approach toThe issue of registration of this room should be taken with all seriousness. After all, the environment is one of the main factors in the development of the child as an individual.

    • Design of a children's bedroom according to the age of the child
    • Interior of a bedroom for children: a child's dreams in real life
    • Zoning a room for a bedroom and a nursery: ideas
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  • Design children's bedrooms, depending on
    the age of the child

    Children's bedroom in most families is not only the room where the baby sleeps, but secluded location forGames, homework and own thoughts. The main feature of the interior of each living space is functionality, and the children's is not an exception to this rule.

    The decor of a child's room must necessarily match the tastes of its small host and be consistent with its age.

    Starting from the age of two, children should have their own room or at least their own corner in the house, this will help its further development. Parallel to the child's growing up, the design of the children's bedroom should change, as the needs and responsibilities of the child change.

    Making out a sleeping nursery, it is necessary to take into account the preferences and interests of the child It is necessary to take into account the child's preferences and interests when designing a sleeping room.

    It is possible to distinguish several age intervals and corresponding features in the decoration of the room:

    • 2-4 years( many toys and coloring,development);
    • 5-6 years( toys, books, sports equipment, at full speed there is a preparation for school);
    • 7-10 years( teaching materials, hobby materials, immersion in school life);
    • 11-12 years( textbooks, computer, maps, world research);
    • 13-15 years( textbooks, cosmetics, video games, puberty);
    • 16-18 years old( the baby has grown, parents no longer have to make decisions about the renovation of the room).

    do major repairs on their hands in the children's bedroom every couple of years, it is not necessary, sometimes it is enough to change a couple of lines to the child feel more comfortable.

    Interior bedroom for children: child dreams in real life

    Catching renovated bedrooms for the children, it is important to pay attention to, some are not new for designers moments.


    • Number of rooms hosts;
    • Gender of the child;
    • Age;
    • Hobbies;
    • Room size;
    • Features of the premises( the form, the location of windows and doors, etc.)

    room owner - a child, therefore, first of all, his desires, rather than adult ideas should be embodied in the interior.

    By arranging a room for two children, you should think over the design of the bedroom to the smallest detail Equipping the room for two children, should consider the bedroom design to the smallest detail

    If the house does not have a few bedrooms and the room will live a few children, it is important to every highlight your area and try to provide them with the possibility of the same, But its own furniture complex, to avoid envy and quarrels. Girls and boys have completely different characters and behavior patterns, so where a girl needs a mirror, the boy may need a basketball ring, this should be taken into account when decorating a room.

    The child's hobbies should be reflected in the decoration of the room, and if the child receives any medals, diplomas or awards, then they must definitely find their place in the place of honor of the small prize-winner. Competent use of space, in accordance with its features and dimensions, will help, for example, to expand the room, using a loft bed, a bunk bed or a sofa-transformer.

    room Zoning in the bedroom and the nursery: Ideas

    Since the child not only sleeps in his room, but also deals with other matters, it is important to divide the room into different zones corresponding to cases in which the owner will be there to deal with.

    In the nursery, it is desirable to allocate the following zones:

    • Bedroom;
    • Training;
    • Game;
    • Sportswear.

    For greater comfort of the small host in each zone it is desirable to install its light source.

    Separation of space will help to divide the room into several functional areas Differentiation space will help to divide the room into several functional areas

    The sleeping area should definitely be a bed, wardrobe and bedside table. Of course, the child will like it if modular furniture from one collection is used for this. The training area should be a desk, a chair and a place to store textbooks and books, it can be a closet, bedside table or shelves. The training area should be well lit, so the table is best placed at the window.

    In the play area there must be boxes with toys and a warm mat on the floor, so that the child does not get cold. For older children, the playing area can be combined with the sports area by installing a Swedish wall, for example. The child should have friends, so you need to think about the room in the room for their gatherings.

    Creative finishing children's bedrooms

    Decorating children's bedrooms should be a reflection of the inner world of its occupant, so approach it should be taken seriously.

    The main thing when repairing a nursery is safety, therefore all materials used must be of high quality and environmentally friendly.

    Reflecting the spirit of its owner can color the room. For girls, when decorating a room, most often they use pink, white and lilac colors, for boys the rooms are blue and blue. Neutral colors are beige, yellow and green, they are used to decorate a child's room of any gender. Red and orange colors are also suitable for all children, but do not give them a dominant place in the color scheme of the room, as they contribute to emotional excitement. The whole room can be decorated in a certain style or use a specific theme.

