Bedroom in style: eco, what kind of interior and furniture, colonial design of the room, one in different combinations, fusion

The modern bedroom is a stylish room with an unusual design and original interior. Modern bedroom is a stylish room with an unusual design and original interior The bedroom in style, corresponding to modern fashion trends, will become a real decoration of the apartment. A variety of directions can confuse any person. Each type has its own peculiarities. Their observance in the interior is mandatory. Some decorative elements are considered the main representatives of this or that design. What styles exist and how not to get confused when choosing the optimal design? All detailed information will be presented below.

    • What styles of bedrooms can be: basic directions
    • Bedroom in different styles: an unusual solution for a modern apartment
    • Interior styles for bedrooms or how to decorate a rest room
    • Kind of bedroom and a psychotype of a person
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  • What styles of bedrooms are: basic directions

    Bedroom is the main room in the whole apartment. From its coziness and specific features, the conditio

    n of the person will depend. To date, there are several main areas.

    The modern bedroom should not only be comfortable, but also functional Modern bedroom should not only be comfortable, but also functional

    Each of the following types has its own distinctive features. Thanks to them to create a unique image is not so difficult. The main thing is to grasp specific features and follow them exclusively.

    Eco in bedroom design

    Environmentally friendly materials do not harm health. Their use for bedrooms is a rational solution. The main advantage of this direction is energy and tranquility. The main feature is a genuine sense of intimacy with nature, a charge of its vivacity and positive. The ecological type does not accept the use of polymers and plastics.

    Eco-style requires the presence in the bedroom of only natural materials that do not harm the health Eco-style presupposes the presence of only natural materials in the bedroom that do not harm the health

    Colonial direction

    A distinctive feature in the colonial direction is the presence of disparate items. You can combine modern technologies and products from natural materials. In this style, there are many exotic things, in particular unusual trees.

    Design in the style of fusion

    This is completely a design design, only emotions are involved in the process of its formation. A person with an unblemished taste is able to try to introduce species changes. The main rule of fusion is a harmonious combination of all subjects. In the design of the premises must prevail bright shades and vegetable prints. In fusion there is a very fine line between luxury and bad taste.

    Making out the bedroom in the style of fusion, it should be remembered that all the interior items in such a room should be harmoniously combined Designing a bedroom in the style of fusion, it should be remembered that all the interior items in such a room should harmoniously fit together

    Direction of the boho

    The variegated range of colors, comfortable furnishings and freedom in the choice of textiles - these are the basic canonsDirections boho. Specific features of the room are bright shades. The resulting design should convey an atmosphere of creativity, carefree and relaxed. Do not be afraid of self-expression.

    Retro style

    The distinctive features of retro are extraordinary pieces of furniture, graphic prints, a daring palette of shades and the predominance of natural materials. Designers recommend combining geometric patterns on textiles, carpets and upholstery. The competent use of stationary and mobile pieces of furniture is allowed.

    The main feature of the retro style is unusual furniture, which is complemented by creative prints The main feature of the retro style is unusual furniture that is complemented by creative prints

    Modern eclecticism

    This is a stylistic with great possibilities. A competent approach to the embodiment of style in the interior allows you to create an exclusive and individual look of the bedroom. The peculiarity of the direction consists in the combination of close and not contradictory styles.

    The main features are the combination of textures, colors and extensive design solutions. It is allowed to mix patterns, vertical lines and oriental motifs.

    Vintage - a simple decoration of any interior

    in vintage style used old furniture, wallpaper on the walls and parquet on the floor. Wooden boards, acting as a floor covering, are the main constituent of vintage. It is desirable to select a parquet with an element of abrasion. On the walls it is recommended to place standard wallpaper, and as an addition to the situation, to choose furniture "aged."

    For the bedroom, which is made in the style of vintage, it is necessary to select furniture with the effect of antiquity for bedrooms, which is made in vintage style, should choose furniture with the effect of antiquity

    Ethnic direction

    combined diverse trends in the ethnic style. They include African, Japanese, Chinese and Egyptian motifs. Ethnic type implies the reconstruction of the interior design of an environment inherent in a particular nation.

    Russian interiors

    The Russian design is dominated by wooden objects that characterize the naturalness, simplicity and naturalness. Preference is given to floral ornaments, the effect of artificial aging of furniture and natural materials.

    Wooden motive

    In a wooden type, there is nothing complicated. The interior of the bedroom needs to be filled with natural elements. In its execution, the style is similar to Russian motifs.

    Glamor is an element of luxury in the interior of the bedroom

    Glamor implies the use of leather, rhinestones, bellows, satin, silk, animal prints and pearls. Its main feature is luxury, refinement and chic. This style is like a diamond, differing in its unique external magnificence.

    Turkish direction

    In Turkish design minimalism prevails. Designers recommend using the minimum amount of furniture. In the priority are expensive wood species. A suitable addition to the room is painted ceramics.

