Walls in the bedroom: how to make a bedroom, photo in an apartment, wooden material, finishes and covers

Stylish and original decorate the walls in the bedroom you can yourself, the main thing - to show imagination stylish and original way to decorate the walls in the bedroom can be independently, the main thing - to show imagination At first glance, it seems that decorate the walls in the bedroom in the cellar. It is enough to pick up a not too bright shade, skilfully arrange it with furniture and interior items, and then just enjoy the result. In fact, everything is not so simple! Behind any stylishly decorated room lies the painstaking work of either the owner himself or a professional designer hired by him. The development of the concept and its implementation may take several months. However, the result is usually worth it.

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    • The walls in the bedroom: options for finishing for lay people
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    • Standalone or professional design: what to choose
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  • How to make the wall in the bedroom:

    tips Kaleidoscope in order to make high-quality and relatively under-Ogoy repair, it is necessary to choose the right material, and intelligently distribute it throughout the room.
    Properly choosing a primer, it can be used later for several repairs!

    That's why, starting the registration, it is important to consider a few rules:

    • are predominantly soft pastel colors, allowing you to relax and unwind;
    • Bright shades quite take place to be, but only in the form of small bright accents;
    • It's better to refrain from decorating the ceiling, recognized today is completely irrelevant.

    It is best to trim the walls in the bedroom with gentle pastel colors best to decorate the walls in the bedroom pastel color schemes

    Of course, the comments and recommendations of the experts must be addressed, but immaculately follow them no one makes. First of all you need to consider your capabilities and the material with which you will work.

    In the event that it is planned to leave the old furniture in the walls of the apartment, when selecting the wall covering it is necessary to rely on its features. The received concept should look very aesthetically and harmoniously! Then in carrying out repairs really will be good.

    Of course, there are times when tenants conduct all the work in stages. In this case, one must take a course toward universality, in fact working for the future.

    walls in the bedroom: trim options for non-professionals

    decorated bedroom - a complex question that requires a detailed understanding.

    Decorating can be very diverse, but the most popular are the following options:

    • Wallpaper;
    • Tree;
    • Paints and varnishes.

    Of course, it is the wallpaper that deserves the most positive reviews from the people. Harmoniously look, do not fade over time and give the room a special charm. However, for many wallpaper - it's too commonplace. Therefore, you have to go to some tricks.

    Unusually decorate the walls of the bedroom can be using a decorative stone Unusually decorate the bedroom walls with decorative stone

    Wooden finishing has only recently been actively used only for country cottages and country houses, but gradually it migrated to the city's penates. Such a choice is considered very bold and, in some way, even radical. However, this does not mean that he has no right to exist. Tree decoration is welcomed and actively used even by popular designers.

    Recently, the fashion includes minimalism, suggesting the absence of "extra" parts in the room. Why put anything on the walls, if you can just paint them? And do it with a certain amount of artistry. Different colors, textures and shades. Sometimes painted walls can look even more interesting than wallpaper!

    What to do with a bare wall in the bedroom

    Picking up the materials, you need to take care that the room was not too boring. On the "bare" wall, not burdened with furniture, you can place a nice panel or, better yet, an artistically designed portrait. Everything depends on the personal preferences of the owners and their visions of their own room.

    In any case, you need to rely on a number of binding rules:

    • image should not be too nalyapistym using acid dyes;
    • Do not make the decoration too big, because in the near future it can get boring;
    • Artistic image should have a special protective coating, able to withstand dust.

    In addition, you can brighten one wall in the bedroom with a bright pattern Additionally decorate one wall in the bedroom can be bright pattern

    Sometimes, to save room for a truly "sleeping" form, designers recommend to use neutral motives, such as the nature or black - white images. In addition, you should not strengthen them too much.

    thing is that over time, trendy interior solutions are bored, so they want to get rid of or simply replaced by more relevant. Spoil the plan can the previous mount, remove or disguise which is no longer possible. It remains only to leave everything as is.

    Self or professional registration: what to choose

    options for decoration bedroom, luckily, can be easily found in the public domain, but will there be enough strength to carry through selected case?
    Here, before the owner of the house is a real dilemma: do the work yourself or go to a specialist?

    You can decorate the bedroom beautifully and with your own hands, the main thing is to decide in advance the design of the walls Beautifully arrange the bedroom you can own hands, most importantly - in advance to determine the design of the walls

    repair on its own has the following advantages:

    • cheapness;
    • Ability to independently make adjustments;
    • Convenient timing.

    Making the walls in the bedroom( video)

    is important to remember that the work can last for an indefinite period. In turn, professionals trim the entrusted front of work very quickly and efficiently. If you choose the right company, there can not be any problems! And, to top it all, most of them work in any style that only the customer wants to see. But, what is better in a particular case, of course, remains at the discretion of the owner of the house.

    Design wall in the bedroom( interior photos)

    3 design wall in the bedroom