    An excellent option for finishing the walls in the bedroom for the girl will be wallpaper with bright unusual flowers or other creative drawings excellent option for the walls in the bedroom for the girls become wallpaper with bright unusual colors or other creative designs

    For girls it can be:

    • Flowers;
    • Princess;
    • Fairies;
    • The Magic City;Favorite fairy tales or animals.
    • .

    For boys the following topics are relevant:

    • Superheroes;
    • Machines;
    • Sports;
    • Slides;
    • Ships.

    It is best to consult with the child himself, which he has an idea, because he may want to live in a room made of wood, in space or at the North Pole with polar bears.

    In the design, you can include painting, plasterboard figures, inexpensive vinyl pictures and drawings with images of your favorite movie and cartoon characters. An excellent solution can be the use of wallpaper-coloring or wallpaper with a special coating for drawing with chalk.

    Children's bedroom on the balcony: important options

    An interesting place for placing a children's bedroom in a one-room apartment can be a balcony. At night, through a large window, you can look at the stars, and in the daytime learn the lessons in natural light. But making such a bedroom is a responsible thing.

    The main issues in the realization of a children's bedroom on the balcony are warmth and safety so that the child can not get cold or easily open a large window.

    If you have a small apartment, then the bedroom for the child can be arranged on the balcony If you have a small apartment, then a bedroom for a child can arrange the balcony

    If the child is small, it is better not to place him on the balcony so that he can not open the window, because the kid will not realize the level of his danger at all. The balcony is usually not adapted for permanent residence and in winter it is quite cold, so it is necessary to cover the walls with a heater to prevent cold air and wind.

    It makes sense to settle the child on the balcony, if:

    • He likes to watch the world go by;
    • Light in other rooms is not enough for a comfortable study;
    • The balcony has a sufficient area;
    • The balcony can be connected to the main children's room to increase its space.

    But, first of all, you can organize a children's bedroom on the balcony only if the child himself wants it.

    Design small child's bedroom: features

    small children's bedroom is not a problem for the successful placement in it all the necessary areas, which may be intelligently cross or combine. Proper zoning can make a small room a functional refuge for a little man.

    The basic rule: the design of a small children's bedroom needs to be done in light colors to visually increase the space.

    To decorate a small bedroom is better in light colors, because it will help visually expand the space of the room To make out a small bedroom is better in bright colors, because it will help visually expand the space of the room

    If two children live in a room, the perfect solution to save space will be competent to use bunk beds. On the upper tier, it is better to place the child older, but if children of approximately the same age, it is better to leave this issue for the decision of the small owners. Excellent saves space loft bed, under which you can place a table or cabinet from a quality manufacturer, for example, you can browse through the catalog Ikea.

    You can not use a loft bed or lodge a child on the second floor of a bunk bed, if:

    • child afraid of heights;
    • The design is fragile;
    • The child is too small;
    • No safe way of lifting and lowering.

    If the child sleeps on the couch, it is better to choose a sofa-transformer to fold it in the daytime and thereby form a seating area for guests or family members. There are beds that can be raised and hidden in the day, for example, in a closet, this creates additional space for playing games or playing sports.

    How fortunate to pick up textiles for children's bedrooms

    Textiles in the children's bedroom must have wisely chosen to complement the idea for the interior.

    Interesting textile elements in the room can be:

    • Curtains;
    • Bedspread;
    • Carpet;
    • Covers for chairs or sofa;
    • Stylish screens separating zones.

    All elements of textiles for children All textile items for the children's bedroom is better to choose one color, so that they blend in nicely with each other

    Textile decoration elements must be functional and safe, but they may well complement the children's interior. Their color can echo the color scheme of other interior compositions or radically differ, creating a stylish accent on the elements of furniture.

    Curtains can be any, but the tulle in front of the window must necessarily pass light so that the child does not spoil the sight when doing homework in a dark room.

    All beautiful fabric elements in the room should be made of natural materials, it is good to let in air and wash. We can not forget to wash the textiles from the children's room in a timely manner, white fabric is especially a brand.

    Design children's bedrooms 2017 photo:

    modern ideas In 2017, the main trends in modern design postpone its mark on the children's bedrooms.

    When arranging a children When equipping children's bedrooms should not overload the room with unnecessary things

    New products comply with the following aspects:

    • Minimalism;
    • Convenience;
    • Quality;
    • Accent on the bed;
    • Gentle colors.

    Whatever dictates modern fashion trends, it is important to remember that the child's room is an image of his inner world.

    Design and design of a children's bedroom( video)

    Any children's room should be comfortable, clean, safe and please your host. She should let him, how to relax, and work.

    Design children's bedrooms( interior photo)