    Egyptian design

    The Egyptian version is dominated by magnificent columns, neutral shades and restrained painting. The room is complemented by smoothed corners, niches and plant motifs. The furniture is dominated by smooth transitions and lines.

    Egyptian style is suitable for those who love luxury and unusual interiors Egyptian style is suitable for those who love luxury and unusual interiors

    Arab motifs

    In Arabic style arches there is a high, well-lit bedrooms, saturation, natural hues and an abundance of ornaments. Preference is given to large windows, this makes the bedroom light and spacious.

    Kontemporari - clear and concise plan

    distinctive design feature - the versatility and separation of the room into zones. Everyone is capable of recreating it. The main thing is to show good taste and try to fill the room with comfort.

    Thai style

    The Thai version is present interior load using the volume of furniture. Each subject must meet the human need and be multifunctional. The use of minimalism is possible, but it is appropriate in relation to the living room or the children's room.

    The main element of the Thai style in the bedroom is the three-dimensional furniture main element of Thai style in the bedroom - a volumetric furniture

    Constructivism - the secret of the modern interior

    Constructivism does not have the technology framework. The main thing is to choose an interior that will convey the spirit of traditions and unique atmosphere. In most cases, this role is performed by a cabinet made in a classical style.

    Rustic in the interior

    The main element of the rustic tree is the tree. It can be a lot, use the material is acceptable in any number and combination. For the design of the room, brown shades are applicable, and the presence of natural stones is appropriate.

    Medieval motifs

    In the medieval version, rough materials, a fireplace and unusual interior items predominate. For decoration of the premises, brickwork or natural stone is used. The era of the Middle Ages involves the use of chests and massive wooden furniture.

    For finishing the bedroom in a medieval style, decorative stones to furnish a bedroom in a medieval-style decorative stones

    are ideal Parisian design

    In Paris, there are elements of eclecticism. Modern design implies adherence to historical values, architecture and art. Naturally, the basis is taken by Paris, its main features and the culture of the city. The bedroom should include retro objects with modern functions.

    Yacht style

    Yacht type is a way to make all dreams come true. This is haughty, and at the same time romantic type. It is based on natural and quality materials. For convenience, it is recommended to divide the space into zones.

    Steampunk - unique interior

    Steampunk is rare, it is difficult to combine. It is based on the details of the Victorian era with the predominance of industrial elements.

    Style steampunk is great for those who love unique interiors steampunk style is perfect for those who like unique interiors

    German excerpt

    The present German design conservatism. The design of the room should meet all the requirements of comfort and functionality, at the same time. All items must be useful. Modern German decoration is close to minimalism.

    Bedroom in different styles: an unusual solution for a modern apartment

    names of all existing styles may confuse the person. Choosing the right interior is a difficult task. However, picking up and recreating all the subtleties of a certain style, you can get an unusual room.

    To decorate the bedroom should be so that it was not only beautiful, but also cozy The bedroom should be designed so that it was not only beautiful but also cozy

    Selecting the design of the room, experts call attention to the following criteria:

    • Stylistics of the apartment;
    • Personal preferences;
    • Functionality of the future interior;
    • Cost of registration.

    The description of each style facilitates the selection process. It is recommended to pay attention to the complexity of the designs. Many of them are difficult to reproduce independently.

    Interior style bedrooms or decorate a recreation room

    If the bedroom is one, it is necessary to make the most comfortable and functional. For this, the presented styles are used. The style of the bedroom should not be very different from the interior of the whole apartment. Otherwise, you will get an inappropriate mix of different decorations.

    The bedroom must be concise and comfortable Bedroom should be concise and easy

    main criteria that need to pay attention:

    • Restraint;
    • Conciseness;
    • Multifunctionality;
    • Zoning;
    • Convenience.

    First of all, you need to choose which styles from the presented options will work. You can deviate from the basic selection criteria and do everything according to your personal preference. The main thing to remember: the line between pretentiousness and sophistication is too thin.

    Kind of bedroom and a psychotype of a person

    Between the design of the apartment and the psychotype of a person, a strong connection is visible.

    Typically, the style for the bedroom is selected taking into account the temperament of its owner As a rule, the style for the bedroom is chosen taking into account the temperament of its owner

    Total there are four types of temperament:

    • Sanguine;
    • Choleric;
    • Melancholic;
    • Phlegmatic.

    Energy sanguine, bright colors that convey cheerfulness and positive will suit. In a close room it is recommended to use mirrors that visually expand the space.

    It is unacceptable for the choleric to mix different stylistics. It is suitable for a calming environment, creating a feeling of comfort and room.

    stylish and beautiful bedrooms( video)

    melancholic important to create a sense of security. For registration it is recommended to choose warm tones. Phlegmatic suit blue and brown shades.

    Interior bedroom style( photo examples)