How correctly to put a tile in a bathroom: in a room ways of stacking of a tile, a solution and as puts, from what to start spreading

Tile in the bathroom must be placed correctly tiles in the bathroom need to put right Regarding the other rooms in the house, for which you can choose a variety of designs, a bathroom, a limited space. To finish the walls in the bathroom, they prefer to lay the tile, as the material is durable and perfectly suited for the humid climate of the room. The option of using tiles is more practical, as caring for it is a pleasure, but it looks as attractive as possible. The problem for many people is that not everyone can decide to install the tiles on their own to experiment, for example, to choose a material of different shapes, and also to do the laying not in the standard way.

    • Tips: how to correctly calculate the material and put the tile in the bathroom
    • How to lay the tiles in the bathroom
    • On which solution to put the tiles in the bathroom
    • How to start laying the tiles in the bathroom
    • Instruction: how to lay tile in the bathtub( video)
  • Tips: how to calculate the material and put the tiles in the bathroom

    How can to calculate and purchase tiles in the required amount? It will be necessary to find out the parameters of the bathroom.

    In particular:

    • Heights;
    • Width;
    • Lengths.

    Be sure to consider the location of all sanitary equipment, including a wash basin. Next is a detailed plan of the room, and each of its walls.

    To correctly calculate the amount of material required, you need to know the parameters of the bathroom To properly calculate the amount of material required, you need to know the parameters of the bathroom

    If you have previously been picked up several options for the tile, you need to record their exact parameters and, starting from them, and from the size of the room, spend no complex calculations.

    The layout of the room in which the finish is to be carried out should be as detailed as possible so that the location of each tile and even the places where they are trimmed are marked on it.

    Important! Whole slabs of tile should be located on top, so that the cut elements do not spoil the appearance of the room.

    Once it is calculated how much is required for pieces of plates, you can safely go for their purchase.

    Methods of laying tiles in the bathroom

    Ways of laying tiles in the bathroom are very different.

    There is a variant of the decor, through which the space expands visually, and there is one that will help to extend the walls.

    That's why, before you start laying out the wall, it's better to look at the different decorating options.

    Tiles in the bathroom can be put in several ways tiles in the bathroom can be placed in several ways


    1. direct way of laying tiles is the easiest with which even a novice can handle. If the premises are too low ceilings, then you can visually raise them by installing narrow and long plates.
    2. Masonry in the form of a chess pattern allows you to expand the room.
    3. In order to choose the original method of installing tiles diagonally, you will need to have special skills in the field of construction and finishing works. By means of this method, it is possible to easily hide such a disadvantage as uneven ceilings and walls.
    4. The option of laying tiles with offset is considered simply creative and affects the visual elongation of the walls.

    Spread tile mosaic on the method only by a real professional, but with a strong desire, you have free time and the presence of creativity, it is possible to carry out the work themselves.

    Which solution is to put the tiles in the bathroom

    fact on which the solution lay tile - is a question that should be of interest in the first place. There are different types of materials, through which you can make a quality installation of the plates on the walls and floor.

    Compositions can be made:

    • Based on cement;
    • With the addition of sand;
    • At the factory.

    Factory solutions for tiles - a viscous mastic, which can be purchased in a rolled plastic pail, as well as in a dry form. Naturally, dry powder should be diluted before use.

    The dry glue composition, in which there is cement and modifying additives, is sold in bags weighing 5-25 kg.

    To put a tile in a bathroom it is necessary on qualitative structures Putting the tiles in the bathroom is necessary for quality compounds

    It's worth noting that the wall and floor cladding differs in the thickness of the applied solution. For example, for a floor the thickness should be more than 3 mm.

    According to which criteria to choose:

    1. The choice of material depends on how much the floor is flat. If he is far from the ideal coating, then the composition made on the basis of cement is better. It not only bonds the tile and the floor, but also aligns in parallel. In some cases, the thickness of the mortar can reach 30 mm.
    2. In order to use adhesive mastic, it is necessary to prepare a perfectly flat floor.

    The choice of which masonry composition will be used depends also on the type of tile. For example, porcelain tiles have too low adhesion, and therefore a very strong and reliable solution is required, in which synthetic resin, a plasticizer, is added.

    In order to improve the adhesion of tiles and floor bases, add a component such as latex resin to the cement slurry.

    Some people think that a ready mix is ​​too expensive, so it's better to do it yourself. Choosing a simple composition based on cement, it will not be possible to conduct the installation qualitatively and without oversights, since additional substances are needed. If you calculate the prime cost of the first and second option, it is much more profitable to purchase ready-made solutions.

    How to start laying the tiles in the bathroom

    Facing ceramic tiles have long been the object of adoration, as it has a mass of merit. It is this canvas that is one of the most popular products all over the world.

    Before you start to put the tiles in the bathroom, you must prepare the room Before starting to lay the tile in the bathroom, it is necessary to prepare the room

    For work it is necessary to prepare the room:

    1. At the beginning of the finishing works in the bathroom, all control valves must be closed to prevent leakage in the bathroomThe most inopportune moment.
    2. Next, dismantling of old sanitary ware and removal of furniture, which will interfere with the laying of tiles.
    3. If a tile has already been pasted, it will be necessary to use a perforator or a spatula to dismantle it.
    4. As a rule, if the tile has stood a very large amount of time, even with minimal mechanical impact it will move away from the wall. Before you start working, you need to wear special outfits, in particular, glasses, gloves and a suit. The presence of a respirator is mandatory so that small particles of dirt do not enter the respiratory tract.
    5. If the walls are curves, then you can make a plumb line vertically. In other words, the wall is being built up by installing a framework of metal profile and plastering it with gypsum plasterboard.
    6. The same can be said about the field. If alignment is required, then this should be done during the preparatory work.
    7. Each subsequent step must be completed 100%, so that the preliminary steps do not interfere with the rest. For example, if floor leveling is carried out, the tiling can only be done after the coating has dried completely.

    Otherwise, you can break the evenness of the floor, and thereby let all the trouble go to nothing.

    Instruction: how to put the tile in the bathroom correctly( video)

    It is not difficult to start laying the tile and perform a full installation. You just need to prepare the necessary inventory and materials, so that at the right time, everything was at hand. So you can make the decoration yourself and without the help of a highly paid master.